Change It Up Alphabet by Debbee’s Designs


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This booklet is handy in very many ways. It’’s called Change It Up Alphabet and it’’s going to go with the Alphabet books in my bookshelf. This booklet shows you how to design words by using stitches that cover four canvas threads. You can use any of the stitches for your letters or one stitch for all your letters. That way you can do a baby sampler, a wedding sampler, a Merry Christmas sign… and they’’ll all look different! The book has each letter of the alphabet clearly graphed in a different stitch, both upper and lower case. Since everything is over four threads, you can easily convert any letter to any stitch. Planning the size of your canvas, placing a border on your piece and background is also covered. Tent stitched letters and numbers are included in case you want to add something else to your sampler. $16.50, 30 pages.

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