Dear Stitchers,

Today was the last day of the TNNA Market in California and I believe it JUST CLOSED!.  New items are already posted on websites!  I don't want you to go TOO crazy so I'm just going to list a few here today!

First though, I promised you an update on the new shop.  I traveled up to Grand Blanc this morning.  The first coat of paint is ON THE WALLS!  Hurray!  There's a couple of closets not done and there's a few trim pieces to be mounted and there's more lights to be installed but the covers are on back order...well you know how it goes.  The new sign is mounted on the building and if you happen to be driving by, take a look!  Sadly I checked the phone lines at the new place today and I have to call AT&T again. They don't work!  However, the good news is, that after a week of them trying, my business calls are finally forwarding to my cell phone. 

You can check out the following websites and then email me your orders or inquiries on the canvases you see. 

MELISSA SHIRLEY DESIGNS - Oh gosh, check out the Berry Basket first.  You'll want to get your hands on that canvas AND the stitch guide come April!  Put that on your must have list.  For you heart lovers, those little hearts are just the ticket for fast stitching on trips.  But what about the patterned cat shapes?  I think those would be ADORABLE grouped around your fireplace or on your couch.  For me?  I really want the Bird Stories just above the cats.  My hardest decision will be which one.  Just look at them!  Perfect for showing off stitches and purse shaped to boot!  Keep scrolling!  There's so much more!  The Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter words would look JUST GREAT in the new shop if any of you want to stitch it for me.  Start with the Autumn in case you run out of steam.  That one and the Winter one rate high of my list of Must Haves.  I'm trying NOT to look at the new Autumn Ornaments, and then that ADORABLE Easter House...then the HALLOWEEN witches, street scene, ornaments...ARGH, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!  Melissa is my downfall!  Keep looking, there is so much more!  The cats come in every season, there are so many ornaments to be drooled over and stitched, the new Christmas stockings call to me, the new Christmas ornaments make me yearn for the holiday we just had - and those BIRDHOUSES!  Just let me know what YOU want so I can order it while I decide what I MUST HAVE.  :-)

And for my stitchers that LOVE their clubs, Melissa has two to offer us starting this Spring but SIGN UP STARTS NOW.  The first is the Sweetheart Cupcake Club and the second is the Fancy Forest Topiary Club.  You can email me for prices.  There are six cupcakes and five trees.  You can do one or the other or both!  Each piece comes with a stitch guide.  We do love our stitch guides!   See the pictures of the Club pieces right here.

Maggie and Co. - Maggie's got lots of new canvases from this Market too.  One of the fun ones is called Mom Knows Best and is a list of rules that you ALWAYS heard from dear old Mom.  Remember?  Always wear clean underwear?  Maggie also has lots of crazy cats and some fun-loving dogs to stitch.  Her people are always fun and there are some new houses by Annie Catherine that were big hits at the last trunk show I had.  Also I love some of the new whimsical pieces like Fungi and Landscape with Birds.  My snowmen lovers better check out the last page of new items - lots of snowmen on stars you're going to want!

EWE AND EYE - I placed this link right on page 2 of their New Designs because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sunflower Farm so much!  My second favorite is March Winds with the birdhouses.  I saw a picture of this stitched - incredible!  There are lots of needlepoint samplers on page one, so be sure to check those out on their website if you like samplers.  Remember, I can order anything!  If you love this style, check their whole website!  I have their Trunk Show coming later in the year.

RAINBOW GALLERY'S NEW COLORS AND ITEMS - For all of you dying to see the new colors, NOT TO WORRY!  Here they are.  I told you about them the other day and here they are in vivid color!  Remember your computer screen may not show them in actual colors.  I WILL BE ORDERING the Neon Rays Plus, the Fyre Werks and the Silk Lame' Braid for 18 ct.  Please call me to special order the new Harlequin acrylic/wood laying tool, that very green Wisper (!),Petite Silk Lame' and Silk Lame' Braid for 13 ct.

rainbow new colors


Remember, call or email me to order anything.  Pricing questions will take time to answer as pricing lists are being mailed after market.  Hope to hear from you soon! 



Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040







Many designers are giving us an early look at what they'll be showing this weekend.  Let me know if you have any interest in these designs.  I won't be able to get pricing for you until next week when the designers return from Market in Long Beach, California.  Please email me at with the name of the artist and the name or number of the canvas you're interested in and your question or order.  I'll need your telephone number to contact you for specifics.  Mosty of you know that I am not attending this Market. 

In alphabetical order-

Barbara Bergsten Designs has new PINK and green pumpkins, pieces for your favorite sorority sister, ornament vests, patterned ornament Santas and patterned mini socks. 

Beth Gantz has the cutest new bubble letters...wouldn't you love to do your grandchild's initial?

bubble letter c

Cooper Oaks brings us a sneak peek of wonderful new animals on canvas including a lion and lamb Christmas stocking. 

Check out new birdhouses from Melissa Prince Designs - push the New Canvases at the bottom and don't miss the "more" at the right so you can see all her new designs for this market!

Needle Deeva has some new cats, fanciful birds, winter and Christmas hearts, pumpkins, stocking cuffs and whirlygigs.

Although I don't have pictures, Rainbow Gallery is promising THREE new Neon Rays Plus in Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle and Orange Glow In The Dark.  They have SEVEN new Soft Sheen Fyre Werks coming out in Orchid, Inca Gold, Daiquiri Green, Burnt Orange, Chartreuse, Purple Rain and Azure Seas.  There are 22 new Petite Silk Lame' Braids promised, ELEVEN Silk Lame' Braids for 18 ct. and FOURTEEN Silk Lame' Braids for 13 ct.  There's also ONE new Wisper color in Pistachio Green.  The newest tool is the Acrylic Harlequin Laying tool.  It's a 6" laying tool that has an acrylic handle with a wooden end.  It's available in assorted colors and no, I don't get to choose!  I'm looking forward to ordering these brand new items and will stock the new shop with them so JUST ASK when we open. 

Ruth Schmuff has new canvases from EyeCandy NeedleArt and Diane Dirks.  Check them out here and you can click on each picture to make it bigger.  Which reminds matter where you see a painted canvas, I can order it for you!  Your shop loyalty is VERY MUCH appreciated.

Lani Silver tempts us with SHOES, fairy dolls, African figures and collages, botanicals, koi and Geishas.  I think you'll love the shoes!

That's all the previews I have so far.  After the Market, more designers will let me know that their designs are online and I'll fill you in again.  Enjoy browsing!


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI





Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Stitchers and Friends,

Our shop at 12235 S. Saginaw Street, Grand Blanc is completely empty.  Our new shop at 8185 Holly Road, Suite 4, Grand Blanc is under reconstruction.  Yesterday, new ceiling tiles were being installed.  Ceiling lights have been ordered, the walls have been prepped for painting, the carpet has been ordered, the floor will be prepped after all other work is finished!  My target date is still February 15. 

Due to unanticipated telephone problems, you will need to leave a message on the voice mail machine.  I will be calling you back as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience during this time.  Theresa


Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Stitchers,

This afternoon I was notified that my current landlord has decided that I can not stay in my present location through February 15th.  I'm writing to let you know that Homestead Needle Arts will close for three weeks.  Our last day of retail business at our current address of 12235 Saginaw Street will be on Thursday, January 24, 2013.  As discussed before, our target date to re-open at 8185 Holly Road, Suite #4, Grand Blanc, is February 15th.  This is just ¾ of a mile from our current location and I know you're going to love it as much as I do. 

The shop will be off-site - but not offline! - for THREE WEEKS.  The new suite will be ready February 15.  If you want something and I'm already closed, I can mail it to you. If you're going to visit by this Thursday, remember that right now, I have a GREAT Sale Table!  There are charts, painted canvases, Mill Hill beads, overstocked floss (10 for $1.00!), shop models and much more.    

Internet orders will still be taken during the three week closure.  Emails will be answered.  Mail will be picked up.  I will forward the Homestead phone calls to my cell phone.  I'll do everything to make this a smooth transition for you!  

I'm really looking forward to our new home and hope that you have patience and bear with me.  I really do welcome all of your orders during this time of transition.

If you wonder what I'll be doing, the first week will be all about packing, moving and storing the inventory and furniture, and cleaning and repairing the old suite.  The next  week will be used to do my 2012 taxes (ugh) and then I'll work on moving the stored inventory and furniture to the new shop!  Keep your fingers crossed for our target date of February 15th!  Of course I'll keep you up to date on our GRAND OPENING!!!

I appreciate all of the kind offers to help pack and move. I have everything all planned out at this time.  I've even hired a moving company.  After all, I'm not as young as I used to be!  

Hope to see you this week and as always, thank you for supporting me and Homestead Needle Arts!  

Theresa Swiecicki
Homestead Needle Arts
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
810-694-3040, 888-694-3040

        October 14, 2012


Dear Stitchers,


I have some GREAT updates for you.  First, I have a new Daylight magnifier/lamp in the shop.  This lamp and magnifier is light enough to take to classes but not TOO light to tip over.  The magnifier is 5” wide and is 2.0 magnification.  Doesn't sound like a lot but it looks great for 18 ct. canvas, I checked!  It uses 21 LED lights so there's no problem with a bulb that burns out and it's low heat.  It easily changes from a floor lamp into a table lamp with the removal of just one piece AND it's affordable at just $110!  Put that on your Christmas list but let us know NOW so that we have it in stock for Santa to pick up for you!

                    lamp            table lamp

We JUST received the Caron Collection's newest colors that I ordered in June of Watercolors, Waterlilies and Wildflowers.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words here they all are!  I've already added them to the website so you can read more description there and decide if you want to add them to your stash or pick them up for a current project. 







Tudor Silk from Gloriana Threads – I'm NOT planning on carrying this BUT I will special order this for you and I think you like to know what's new out there.  Gloriana Threads has created Tudor Silk.  This is a much finer silk than their current silk floss. It was created for stitchers who like to stitch over one or two threads on high count linen and/or stitch over one on 32 to 40 count. It is also ideal for silk gauze.  However, you can also combine it with Gloriana silk floss if you need a titch more coverage.  Tudor Silk Floss is twelve strand silk floss manufactured in Switzerland. It is a 120/2 thread; most other silk flosses including Gloriana Silk Floss are 60/2. The first number is the size of the thread (the higher the number, the finer the thread) and the second number is the number of plies in each strand.  It retails for 5.50 for a 5 yard package.  Currently 19 colors are available.


Also new are two charts due to the collaboration of Suzanne Howren, Anthony Minieri, Beth Robertson and Meredith Willett.  Calling themselves Long and Short, they designed these charts amongst themselves.  I have not yet had the opportunity to review them but hear from designer Vicky DeAngelis that these are four step stitches and that “there is a design outline for each chart and suggestions as to how to select your own colorway. Great color pictures of each design and great stitch charts for each and every stitch. You could even stitch this on Congress Cloth with just a few thread changes.”  Each chart retails at $35.50.  

st leonards dance                        creek music

St. Leonard's Dance                                               Creek Music

Now the most exciting thing to me – because I figured out HOW to do it – is that I'll be loading free charts onto our website for you.  Yes, it will start out slowly but I'm just learning more website stuff!  Click on the FREEBIES tab and you'll see a BOO pillow perfect for Halloween.  Print it off and stitch away!  Check back often as I get this page up and running.  Tell your needlepoint friends and keep an eye out for more FREE fun stuff!


Only ONE MORE WEEK for our Princess and Me Trunk Show.  We won't have this back for a few years so grab them now!  Remember, I actually discounted this Trunk Show and all in stock Princess and Me canvases are also 20% off their marked price.  These are great small pieces you can use up your sparkly threads on. Princess and Me - Just check them out from our designer's links. 


       September 27, 2012

       Princess and Me Trunk Show

It's here!  You'll want to run in and be among the first to dig through the treasures of this trunk show!  The Princess sent just about every single one of her ornaments and I even have a few here that she didn't send.  That must be why it's called the Princess and ME!  Here are a few pictures to tempt you.  Now remember there are literally HUNDREDS of ornaments to choose from - these are just the stitched samples they sent.  I'm proud to say that in the second picture, the seven ornaments on the right from the golden retriever over are MINE - okay the shop's.  There are others in more of the pictures that are stand ups that belong to me - er - us.

      Princess and Me #1   Princess and Me #2


Princess and Me Nativity   Princess and Me Thanksgiving

This last picture reminds me of Baa Baa Black Sheep.  Instead you can sing "Baa Baa Theresa have you any ornaments?"  Yes ma'am, yes ma'am, three bins FULL!

                                      bins of ornaments

Come on in, grab a bin and sit down at the oak table.  Take your time and go through them and choose the ones you like best.  Each ornament or stand-up includes our favorite - A STITCH GUIDE!

Did I mention the 20% discount I'm giving you?  Not only does this apply to the Trunk Show items but also for any Princess and Me ornaments I have in stock!  And since I have THIRTY-NINE in stock, I think you can have a very nice time shopping!  Most of these ornaments will be around $53.40 AFTER your discount and even less for the ones I have in stock!  Loyalty keytags will NOT be punched because you're already receiving a discount. 

Our online friends should visit the Princess and Me website (just see our Designer Links page and go to it from there) and write down the numbers of the ornaments you like.  Return to our shopping website (the Go Shopping button), put a Special Order in your online cart and in the Comments section of your order form, note the numbers and short description of your ornaments.  I'll take care of the rest!  Happy browsing!



September 23, 2012

Some New Items

There was a "Cash and Carry" market in September that I did NOT attend as I can only afford so many markets.  Otherwise I would be spending all my money on travel and not on the NEW for YOU!   Some of the new items introduced in Baltimore made a huge hit including these new crows by Leigh Designs. I LOVE them!  I plan on ordering at least two of these for the shop. Which ones can I order for you?

crow50crow 51 crow 52

crow 53 crow 54 crow 55

crow 56  crow 57

Rainbow Gallery introduced new colors of Neon Rays, Neon Rays Plus, one Silk Lame for 18 ct., Petite Silk Lame and Wisper.  I've ordered all except the Wisper - but of course I'll order it if you do!  See the great new colors right here!

Neon rays and plus silk lameWisper

Petite silk lame                   bella lusso


The last picture above are the newest colors of Bella Lusso wool.  This is your latest wool favorite!  Made of 100% merino wool, it's soft, wonderful to work with, and makes the most beautiful turkeywork you've ever seen.  Although there are 15 new colors, they've only sent me 14 as the 15th is on backorder still.  We've been waiting since June for these so I'm not going to complain with 14 new colors! 

NONE OF THESE ITEMS ARE ON OUR WEBSITE YET.  Please don't look for them there.  If you want to order any of them, just use the Special Order button and put in your comments which canvas or which threads you want to order.  I'll take care of it from there! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


July 15, 2012

Garage Sale Information

The World's Best Needlepoint Garage Sale begins on Thursday, July 19, 2012 and runs through Saturday, July 21.  It's open during our regular business hours which are Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Don't miss it!  This Garage Sale is always a success because of YOU our customers!  People just like yourself put their needlepoint treasures in, including hand painted canvases, threads, stretcher bars, lap stands, table stands, charts, unused blank canvas, scissors, books - YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT FIND!  This year I've seen full size Christmas stockings by the likes of Melissa Shirley, Tapestry Tent, As You Like It and more!  Just a few of the names I've seen include Heartstrings, Lee Needle Arts, Leigh Designs, Tuoti, and Wee Needle.  Most canvases are unstitched, some are partially stitched.  Many include all the threads!  They are priced to sell! 

Please come prepared to buy.  Cash and checks are very much appreciated.  All sales of garage sale goods are final and no items can be returned as they do NOT belong to the store.  This year, I will be donating a portion of the funds made to the Livingston County Humane Society.  Many of you know that I live in Livingston County and since my own dog Star is very near and dear to my heart, this year I chose the LCHS to receive the donation.  Please come out and shop and share in the fun of needlepoint.  Feel free to call me at 810-694-3040 if you need directions or have more questions.

How can you say no to this face???Star

Successful Christmas in July Sale Ends

Our Christmas in July Sale ended Saturday.  Thank you to all of you who took some of our Christmas canvases home.  I really appreciate your continued patronage.

Market Purchases

Now that the Sale has ended and the Garage Sale check-in is closed, boxes from Market are being opened.  New canvases are being added to our website as we open the boxes.  I think you'll like what I chose at Market!  Remember though, I can always order anything you want. 


You must sign up NOW for all clubs so that we can order your canvases and stitch guides before the Club starts.  You can always join later but it’s more fun to stitch along with your friends!  Call me at 810-694-3040 to sign up for any of these clubs.  We will need your full address and credit card number.  When signing up, remember, you must commit to the whole club as I sign a contract to purchase each piece from the designer.  Thank you for understanding. 


Melissa Shirley’s Cracker Club – starts NOW!

You’ve seen the ads on my website and in Needlepoint Now!  These gorgeous gold and white “crackers” are just waiting to be stitched by you.  The club starts in early August but sign up now and we’ll see how quickly we can add you!  The canvas and stitch guide per month is only $55.  If you want a thread kit they AVERAGE out to about $20 per month.  This is a 10 month club.  If you can’t pick it up, I will be happy to mail it to you.  Mailing will cost about $3 per month.  Don’t miss out on these pretty things.  You CAN get these done each month.  Specialty beads and other items are included with the canvases. 

                               fir trees

Needle Deeva’s Fab Fir Club – starts in September!

This Club starts in September and these are perfectly shaped for finishing!  You won’t have to worry about guessing at a background because it’s all designed for you!  The stitch guides are done by Vicky de Angelis who has made a great name for herself in the world of needlepoint.  She’s been featured in Needlepoint Now and she has her own blog if you want to see more of her work.  Check her out at . There are nine of these fabulous fir trees – just enough for a grouping on your mantel or side table.  There is a special 10th tree that you can order if you want it.  The price per month for the canvas and stitch guide is just $76 each.  If you want the specialty Austrian Swarovski Crystals and Crystal beads that come with five of the trees, let me know in advance, as there is an additional cost for these.  If you want the trees kitted with threads, I’ll be able to give you a price as soon as I get the thread lists but DO get your trees on order!  

caboosetrain car train

Raymond Crawford’s Three Piece Train starts in August!

If you’ve always wanted to do a train but want to start out slowly, try this!  A 3 month club, Raymond will provide you with three pieces to your train.  Here they are stitched!  There’s the engine with peppermint wheels and gumdrop details, a car with a decorated tree, a huge beribboned gift box, a gumdrop and icing cupcake, and a candy cane.  The caboose brings up the rear with pink, green and red striped peppermint sticks and button candies.  The best part is that Raymond says his other train pieces are the same size if you want to add more in the future!  These canvases are just $59.75 each and the stitch guide by Diane Bosworth is $25 and includes all 3 train pieces in the instructions.  Ask me to kit this with threads if you want them.


A Peek Ahead

More information and dates will be published in future newsletters.

August Trunk Show - Pat and Lee Designs

September Trunk Show - Rebecca Wood Designs

October Trunk Show - Princess and Me


See you soon!



Hello Happy Stitchers,

Columbus Market starts next weekend but I leave Wednesday so that I can take classes ahead of time including Holiday Card Box AND Polar Bear Snow Globe with Ruth Dilts and Joan Lohr of Rainbow Gallery and Harmony with Nandra and Cassandra of Sundance. I might have splurged on a knitting class for myself too but we won't go into that!  Store hours will be as follows: 



In the meantime, my email box is being bombarded by designers tempting me with new designs, promises of beautiful news designs on canvas, reminders to visit them and more interesting news. For example:

Needle Deeva has a new FAB FIR CLUB starting in September -The Fab Firs are on 18 mesh and measure 4½" x 4½". Sign up with us starts NOW.  Needle Deeva also shows us two more items of interest, Bones and Sunflowers and Cherries, both with stitch guides.  I will have prices for all these items after I return from Market.

fir trees bonessunflower

Next, River Silk Ribbons is having their 10th Birthday!  I LOVE these ribbons - woven on the bias, they NEVER fray or split.  That's something to be said when pulling them through canvas over and over.  They gave me the tiniest glimpse of a ribbon cake...but it was in a pdf file and wouldn't copy here.  :-(


Sekas and Co. returns with their fun, small scissor fobs and ornament sized canvases.  They now have biscornus too.  Those are eight-sided items - easier to show than describe.  Here's one of their six new Christmas Biscornus. 


Cooper and Oaks sends us ideas for belts - instead of belts!  How long have I been saying BASKET BAND???  Here's one finished!  And how about that pillow idea?

                           basket         pillow


And DON'T forget the Melissa Shirley Christmas Cracker Club. - you need to sign up NOW so I can order your canvases!  You'll receive 10 canvases AND stitch guides over the next 10 months starting in August.  You may request thread kits if you like.  Canvas and stitch guides are only $55 each!  Just think of a miniature tree with these darling crackers on them!  Or start a new gold and white tree tradition!              


  That's it for now!  Don't forget my closing schedule and be sure to stop in Saturday and see the Hug Me Tote Bag Trunk Show, still  in the shop.  Remember too, start getting your Garage Sale items ready for next month.  Happy June!




   May 3, 2012


  HOMESTEAD NEEDLE ARTS WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY MAY 8 THROUGH FRIDAY MAY 11!  We will be open on Saturday May 12 so you can rush in and buy your Mom (or yourself!) a last minute Mother's Day gift.   Yes we have gift certificates  Our website is open and available for online shopping 24/7 and I check my emails quite often so feel free to email me at any time.  (I do sleep sometimes though.) 


New Clubs are in the works!   Just this week I received a postcard from Melissa Shirley with some tantalizing "Golden Crackers" on it.  Her new stitching club will arrive in the shop during or after the last week of July 2012 and I will mail them to you in August.    As you know, Melissa's pieces are gorgeous.  The club will be ten months long (ten Crackers), includes a canvas, stitch guide by Robin King and any unusual embellishments you may need to complete the Cracker.  Yes!  We know where to send them so that you can attain the same beautiful finishing you see here!   The cost for the canvas and stitch guide is $55 per month.  At this time, we do NOT have a thread list, but when we do I will be able to give you thread information.  Just call, visit our shop or our website to sign up. 



Raymond Crawford has created a 3 piece Gingerbread Holiday Train to begin this summer.  That's right!  Just 3 months and you can have the holiday train you've always wanted.  Of course you can add to it later but take a look at this darling engine and two cars.  AND ONCE AGAIN, you'll have a stitch guide by Diana Bosworth! 

2nd car  1st car  engine

Each canvas is $59.75.  The stitch guide is $25 and includes all 3 parts of the train.  I won't know how much the threads are until I see the stitch guide.  Sign up starts NOW!  Please visit our website to sign up.  The item is listed as Gingerbread Holiday Train Club.  If you will pick up your monthly pieces, please state so in the comments and shipping will not be charged.  Actual shipping costs only are charged, not necessarily those quoted by the computer!

NOW IN THE SHOP:  Kurdy Biggs of Threedles designed another beautiful piece she calls Sands of Time.  This charted piece features Smyrnas, Rhodes, Eyelets, Star Jessicas, Diamond Jessicas, Plaited Rays, Crescents, Wrapped Sheaf, a padded and crossed Polygon, Sprats Head, Double Fan and variations on some of these.   The finished size is 11-1/4 x 13-1/2" on 18 ct. canvas.  There are three different colorways featured in the chart, and of course, you can always do it in your own choice of colors.  Her framer is in Louisville, Colorado and obviously loves a challenge!  Only the Calypso was actually framed, the others shown here are not framed - this is the WONDER of computers!  You'll have fun trying a variety of metallics and silks on any of these colorways. 


                Calypso                                                            Kolam                                                     Mayan

Don't forget our Julie Mar Trunk Show is going on!  While I'm gone, feel free to browse the website or come in on Saturday to see the beautiful flowers and fun belts, scissor cases and smaller pieces.  Here's a picture of two of the walls of the shop. 


julie marjulie mar 2

I hope these pictures will keep you busy drooling while I'm away. 

Order all you want, the elves will paint more!

As always, thank you for shopping with Homestead Needle Arts.  Your support is appreciated!  Theresa


  March 30, 2012


  Spring Fever Owl - join the Hoot Hoot Owl Club!  Call us and ask about it! 

                                        spring fever owl

March 20, 2012

The Rainbow Gallery Tool Trunk Show arrived today and is already a big hit!  The items you see here may already be sold BUT I WILL BE HAPPY TO RE-ORDER FOR YOU!    Please keep this in mind.  We'll try to send something close to what you saw but pretty much have to send what Rainbow sends us!  ALL of their wooden and acrylic tools are beautiful so don't be hesitant.

bracelet laying tool

Bracelet laying tool (tip covered by safety plastic) - this is SO HANDY.  Just slip the bracelet on your laying tool wrist and it hangs freely.  Flip up the tool into your hand when you need it.  WOW!  I love it!  One of these has already sold, more can be ordered!  $46.25

Mini Laying Tool in Wood Case

Mini Laying Tool in Wooden Case - Gorgeous isn't it?  The laying tool is about 4-1/2" long.  It matches the case which has two golden ends.  The end that unscrews has the gold ring on it so you can hang it from a chatelaine if you want.  This one sold first thing but I can order more for you.  $57.25

Book rings to store threads

4", 8" 10" Book Rings - these rings are to store your Rainbow Gallery threads on.  You know that hole at the top that I hang them from on my walls and racks?  You can store all your Rainbow threads on these rings.  They are gigantic!  Imagine putting 50 or 60 cards on the large one and then hanging that on your stitching room wall!  4" - $5.00, 8" - $8.25, 10" - $10.45

Rainbow Gallery Laying Tool tool #2

Rainbow Gallery Laying Tool - Here are several choices of the beautiful wooden tools with inserted steel laying tool that Rainbow Gallery carries.  The unscrewed ones shows you how they come apart.  The sharp end is safe when you're not stitching with it.  Don't forget our acrylic one our website too!  The wooden one is $55.00.

Laying Tool Holderholder #2

Rainbow Gallery Laying Tool Holder - do you have a Best Laying Tool and don't have something to store it in?  This wooden case will hold it in style!  It screws shut in the middle as shown.  Reasonable price too!  $35.25  (The pink case is considered "wild colors" and the other two are exotic woods.)

Grime Stoppersgrime 2

Grime Stoppers - These covers fit over the EDGES of your piece whether you use stretcher bars or roller bars.  There is one pair per package.  They are white and come in five sizes.  Small fits up to 13", Medium fits up to 18", Large fits up to 20", X-Large fits up to 25" and Super fits up to 30".  They keep the edges of your piece clean as some people have a hard time keeping the edges clean where they hold their piece.  These were very popular today!  Small $7.25, Medium $9.25, Large $11.50, email for X-large and Super sizes.

Sewing Compendium

Sewing Compendium - Many of you have seen this in my shop.  This is a darling little piece to collect.  I love blue glass.  You can take this apart.  The lid is actually a thimble, and there is a "bobbin" to wind thread on inside.  You can store needles in it too.  It's just too cute!  A lovely gift for a friend or yourself!  $49.50

Pewter Laying Tool

Elizabethan Laying Tool - this is a pretty Elizabethan pattern laying tool.  You can also use this at your sewing machine to guide fabric through when sewing.  $22.00  

Slim Line Laying Tool

Slim Laying Tool - Another pretty pewter laying tool.  Just pick the pattern you like best!  $22.00

Tail Catcher Tool

Tail Catcher Tool - It's hard to see in this picture, but each of these pewter pieces has a tool on the end - one has a hook and one has a wire loop.  You use the two ends to catch your too short threads on the back of your work.  It's also a pretty tool!  $33.00

Best Laying Tool

Best Laying Tool - You probably already own this one - but if you don't, now is a good time to get it.  The standard laying tool as introduced by Shay Pendray.  $18.75


Mellore - Gold Work Tool - I have ONE of the gold plated mellores in stock.  The one on the left is gold plated, the one on the right is stainless steel.  If you do gold work, then you know that this is useful in laying different gold threads.  (I don't do gold work, so please don't ask for clarification!)  Silver $17.50 Gold - this is ONLY for the one I have in stock as the gold is flaking off was $29.50, now $22.00

Hermit Crab Magnet

Magnetic Needle Holder Pewter Hermit Crab with Sea Shell - Yes I know he's adorable!  There's a magnet somewhere inside that shell so you can lay your needle on him and he'll hold it for you.  Just set him on your stitching table and let him collect your needles and pins.  I always imagine his name is Herman the Hermit Crab.  Sometimes I think working alone is bad!  :-)  $22.00 - only one left

Ribbon tool

Ribbon Laying Tool - this laying tool has a blunt end and is best used for ribbon type threads only as you can not get your floss type threads to lay well with this.  However the price is right!  $19.75


Gold Work Tweezers, Clover Tweezers - both have very sharp tips as you can see.  The gold ones are for gold work but also think about them for placing gemstones, etc. on your work.   I always have a pair in my sewing kit - you can use them for anything!  Gold Work $17.50, Clover $7.25

Thread Cutter Pendant, Heart-shaped Threader

Thread Cutter Pendant, Heart-shaped Threader - I was using the Thread Cutter Pendant on airplanes long before they stopped letting us bring scissors just because it was so handy.  Just hang it on a chain and it's handy.  You're not likely to leave it behind if you're wearing it!  $8.00

The threader is not only pretty, it's useful!  The top of the heart has the hardware necessary to thread your needle.  $8.00


Clover Awl -How many times have you heard "just open up the canvas hole a little bigger with your awl?"  Do you actually have one?  You can now!  This tapered awl will help you open your canvas to thread through larger threads, DMC Memory Thread and ribbons.  $5.50

nap brush

Bunka Brush/Nap Brush - This tool has been called many things.  It looks like a porcupine from the side!  :-)  If you have turkey work that needs some serious brushing, this is the tool for it.  These wire bristles can be very tough on fibers so I recommend that it be used on wool, linen and other thick fibers that really need brushing when doing turkey work.   Not as large as shown here. $8.00


metallic scissors

Metallic Task Scissors - specifically used for cutting metallics.  Don't use your best scissors for metallics as it will dull them more quickly!  One edge is serrated for cutting your metallic threads.  $19.25

cissors 2

Victorian Large Bow Scissors - if you have arthritis or larger fingers, these are the scissors for you!  $18.75

task scissors

Turkey Tufting Scissors - these are perfect for turkey work as they have a slight bend to them at the end, making it easier to cut your turkey work.  $17.50

emb scissors

Silver Etui Scissors - these are tiny, tiny and oh so very cute!  If you happen to also do hardanger, these would come in very handy for cutting!  $17.50

scissors                      black scissors

Gold or Black Toledo Scissors - Another pair of attractive scissors, these are Italian scissors with a very fine point.  $19.75 each

black scissors 2

Waste Knot Scissors - these scissors are curved so you can clip off your waste knot.  They're also black so they look sharp! I would use these for turkey work too!  $19.75


Black Roman Scissors - Italian scissors in a style known as Roman, this style is classic.  $19.75

Stork scissors

Stork Scissors - the classic stork in gold, these scissors are a long time favorite of stitchers everywhere.  $18.25

needle tugger

Needle Tugger - we've long had these at the shop - not as large as shown.  If you're having problems grabbing your needle, just fit the plastic tubing around it and grab and pull.  The large lobster clasp makes it easy to attach this to your scissors or chatelaine.  $8.25

floor frame  frame #2

Shay's Floor Frame - here are two views of the floor frame.  Obviously wooden, you can stain it if you prefer.  The floor frame will hold scroll frames of any size from 12 up to 45" across which is handy when stitching a rug!  The bottom bar easily slides to become much larger.  You can also move the arms up and down and of course the clamps are easily moved too.  SORRY, the adorable dog is not included.   Scroll frame parts are easily purchased from us also - we can order sizes from 12" to 45" "tape" bars and side bars of 9", 12" or 18" or complete frames if you like.  I'll even assemble the frame for you!  During the Rainbow Gallery Tool Trunk Show ONLY I'm discounting the floor frame 15%!  Normally $197.75, just $168 during the Trunk Show.  Hurry or call to let me know you want one!


February 19, 2012

New Rainbow Gallery Threads

In an effort to keep us stitching happily John at Rainbow Gallery created TWENTY-TWO new Petite Silk Lame’ colors.  Petite Silk Lame’ gives you light coverage on 18 ct. canvas, is fine enough for Congress Cloth and can even be used for cross stitching.  I’ll just name the colors and not the numbers here.  Ecru, Gold, Pink, Blue, Rose Pink, Garnet, Burgundy, Lemon, Pewter, Deep Rose, China Blue, Pumpkin, Christmas Green, Dark Christmas Green, Lilac, Camel, Dark Sand Gold, Emerald, Medium Avocado, Royal Blue, Tangerine and True Gold.  $3.25 each, get all 22 new colors for $71.50.  That'll keep you stitching for a while!

                                                              petite silk lame

Silk Lame’ Braid for 13 ct. has 14 colors added to the color line including Crimson, Ruby Red, Pale Antique Blue, Classic Blue, Sand, Honey Bronze, Warm Brown, Olive, Wine, Dark Denim, Deep Cobalt, Soft Pink, Medium Raspberry and Dark Violet.  Add one of each card to your collection now for just $52.50 or pick and choose at $3.75 each. 

                                                          silk lame 13 ct

Silk Lame’ Braid for 18 ct., my favorite, and apparently yours as that is what has been requested most for our NEW Silk Lame’ Club, has 9 new colors.  They are Chardonnay -with a gold running through it, Spring Green – very Easter-y, Dark Lagoon – ooh mysterious blue, Lite Pumpkin – yes it’s perfect for pumpkins and use the Red Orange for the pumpkin separations, Medium Violet – we love our purples!, Dark Violet, Sea Spray – definitely named this one right and Blue Sapphire – yummy for a dark dark night sky.  It’s not too late to join our Silk Lame’ Club.  You’ll receive 10 cards a month for $37.50 (or the current price) and in the 12th month, your ten cards are FREE!  If you’d rather just purchase these colors, get all 9 for just $33.75 or pick your favorites for $3.75 per card.  One of my customers suggested that I send this club out in color families.  Not a bad idea!

                                                      silk lame' 18 ct

Neon Rays + - remember these match the Neon Rays but have a glimpse of metallic in them, making them even easier to stitch with.  The new colors include Sun Gold, Lime Sherbet, Elephant Gray, Orchid and Pansy.  We loved the one Glow in the Dark color so much that John gives us four more.  The new Glow in the Dark colors include Violet, Yellow, Chartreuse and Orange.  The colors are great FUN for Halloween and any other canvases that you want to add a little mystery too.  All nine colors can join your stash for $38.25 or pick and choose your favorites at just $4.25 each.

                                                              neon rays plus

Neon Rays now has 5 new colors including Sun Gold, Lime Sherbet, Elephant Gray, Orchid and Pansy.  These are all available for $20.00 or for $4.00 per card. 

                                                     neon rays

There’s a new Gold Rush 14 in Emerald which I will be happy to order for you if you find that you need that color. 

One of the prettiest tools at the Rainbow Gallery booth was the new Acrylic Rainbow Laying tool.  These beautiful laying tools are encased in two-tone acrylic and each one is unique.  The feeling when you hold them is wonderful and of course they warm up immediately in your hand.  See the picture on our website.  I saw them in dark blue, purple, red and green.  I have red and purple in the shop right now but we don’t get a choice when we order them so please understand if we can’t get the color you want.  At $65, all colors are artwork that you’ll love to stitch with.     

                             laying tool


Clubs are all the rage now.  And why not?  What’s more fun than receiving a canvas and a stitch guide every month? 

Raymond Crawford has an adorable SANTA club.  These 2-1/2 x 5” canvases are full of color and threads and stitches!  Each is surrounded by a candy cane border that screams Christmas.  This club starts in mid-March so you must sign up NOW!  You’ll receive one stitch guide for all five pieces with your first piece.  At only $43.75 per month, plus $15 for the stitch guide, you’ll be loving SANTA!   We'll be happy to kit up threads for you also - just let me know. 

                      Santa Club

Kelly Clark is offering Tremendous Trees.  These little beauties arrive for 12 months, and you receive the canvas and stitch guide for $52.50 each.  This club starts in April, but please sign up NOW so I can get the canvases and threads ordered. 


Eye Candy Needleart is offering Hoot Hoot – a set of  6 darling owls with stitch guides.  Again, you’ll receive this monthly and this club starts in April.  Sign up NOW so I can order your supplies.  The owls with stitch guides are approximately $70 per month and again, thread kits are extra. 

                                   owl club

Rebecca Woods has the Goofy Ghouls Club with six silly Halloween characters.  They include a witch, an owl, a mummy, a cat in a costume, a skeleton and a vampire.  The stitch guides are by Cynthia Thomas and look like a lot of fun.  Please call for more information on this club as I don't have all the info yet. 

                       ghouls club


I bought a dozen of these at market and have re-ordered already - you can now have a clip on magnifier with a built-in light for your needlepoint!  This slick idea is just like your regular clip on magnifier but there is a small light right on the magnifier powered by 3 watch batteries.  For just $27.50 for the small clip-on magnifier, you can see your piece again!


Check our website to order any of the above items or to sign up for a club.  Hope to see you soon!


October 2, 2011



I promised you a FUN TIME in October which will start TUESDAY, October 4 with an unheard of Buy One Get One Discount on PAINTED CANVAS.   Details follow…be sure to note that the longer you wait to come in…the lower the discount!  Plus if you’ve had your eye on a canvas or two, they might be gone if you wait to long!      

pumpkinThis is a great time to remind you about our Loyal Canvas Customer Key Tag program.  You purchase our key tag for $2 and every time you purchase a regularly priced canvas (in stock OR special order) we punch your tag for the appropriate amount.  When your tag is fully punched, you receive $50 in free merchandise!  It’s like getting 10% off all the time.  Internet/phone customers, we’re happy to keep the key tag on file for you!  PLUS as you’ll notice below, for being a loyal canvas customer, you often get extra benefits!


Week 1 – Tuesday, October 4 through Saturday, October 8

Buy any in-stock painted canvas at regular price and get another one at 50% off!  ALSO for this week ONLY your Loyal Canvas Customer Key tag will be punched for the price spent on all your canvases INCLUDING the sale pieces!  You can BUY AS MANY CANVASES AS YOU WANT!   You’ll also receive a little something extra in your bag when you leave! 

What a great time to stock up for:

  1. Winter.
  2. Gifts for “stitchy” friends for the holidays – who doesn’t love a new painted canvas?
  3. Canvases you always wanted but were afraid to buy – at these prices, you can have them!

Week 2 – Tuesday, October 11 through Saturday, October 15

Buy any in stock painted canvas at regular price and get another one at 40% off!  Your key tag will be punched for the regularly priced canvas only.  ALL SCISSOR FOBS ARE 25% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY!

Week 3 – Tuesday, October 18 through Saturday, October 22

Buy any in stock painted canvas at regular price and get another at 30% off.  Your key tag will be punched for the regularly priced canvas only.  ALL MILL HILL BEADS AND DMC FLOSS ARE 15% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY!

Week 4 – Tuesday, October 25 through Saturday, October 29

Buy any in stock painted canvas at regular price and get another at 25% off.  Your key tag will be punched for the regularly priced canvas only.  ALL PERLE COTTON, ALL SIZES ARE 15% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY!


Rules and disclaimers on Buy One Get One Painted Canvas Sale:

1. Does not apply to Class Canvases, Sock Club and Creepy Character Club canvases.

2.  Will not apply to Christmas Corvette canvas expected to arrive mid-October.

3.  Sorry!  Previously ordered or held canvases do not apply to this Sale Event. 

4. Highest priced canvas will be rung at regular price for each sale.  You may purchase as many canvases as wanted.

5.  Canvases marked as “sale” will be considered to be regularly priced canvases and can be purchased as such (That means MORE GREAT DEALS for you.)6. Please note:  I’ll make my best attempt to keep painted canvas stock updated on my website but I must remind my internet customers that not all items shown are in stock and there are canvases in stock that are not yet shown. 

7.  When placing an order online DO NOT USE EMAIL PLEASE!  I need you to use the online ordering system via the website.  The website is and then push the Go Shopping button and use the shopping cart.  That is a secure server.  Regular email is NOT secure.  Orders placed beginning Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time will obtain the sale pricing. 




You KNOW you’ve always wanted a little red Corvette.  Now you can have the car of your dreams at a price you can afford!  No leases!  No long loan paperwork, worries about licenses or titles – we take the worry out of canvas ownership for you. 


Thanks to Sally H. of Brighton, MI, we were able to obtain an exclusive deal for you!  The new Christmas Corvette is expected to drive into our shop in mid-October!  And just think – YOU can be on the dealer waiting list!  A beautiful red Christmas Corvette will be painted for you - there’s a Christmas tree and gifts included in the back seat of every Corvette!  Options include stitch guide, stretcher bars and threads.  Be the first in your neighborhood with a shiny new Corvette on your stretcher bars!     Just call your local Christmas Corvette dealer, Homestead Needle Arts at 810-694-3040 or 888-694-3040. 




September 14, 2011

Dear Stitchers,

The kids are back in school...what are YOU doing to expand your needlepoint knowledge?


The new Sandy Arthur book is finally here.  It's called Shapes of Needlepoint Series II and I had a chance to look through it last night.  This book features Diamonds, Hearts, Octagons and Stars.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I think stars can be a real pain.  You want them to be fun and perfect but you're tired of your same old tried and true stitches.  This book has some pretty good ideas for stars and  hearts.  I don't stitch a lot of stop signs (octagons) but if I did a lot of designing myself, I can see that this would be a handy reference.  The diamond shapes are great too.  I can see using these as a filler, a border, or even in some larger painted areas.  Like her last book, these are indexed both as shapes and by the size of the canvas threads they cover.  HANDY!  Spiral bound (in purple so as not to be mixed up with #1 in red), 117 pages with SUPER LARGE graphs, you're sure to want this in your library at $44.95.  I also purchased more copies of Series I, Circles, Squares, Triangles, Rectangles ($34.95) in case you want to get them both together.  Sandy is already working on two more books in this series so make room on that shelf!

Hyla Hurley brings us a GREAT tiny book called My Favorite Stitches, Quick Reference Guide for Needlepoint Stitches.  At 7 x 4-1/4" this is a definitely "easy to tuck" into your stitching bag kind of book.  Hyla covers left and right handed Continental stitch, right and left hand Basketweave, Double Basketweave, Slanted Gobelin, Encroaching Gobelin, Vertical Brick, Horizontal Brick, Parisian Embroidery, Hungarian Embroidery, Mosaic, Diagonal Mosaic, Scotch and two variations, Cashmere, Diagonal Cashmere, Milanese, Byzantine, Jacquard, Diagonal Scotch, Knitting, Long-Armed Cross, French Knot, Dotted Swiss, Hyla's Turkey, Everybody' Else's Turkey, Fern, Lattice Jacquard, Darmstadt and Satin.  This book spiral bound with large easy to see graphs and retails for just $12.  Don't forget our new Homestead Needle Arts Quick Stitch Reference Guide at just $15 that I told you about in our last newsletter.  Check our website forthese new offerings!


Our classes this Fall include new offerings and some favorites.  Many of you have requested a simple Beginners Needlepoint Class for younger people and  interested friends or family.  I've created a simple four square pattern done on blank canvas that can easily be put into an acrylic coaster or a boxtop.  You can also take just one of the patterns and put it into a Sudberry mini box OR make into a tiny ornament using one of our finishing forms! 

September 7, 2011


Hello Stitchers,

Now that the official end of summer has come and gone, it's TIME TO GET BACK TO YOUR STITCHING!

Some reminders:  Your Christmas deadline of October 1st is fast approaching!  Get those fingers to work and get your projects in here!  I'm so happy that many of you have been finishing your projects early this year!  I expect to have lots fewer last minute finishing rush jobs!  Thank you for that!

For those of you in the Finishing Challenge, don't forget to bring in your registered projects ON OR BEFORE September 15 to be measured for the final count.  Your projects do not have to be completely finished, but you must have done measurable stitching on them! 

THE MINDY TRUNK SHOW - Many of you have asked where you can see these items on line.  All but her latest items are on my very own website!  Just click on the Go Shopping button on, then go to Painted Canvases, then you'll find the Mindy button.  I am trying to put her latest canvases on my website this week so stay tuned!  Remember, I'm not just the shopkeeper, I'm also the webmaster, order taker, mail person, bill writer and bathroom cleaner!  Sometimes shop life just gets in the way!


YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO I MET AT MARKET!  The Queen of Needlepoint Books, Jo Ippolito Christensen!   I thought I died and went to Needlepoint Heaven!  Poor Jo was probably sick of me worshipping her in every room but she DID enjoy hearing that her book is a big seller in my shop.  Odds are pretty good that YOU have her book and refer to it.  You know, the one with the black cover?  Jo tells me that when she wrote it, there weren't needlepoint reference books like we have now.  Can you imagine?  No Stitches to Go, no SuZy's Small Stitches, no Sharon G SENSE...I can't imagine.  All I know is that this is the book I recommend for my beginners because it starts out by telling you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started...and then you can buy as many more stitching books from there as you need! 

                                             jo book See our website at for this book.

And speaking of stitching reference books Homestead Needle Arts now has a Quick Stitch Reference book for your stitching bag!  Measuring in at a diminutive  5-1/2 x 4", this blue covered book retails for $15 and has 48 stitches graphed in it.  No, I didn't write it but I DID put my approval on it!  List of stitches included will be on our shopping website. 

stitch book

River Silks Ribbon tells me that their book "  Ooooh, The Essentials of Ribbon Needlepoint with River Silks” is now being translated to Russian!  Let me know if you me to pre-order you a copy! Perhaps you have a Russian needlepointing friend?   As we've long known, needlepoint and beauty is spoken in more than one language.

Ruth Schmuff's book Backgrounds, Volume One is now in the shop!  Weighing in at nearly 4 lbs., keep in mind that we'd be happy to ship any of our books to you via Media Mail.  This book has 481 different repeat patterns suitable for backgrounds or any other area you want a repetitive pattern.  The stitches are sorted on the repeat of the pattern, from one stitch to 40 stitches wide.  This book is also available on CD.  Price of the book is $65.  Price of the CD's are $28 - three are in stock.  My take on this book?  As you leaf through the first few pages, you're going to think, "Hey, I could come up with these, this is no big deal."  But remember, those are the single stitch repeats.  Of course you could do that.  Then there's some stripes, you could do that on your own too.  But when you enter the complicated repeats - 5 threads wide by 10 threads high, or 8 x 8 or the 14 x 10 pattern on page 379 - you'll probably be glad for this book!  481 pages, spiral-bound for easy use, heavy duty covers.  THE FIRST SIX will be sold for $60.   After that, they'll be $65.

                                         backgrounds book

Rainbow Gallery's Petite Silk Lame' Braid hit our shelves last week and are up and gorgeous on the spinner rack!  Each card has twenty yards of beautiful silk combined with metallic just like their current Silk Lame'.  There are currently 26 colors including Black, White, Avocado, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Purple, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Navy, Surf Blue, Lavender, Raspberry, Orange, Coffee, Eggshell, Buttercup, Chartreuse, Caribbean, Silver, Crimson, Dark Chocolate, Sand Gold, Pale Pink, Blue Turquoise and Medium Christmas Green.  This weight is perfect for light coverage on your 18 ct. canvas, it's just right on 24 ct. Congress Cloth or use it for topstitch details over other threads on 13/14 count. 

           petite silk lame' color card                            on rack

Did I neglect to tell you that we now carry the full line of Weeks Dye Works Perle #5?  WE DO!  These wonderful colors are hand dyed and easy to do shading work with.  Weeks Perle #5 comes in 144 wonderful colors - basically brights, imaginatives and solids (see pictures).  Be sure to buy enough for your project as this is a hand-dyed thread and dye lots will vary.  Here are some pictures of them from their website.


weeks 1 weeks2


SOME OF THE BALTIMORE MARKET ITEMS I've meant to tell you about include:

Gloriana has four new colors out - Thistle Orange, Thistle Purple, Jersey Shore and Jubie's Pink.   Here they are in the order of Jubie's Pink, Jersey Shore, Thistle Purple (it's a dark purple) and Thistle Orange (kind of rusty).  Remember, we carry the full line of their silk floss and will order any of their other items for you!

new colors


Just Another Button Company has started making magnets!  They come 3 to a pack and there are a pack of rose type flowers, a pack of red and white flowers and a bee, a pack with a bee/ladybug/butterfly and a pack with a rose/bird/butterfly.  Fun! 

Of course the company that does the magnets in brass/copper and silver colors, Puffin and Company has cute magnets of a witch, pumpkin with cat, witch hat, smiling kitty, acorn, snowman, angel, and mitten. 

I purchased new charts from Brenda Kocher, Debbee's Designs, and the coolest seasonal trees from Handblessings!  She also has little ort box'll be able to whip these up for friends and yes, the box comes with it. 

I have FAR TOO MANY CANVASES to list here.  Suffice to say, if it was new, exciting or priced well, I bought it.  When you come in to see the Mindy Trunk Show, be sure to go through the newest canvases we have here too.

That's enough for now, I hope I've got you interested now that Autumn is nearly here.  Don't laugh, I've seen the trees on my road starting to turn red and yellow already and I don't mind a bit!  This is in face, my favorite season.  See you soon!  Theresa


Homestead Needle Arts LLC
Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040



September 1, 2011


The Mindy Needlepoint Trunk Show has arrived!  I know I told you September and I've been waiting for word of the dates - but the Trunk Show arrived before the dates did!  For those of you not familiar with Mindy's work, you certainly are familiar with the July/August 2011 issue of Needlepoint Now - that front floral is a Mindy!  If you have your issue you have the stitch guide and we have the painted canvas here with YOUR name on it! 

magazine front       painted canvas of flowers

These canvases are stitch-painted!  That means exact painting on the intersections making it easy for you to see where to place your stitches.  If you love Asian canvsaes, detailed canvases, Christmas canvases, whimsical canvases, purse front canvases, Halloween canvases, and canvases you won't see ANYWHERE ELSE, then you MUST visit this Trunk Show.  Here's a sampling of what came in the door...

Asian purse   This Asian purse in green/blue is one of TEN purses in this trunk show.  You really will want to see the Paris purse too.  No drooling though! 

spring frolic                                   Early Spring Birds

Spring Frolic is one of Mindy's latest pieces and the colors certainly DO bring Spring to life. That button accessory just makes it!  FYI, buttons and attachments may be changed at any time...that's the life of the market, nobody is trying to pull a fast one on you. I REALLY love the Early Spring Birds piece.  Small but spectacular!  Lots of these pieces have others that go with them, so be sure to ask if you're looking for a matched set.

Whimsy in Black and Yellow  This is Whimsy in Black and Yellow but you can also get it in Purple or Red or Pink!  Totally cool! 

Asian in PinkHere's another obviously Asian influenced piece - comes in pink as shown, purples, greens, blues and red/gold.  Pick any to match your decor and enjoy stitching it! 

If you love CHRISTMAS like I do, these trees are the cat's is the Jester's stocking:

black and white tree   red heart tree  jester stocking 

Of course there are more trees and more socks - but only so much room in your email box!

Lastly Autumn and Halloween are just around the corner ... how sweet are these?

          pumpkin                           halloween tree  

Now remember, I'M CLOSED SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 for the Labor Day holiday so....either come in today or Friday or wait until Tuesday, September 6 to come and snap these up! 

Now, I must go HANG THEM UP!  Eek!  For prices, sizes and other questions, just call or email me.  I will see if I can re-list these on my website ASAP so check it on Friday.


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040






Hello again...Even though I'm not at work, I'm still checking my emails and have found some new charts you might not want to live without.  Kurdy of Threedles has outdone herself again with her latest called "A Different View".  This is a pattern of four octagons, and six smaller squares.  She also includes charts for six octagons so you can choose the ones you want to stitch.  Feel free to change the arrangment of the octagons, the squares, or just keep it the same!  These pictures are the same chart, done in 3 different colorways.    Kurdy won First Place at Woodlawn for her Cleopatra's Eyes chart and for those of you who've seen it, you know why.  Of course we carry her charts!  I'm ordering "A Different View" so let me know if you want one.  Retails at $40.50.

Black koral kiss                   

                            golden glow


From Nancy's Needle has just created "Cardinal Caper" and "Woodland Star".  Please email me or place a Special Order on my website to let me know if you want either of these.  They won't be online yet but just put it in your comments.  I suspect that the price will be her usual chart price - $12.50.  As always, I'm thrilled to kit any of these charts for you. 

Cardinal Caper               Woodland Star

Happy stitching!


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040



Dear Stitchers,

We have air conditioning at the shop!  I know this seems like a simple thing but in these hot humid days, I want you to be sure you can stay cool while you browse and plan your projects. 

As the days carry us into August another Cash and Carry Market is scheduled for me!  Because of that,


I will re-open for regular business hours on Tuesday, August 16, 2011.  Remember, our website is ALWAYS open to take your order!

Some of the newer items from the June Market I haven't had time to tell you about are as follows:


More Shaded Petite and Regular Very Velvet in yummy colors you'll want to use right away.  These shaded ones are so much fun to stitch with that I look for something to use them one...whoever heard of buying a canvas based on the threads first!  You'll want to when you see these colors.  Bubblegum pinks, Desert Sands (beiges - very nice!) Apple Greens, Brite Yellows, Periwinkles and Brite Oranges.  More Silk Lame Braid in both 18 ct and 13 ct.  I'm only listing the 18 ct. here as the 13 ct. are colors we've already seen in the 18 ct. line.  True Gold, Medium Christmas Green, Crimson, Ruby Red, Pl. Antique Blue, Classic Blue, Sand, Honey Bronze, Warm Brown, Olive, Soft Yellow, Wine, Dark Denim, Deep Cobalt, Soft Pink, Medium Raspberry and Dark Violet.  These threads have been SUCH a hit that I'm starting a Silk Lame' Club in September!  Join up and get your collection started of the thread that's perfect for everything!  There's a new Neon Rays in Cornflower Blue and a Rainbow Linen in Butterscotch.  Next we have Neon Rays Plus in Mauve, Wine, Periwinkle and Cornflower Blue and then the most perfect of all - WHITE GLOW IN THE DARK!  I have a sample on the bathroom wall for you to see.  No, I'm not kidding!  Where else can you find a dark spot in a needlepoint shop? 

Rainbow Gallery threads

In mid-August we'll receive all new 26 colors of Petite Silk Lame'.  You're going to use this when you want a light touch of silk and sparkle on your canvas - maybe angel wings, snow on an evergreen, vines on the pumpkin, reins for your sleigh, whitecaps on the ocean - you get the idea.  The really great thing is you can also use it on Congress Cloth!  I'll put it online BEFORE I have a picture so be watching for that item too!


I received a new book published by the Royal School of Needlework for only $21.95.  It's one of their Essential Stitch Guides by Kate Sinton and this one is Stumpwork.  I took a good look through it yesterday and it's got some great background, pictures, explanations and really good instructions.  It reminds me of the A-Z books which takes you step-by-step through the process of creating stitches and specific pieces.  They teach you how to frame up your work, simple design ideas, applique', flat stitches, raised surface stitches, needlelace, metal thread work, padding, slips, wrapping and how to attach found object.  It's a great starter book that should inspire you with enough ideas to get you started.  There were ideas in there that I'd never seen before like instead of just doing a buttonhole round circle "in the air" you'll do it around a dowel, knitting needle or some other round object.  Well that would help!  There is a section on applying stumpwork to canvas, and the non-canvas stumpwork can actually be used for canvas too.  For example, the raised stem band they use to make the snail's body is exactly the same as you would do on canvas and they're doing it on fabric!    This book is 112 pages in a spiral bound, hard back cover. 


Coming in September - Sandy Arthur's Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 - please get on the list if you want me to hold a book for you.  I've ordered copies of this book as Series 1 was so popular but I want to make sure I have enough on order.   Call or email NOW. 



I'm making a class list SO if there's something you absolutely would LOVE to have as a class and have some like-minded friends, please let me know by phone or email.  For example, there's been additional interest in the David McCaskill bowl of ornaments that has been in the shop - if you're interested in that, let me know.  If you missed out on the heart beading class and are interested in taking a class in that technique and piece, let me know.  If you're just starting needlepoint and want to start with a small piece, I need to know the days/times that are best for you!  I'd like to schedule classes at times that YOU can attend!

Thanks for your continued support! 


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040







Creepy_Characters (click here to see the picture)

There are NINE triangles (I think of them as candy corn) including The Pumpkin, The Devil, Frankenstein, Spider Queen, Mehitabel (witch), Ghost, Drakula, Fraidy Cat and Hooty Owl.  Hooty Owl will be featured on the back cover of the Sept/Oct. 2011 Needlepoint Now magazine!  If you LOVE Halloween, this Club is for you, and you can join in through Homestead Needle Arts.

The stitch guides are written by Robin King.  You've seen her work in my shop with the small colorful Zecca bird I did this year!  Canvases WITH stitch guides are only $78 and thread kits will be figured separately as each Character calls for different items although MANY overlap so you'll save your threads from each kit to be used again!

Sign up NOW because the club starts in September and I need to know if you want to join BEFORE August 15th.  Remember, there are only nine pieces, they are about 4-1/2" so you CAN finish these by next Halloween!


Halloween, not your thing?  See below for the Silly, Sassy, Sparkly Sock Club and email me for more information!  Happy stitching!  Theresa


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


While we look at this as the kickoff weekend to summer, many of us remember our fallen heroes this weekend.  We often forget the many people who have given their lives for our everyday way of life.  Thank a veteran when you meet one and keep a family that has lost a loved one near to you.

Our summer weather seems to have forgotten us but no matter.  I decided to work this weekend and when I saw the amount of people NOT going up north, I was glad I did!

For the Finishing Challenge, please come in to register if at all possible.  It's much harder than I thought to see your piece online.  Also, remember I'm closed Sundays and Mondays and June 9 and 10.  The 11th will NOT be a good day to register either as I'm still out of town although the shop will be open.  Thanks! 

Next!  Have you seen the Silly, Sassy, Sparkly Sock Club being sponsored by Ruth Schmuff?  I've had several people ask me about it, so here's the picture and the skinny - I mean the info:



There are six socks in this club and some include Swarovski crystals.  The socks are about 5 x 5".  The costs for the canvas with stitch guides range from $76 to $84 each.  The cost for full cards of threads for ALL SIX kits is approximately $150.   So each month AVERAGES $125.  I need only three people to participate in the club and it's a go.  If you're interested, please call me as I'll need to get full information from you.  The club starts in September 2011 and I'll need to get the information well before then! 


That's it 'til next time!


May, 2011

Dear Stitchers,

This newsletter has been in progress for over 6 weeks.  Every time I think it's finished, I remember something else to add.   Go get your reading glasses, a TALL drink of something tasty and let's go to town!

Welcome to our Spring/Summer newsletter.  I've got all kinds of fun stuff in here for you including the upcoming June Trunk Show, New Classes, a Finishing Challenge and other Fun Stuff! 

June Trunk Show - Charley Harper

I'm breathlessly awaiting the Charley Harper Trunk Show due here by June 1st.  This is the first time we've had this trunk show as Treglown Designs finally started marking trunk shows available.  It's a happy time for all the Charley Harper lovers out there!  DO NOT miss this show as we won't have it again for a few years!  Charley Harper's stylized wildlife pieces of animals and other natural life have been extremely popular at the shop. 

This year many of you have told me that you're concentrating on finishing already started projects.  I think that's a GREAT idea.  Who doesn't have projects languishing in bags, closets, drawers and other hidey-holes?  To help you finish your items, I'm setting up a never before heard of -


This isn't your normal challenge or contest.  A normal contest would be how many items you finished stitching.  But that's not fair!   See Dick and Jane stitch.  Stitch, stitch, stitch.  What if Dick finishes 6 teeny tiny ornaments and Jane finishes one stand up but Jane's stand up is four feet tall?  Who's the real winner then?  To make this a FAIR contest, you're going to bring in your unfinished piece(s) as you decide which ones to work on and we're going to measure what needs to be stitched.  That's right, I'm basing this on SQUARE INCHES to be stitched!  You can start a new piece if you want - I'm not here to stop you.  You can finish 15 old ones.  It's your choice.   All needlepoint projects whether painted or counted can be entered.  Enter as many as you want all at once, or one at a time as you get to them.   To enter, only the stitching needs to be completed.  I'm going to define NEEDLEPOINT projects as those that have a canvas base.  I have to draw a line somewhere so that seems like a good place to make it. 

EVERYBODY can participate.  You'll be responsible for quite a bit of this. 

Electronic and internet savvy:  You take a digital picture * of your unfinished piece next to two rulers or measuring tapes - both the length side and the width side.  In an email, please send the following information to

1.  Your name and full mailing address.

2.  Your email and phone number

3.  The name of your piece - something simple like Santa stand up - if you have more than one piece and they are all the same subject like all Santas, please give them different names - like Santa with dog, Santa with wreath, etc.

4.  What you approximate to be the unfinished area - this can be a little tricky to figure out but using your rulers, determine how many square inches are left to stitch on the piece.  A square inch is simply one inch wide by one inch high.   

5.  Email me your note and attach the picture.  YOU MUST USE THE FOLLOWING SUBJECT LINE - FINISHING CONTEST!

6.  REMEMBER to attach the photo to your email.

7.  I will email you back that I received your entry and that I agree with your inches determined.  If you do not receive a return email from me within 2 BUSINESS DAYS, please call me at 810-694-3040 as your email may have entered the world of spam.  I will check my spam box regularly but we need to make sure that I have received your email. 

8.  Get stitching!

9.  Email me your picture of your finished piece.  All stitching promised must be finished.  I credit your "account" with the square inches you projected.  (*If you don't have a digital camera, you can mail the information, but remember you MUST make the deadline with your finished picture too!)

No electronic device usage:  Visit me at the shop - together we'll measure and/or take a picture of your piece.  You bring a piece of paper with the same information as noted above and leave it with me.

This contest starts May 25, 2011 and ends September 15, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.    That gives you time to get your items in for our October 1 Christmas holiday deadline.  What a GREAT way to get your Christmas projects finished this year. 


The top ten people with most square inches stitched receives a Gift Certificate to Homestead Needle Arts for $25.00.  Why so many winners?  Think about're ALL winners because you'll be completing your unfinished projects.  I think you should all win awards so everybody will receive a token gift for active participation. 

CLASSES - see our Classes page on this website for classes listed in the newsletter

FREE Fun Ornament Day to be held Saturday, 8/20/11 - SIGN UP BY AUGUST 6

I'll be hosting a fun way to share and swap threads with other stitchers and get you started on some quick ornaments for holiday gifts at the same time.  You bring:  a variety of threads from your stash that you'd like to use or swap, 2 sets of small stretcher bars such as 4", 5" or 6" if you want them, tacks, needles and scissors.   Bring things like Watercolors, Splendor, Frosty Rays, Very Velvet, Burmilana, Kreinik, floss, wool, etc.   Bring them in any color but remember you're working on ornaments so bring what you like!  You must call or come in to sign up by Saturday, August 6 to register 21 so I know how many to expect!  Must be at least 16 years of age and a stitcher - this is not a class for beginners, please!  SIGN UP CLOSED AT 4:00 P.M. SATURDAY AUGUST 6.


Date:  Saturday, 8/20/11 - MUST BE SIGNED UP BY SATURDAY, AUGUST 6.

Time:  10:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 3:30 - you may participate in both sessions if you wish

Fee:  FREE!

Limit:  15 students per session

Kit:  Various small pieces of canvas with suggested designs will be provided for free along with stitch ideas and finishing ideas.


Shapes of Needlepoint by Sandra Arthur - Don't you hate it when you have a circle and you don't know what stitch to use?  How about when you have a 4 x 6 rectangle?  This is the book you want!  Filled with stitches for Circles, Rectangles, Squares and Triangles this is a great reference book.  More books are planned in this series.  $39.95.

Spooky Stitches by June McKnight - a delightful book covering spooky architecture, background, borders, clothing, diagonal patterns, florals, horizontal patterns, sky and novelty stitches, this book shows each charted stitch while the opposite page shows it stitched in color with a suggested thread which is named.  This is a wonderful idea book, sure to find its special spot in your stitching library.  $38.00.

SENSE - Sharon G's Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations - SENSE - a great book divided into three sections of stitches - those with low texture and minimal pattern, medium texture and no diagonal flow and those with well-defined diagonal flow.  Each stitch is charted without numbering but a good explanation and ideas of uses is included.  This is a wonderful book for beginners AND seasoned stitchers.  Sharon plans 11 more books in her series.  $29.50.

SuZy's Portable Stitches II, Distilled from SuZy's Lite Stitches and SuZy's Mini Stitches by SuZy Murphy - the title of the book pretty much says it all.  What it doesn't tell you is that I find this book very helpful to carry with me!  It has some of the more complex stitches charted for you and is easier than carrying the larger books to your stitching nights or classes!  $24.95.

Stitch Landscape by Little Shoppe Canvas Company Inc. - is a new GREAT book from the same people who gave us the fun cookies so many have stitched.  This book gives us ideas for Clouds, Flowers, Grass, Mountains, Sand, Shrubbery and Bushes, Sky, Snow, Soil, Stone, Trees and Bark and Water.  That being said, there are 75 pages in this 5-1/2" x 8" wirebound book with about three to six stitches on each page or some great stitch hints like "Size and scale of a mountain will determine the stitch.  Choose a smaller, smooth stitch for distance and a larger texture stitch in the forefront."  You're going to love this book!  We expect to see more from this company and will continue to bring them to you. 


Thread Zap II - this is a great tool that I've heard about for some time and finally found!  It's basically a thread burner to "cauterize" those threads that run and drive us all crazy.  The tip of the thread burner heats up and burns the end of the thread, stopping it from fraying.  Runs on one AA battery not included.  Tip can be replaced when necessary.  $13.25.

EZ Beader  - this little gadget keeps your beads on your canvas for easy beading!  It attaches with two magnets and has a sticky area for your beads.  When you're finished, just pop the whole thing back in the plastic case to keep it clean and dust-free for your next use.  $11.00. 

Autumn Monthly Project Club

This year's project is an autumn theme and includes 6 acorns, 4 corn cobs and a squirrel for the center.  I had the idea that I would finish mine by attaching the acorns and corns to a grapevine wreath and put the squirrel in the center.  You can do this with yours or create a swag or make them into ornaments and make the squirrel into an adorable standup!  There's lots you can do with them and the best part (besides the price) is the size!  The acorns measure approximately 2-1/4 x 2-3/4".  The corn is 1-7/8" x 5" and the squirrel is 5 x 5-3/4" before background is stitched.  That means you can fit this into your busy stitching schedule!  There are only 11 pieces so you can take your time! 

Kits vary each month because of the threads but most threads are used more than once, some even more than twice!  Kit costs are being estimated now and will likely run between $45 and $60 each month.  Kits include canvas, all threads and stitch guides! Please call for more information and come in to see the finished pieces.  If you love acorns and autumn, you'll want to be in the Club!

Summer Schedule:  Due to the Summer Market I attend, Homestead Needle Arts will be CLOSED on the following days:

Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10


Also remember that the Greatest Needlepoint Garage Sale on the Earth :-) is always held on the 3rd weekend in July so this year it will be held July 14, 15 and 16.  Prepare NOW if you're interested in putting items in - remember needlepoint items only.  We'll have more information for you during the last week of June about drop off  dates. 


Oh My Stars!

Our Oh My Stars stitch-in is continuing with our members stitching about one star a month.  I'm enjoying the companionship of these great stitchers as we lay 3 billion floss threads to achieve this monumental project.  It's the only way some of us stay on track.  Have you considered joining a stitching group?




April 11, 2011

April brings us a new Trunk Show - Elements by Dream House Ventures.  This is the same company that gives us Soy Luster and Baroque Silk so don't be afraid to choose these threads when you choose one of these outstanding painted canvases! 

Again, here's some wall shots. If you need a close-up because you can't find it on her website ( just email me and I'll try to get that picture out to you. 

Wall 1

The above are mostly floral.  Some are traditional and some are geometric in nature.  The middle one is a stunning vase that I love.  There are two (you can see one here) scissor cases with pinkeep or pincushion that I wish I had time to do.

wall 1 part 2

Here's the right side of that same wall.  I also LOVE that red/green leafy tree with the blue in the background.  So much to choose from!

Wall 2

Above are signs, coasters, wallets and a Blackberry case or small purse.

Wall 3

Here comes some more REALLY good stuff.  These look like Indian blankets, geometric quilts and check out those cat eyes too!

wall 3 part 2

Then I added the birds, butterflies and more geometrics.  I hope you can zoom in on the really colorful ones at the bottom right.  I'd love to stitch all four!

Wall 4

These are the smaller floral pieces, both realistic and geometric.  The ones over my office doors are spirits from cave drawings.  Lots of great stuff on this wall. 


Awesome!  This is the Christmas hallway.  What are those?  Christmas socks and pictures of course!  The one on the very left says Oh Joy.  Then Be Jolly.  These socks just kill me.  Wish I had legs like that.  More below.

Hallway part 2

Okay, so that's most of the canvases that came in.  There are a few more on the table.  Let me know if you need prices or have questions.  Most are 18 ct, but some were sent in both 13 and 18. 

This Trunk Show is ONLY HERE FOR TWO WEEKS, so be sure to come in or call me if you're interested in anything.  I'll be glad to give you sizes and prices via phone or email.  Have a great week! 


Homestead Needle Arts

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040




Whee!  I finally got this software downloaded on my laptop so I can communicate with pictures again!  Don't get TOO excited - I'm just going to show you some wall pictures that I couldn't post last week!  One step at a time on this computer thing...and then the same steps all over when I have a new desktop. 

Here are the Lee Needle Art pictures I took:

wall pic 1

The top row are beautiful pillow pieces on 13 ct. canvas.  The next eight are some of their new florals.
wall pic 2

More pillows on the top, the new Bazooples children line in the center along with Dog Tales.  You can't see the Cat Tales below him but it's a beautiful tabby cat you might want to look up on their website.  Then the blue bordered ones are new flowers too.  Those tulips and pansies are worth a second look.  In between I posted some items in the shop from other designers made to fit Lee's leathers. 

Big Cats

If you're into the BIGGER cats, these are for you!  From left to right, Tiger, Snow Leopard, Cheetah.  (Yes, I had to look them up.  All I know about big cats is that I can't out run them!)

fans and ladies

Here's a sampling of the fans and one of the lady faces they carry.

baby photo book

These are a huge hit with moms and grandmas alike.  This is a great photo book that you can slide your needlepoint into the front of.  The piece on the front is a suggestion of what you can put in there.  Remember there's also a black one that you can give a family member for any occasion.

purse lineup

Here's a FEW of the purses that are here...and these aren't the big ones!  I just like to sit here and breathe in the scent of leather.  Ahhhhh!

small leather objects

Left top to bottom right:  CD case, gold mini sock, e-book cover, mirrors, jewelry cases.  More colors available in the e-reader cover.

Smalls pic 2

Left top to bottom right:  Red pillow, magenta bag (last one), wallets, eyeglass cases, checkbook cover (not shown), luggage tags, gift boxes.  Leather pillow, gift boxes available in more colors.

Enjoy the lovely weather we're having!




February 14, 2011


Dear Stitching Friends,

It’s time to celebrate the shop anniversary!  This year marks the seventh year that I’ve owned Homestead Needle Arts.  For that reason, the theme to the party this year is Lucky Sevens!  Sadly, I was not able to bring a one-armed bandit into the shop, also known as a slot machine.  However, I’ll throw the


Anniversary Party

Saturday, February 19, 2011

and I’d like YOU to attend.

As usual, I’ll have plenty of refreshments for you and –

What’s that?  You want discounts?  Somebody wants 7%?  No, I think the minimum you’ll WIN is 10%.  That’s right, I’m going to make you draw for a discount.  You KNOW I always make you work for it!   You’ll win

          10% off, 15% off or even 20% off

and your discount will be STOREWIDE!  (Prior orders, special orders, finishing and classes excluded as usual.)  For our  internet friends, you’ll receive 10% off OR free shipping, your choice.  (If you’re not sure which is better, we’ll let you know upon weighing your order.)  You’ll also receive a free thread keeper bag with your order!

Everybody who makes a purchase ON SATURDAY will be entered to win a


$70.00 gift certificate to Homestead Needle Arts


including all internet orders placed ANYTIME on February 19, 2011.  Winner will be notified on Tuesday, February 22. 


SATURDAY ONLY, we’ll even have merchandise marked 70% off!


Need something now?  Just come in or place your order online and mention that you’d like your Lucky 7 discount and you’ll receive 10% off all this week, Tuesday through Friday.  On Saturday, you might win a bigger discount!

Thank you for another successful year in business.  I’m happy to celebrate another year with you!




Dear Stitchers,

Here come the best holidays of the year!  As you know I LOVE to spend time with family and friends.  I LOVE to do inventory and to visit Market too.  For these reasons, Homestead Needle Arts will be closed the following days.  Remember, we're always closed Sundays and Mondays.

Friday, December 24, Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 25, Christmas Day

Friday, December 31, New Year's Eve

Saturday, January 1, New Year's Day THROUGH January 10, 2011 for Market in Long Beach, CA.

That's right, this year's Market is unusually early so I'm NOT closing between Christmas and New Year's but I AM closing to fly out to Market and back. 

If you want me to find a special canvas or needlework tool for you, please call or email me immediately and I'll look at Market in January. 

Remember, I DO have Gift Certificates for your stitching friends that they can use on our website.  I'm still here until December 23rd so don't be afraid to come in or order anything you need before Christmas. 

Thank you again for all of your business this past year.  It's always fun to work with you and see what treasures you've stitched.  May you and your families have a warm and happy holiday!  And may we all have a blessed and prosperous New Year! 


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040

shop now at:  http:\\

email me at:






November 9, 2010


Hello again stitchers!

I received a phenomenal response on the Oh My Stars stitch in idea.  Lots of you are intrigued enough to stitch it on your own which is a great idea also since so many of you are too far to come to our monthly meetings.   You can still sign up and if you do not wish to come, of course you can still purchase the chart and any supplies you might want.

Some of you have expressed an interest in changing to a brighter color palette.  Thanks to Barbi S. of Arizona, you can!  Barbi changed the Weeks Dye Works to what she calls “tropical” colors for the stars and then changed the border flosses to coordinate.  She was kind enough to share them with me and I will send the list to those participants that want to change colors.  At this time, I’m attaching her picture with her permission.  Barbi used the same neutral colors in the background so you don’t need to change those out.   Please remember that computer monitors and photographs can show colors differently than we see them in real life! 

                       oh my stars tropical

For those of you wanting to change your colors, please let me know.  I plan on ordering the flosses that Barbi used from the wholesaler ONE time during the first week of December so you WILL need to order from me by the end of November.  If you miss the deadline you can place your order directly with the wholesaler. 

We will start our stitch-ins on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.  Please do note that this is not the first Saturday of the month simply because that Saturday is January 1st and to many of you may be recovering from the night before!  Remember, this is a stitch-in and NOT a class.  We will be enjoying the stitching process together and helping each other.  There will NOT be teacher, which is why there is not a fee.  However, you are asked to purchase your chart and canvas at Homestead Needle Arts.  Your threads can be from your stash, shared with your stitching buddies or of course, purchased from us.

Please note – if you wish to order anything, please call or email me with your name and phone number.  I will then call you for your information. 

I’m sure looking forward to these stitch-ins.  I looked through my entire floss stash and only had about 12 of the required flosses.  Can you believe it? 


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040

Shop now at:

Email me at:


November 3, 2010

Dear Stitchers,


The beautiful Brenda Stofft Trunk Show is here.  I booked this show at the request of several customers and I sure am glad I did.  Take a look at these pictures! 

sample 1

Here's a multiple piece bear and a cone-shaped Santa.  What a great finishing idea!  Way, way in the background of this, you can see rabbits on the wall.  If you're lucky you can even see the Asian style rabbit that Jane of Chilly Hollow stitched - hint - it has a light blue background!  But I think that this bear is ULTRA adorable.  And there's LOTS of room on Santa for some fun stitches. 

Witch samples

These are adorable too.  Even better are the witches and cats you haven't seen yet plastering the walls.  There are cats in a Halloween parade, cats pulling pumpkin carts, cats dressed up, cats flying with and without much more!

Easter samples

Adorable Easter samples.  We have enough chicks, rabbits and lambs to suit everybody!  Don't miss out on the best selection by coming late.  These are two-sided pieces and you can have them made into pull toys as shown.  Don't worry - there are LOTS of one sided pieces.  :-)

Just a few more pictures to tease you...

seasonal rabbits



All of these canvases have lots of fun details to stitch.  If you love Christmas, Halloween or rabbits, then DON’T MISS this trunk show.  Please visit or order by Saturday, November 20th because  I MUST ship this back the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  That gives you a mere 3 weeks starting NOW to see this.  We’re giving special pricing AND punching your key tags just so that you can own one of these hand painted beauties.  I have my eye on several already but don’t worry!  I’ll let you have first pick.  You can also see these on Brenda’s website at

This is the last Trunk Show I’m hosting this year.  If you want to point your loved ones here for a Christmas gift, we will be happy to do a layaway program for these canvases.  Of course we also have gift certificates but wouldn’t it be fun to unwrap a special Santa canvas and come in during the new year to choose threads?

If you’re into Thanksgiving – and who doesn’t love family time, turkey and pumpkin pie? – I’ve got some adorable canvases that you might want to take a look at.  Turkeys, leaves, and houses show us the best of giving thanks for our blessings.    I hope you’ve all made your Thanksgiving plans – I’ve certainly made mine and I’m looking forward to it!   Homestead Needle Arts will be closed from Wednesday, November 20 through Monday, November 29 and re-open on Tuesday, November 30.  

See you soon for the Trunk Show!



October 28, 2010

Late last year, a chart came out called Oh My Stars! by Needle Delights.  Ever since, I’ve been itching to stitch it and so have a few other people that I know of.  We thought it would be fun to have stitch-ins and encourage each other to work on this piece made up of a bazillion tiny squares.   

Oh My Stars

Here’s the key info:  when completed it measures 13 x 13 on 18 ct. canvas.  It requires an 18” square piece of white canvas.  The chart is 35 pages long.  The main part is made up of squares and rectangles that are 18 x 24 and 24 x 24 threads.  Sound intriguing?  I’m starting a First Saturday of the Month Stitch-In for OH MY STARS only. 

To join in the stitch-in you must purchase (or have purchased) your chart and canvas here at Homestead Needle Arts.  The chart is $38.50 and the canvas is $16.20.  The piece requires (23) DMC floss, (59) Anchor floss and (9) Weeks Dye Works.  These might be found in your stash, or shared with other stitchers you’ll find here at the stitch-in.  If you do not have the required threads I would appreciate you purchasing them here but it is not a requirement.  If you want a complete thread kit we have them available for $77.20.  If you want to change the colors, no problem!  One of our stitchers is already planning her changes because she wants it brighter.  Don't be shy!  Make it your own!

Plans are to start in December although because of the holidays we may start in 2011.  The first Saturday in January is January 1st, so right away, this would get moved by a week to January 8th!

If you’re interested or just want to purchase the chart and canvas and drop in occasionally to stitch with us, please let me know so that I can order the chart for you now.  I have one here for you to review of course. 

There will not be a charge to participate in the stitch-in but remember, this stitch-in is for Oh My Stars only.

Let me know if you’re interested via email or a phone call.  I’m really looking forward to stitching this piece with you!  For those of you who have stitched it, you can cheer us on! 


October 13, 2010

What's New?  It's a question most of you love to ask when you come in and I love to show you what's new in the world of needlepoint! 

DC Designs Trunk Show - October

Right now we have DC Designs Trunk Show in the shop and on the wall for you!   These designs are fresh and fun to stitch.  These canvases have lots of great areas and colors to compliment your stitches.  See if there's something here that you like. I know some of you can't drive the three gazillion miles to see it so here's the pictures of this Trunk Show.

Wall shot 1

That Halloween House in the lower right hand corner is adorable because it has lollipops on the two sides and skull and crossbones in all four corners! The colors on my monitor are off so they might be too bright on your computer too!  Don't be scared by the lower circles, they aren't THAT bright.  What about those ornaments!  Wow!  These all measure 8 x 8 and are only $50.50.  You'll get your keytag punched too!  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Just ask me about our Loyal Canvas Customer Club.  

wall 2

Up top that first ornament says Joy.  The next two are eyeglass cases, then a cardinal and a reindeer.  I think you can see most of the second row except for the last two - that's a white rabbit (probably Margaret J. of CA will grab that one) and a dove.  This picture is NOT doing justice to the tree on the bottom either.  It's metallic gold with green swirls on a bright blue background.  These squares are 5 x 5 for only $32.25.  The eyeglass cases (rectangles) are only $30!  The ornaments (rounds) are only $27.50! 

wall 3

Some more rounds and that one in the pink is indeed a sheep.  And look!  You even get a shot of some of the new magnets!  Those are just so hard to show online. 

wall 5    wall 6

This is the last of it, with more rounds and eyeglass cases - or pillow inserts if you prefer.  Or have it made into a stitching tool case with zipper!  My finishers can do that for you!  That one on the left is called Three Little Pigs.  It's a sheep, a pig and a cow with an eating disorder.  The one above it is called Nutty Christmas and features a crazy squirrel.  Choose one or more, and we'll ship them out or hold them for you to visit! 

Here is the promised picture of the Silk and Ivory Stardust.  I've ordered more in all three colors so just advise how many you want! 


Yummy!  See you soon! 



September 30, 2010

Dear Stitchers,


So much to tell you!  Where do I start?


The trees are DEFINITELY turning color here in Michigan.  I love autumn.  The other morning I was pleased by the colors around me…my blue jeans, green sweater and my golden dog walking through the already falling leaves of red, yellow and brown.  These colors always inspire me to take up my needle again and try to recreate autumn on my canvases.  I have pulled out several unfinished autumn pieces and of course hung up all the Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving pieces in the shop.  We have lots of pumpkins, leaves, turkeys and witches to keep you happy. 

wall 1

wall 2

wall 3

wall 4

And if none of these interest you, guess who's coming to town?  This is just a SAMPLING of the many Christmas items we have in stock...

                       Santa wall

One of my stitchers asked about a Thanksgiving turkey she saw in an ad in the July/August issue of Needlepoint Now and I found the designer and added her link.  Her business name is Tapestry Fair so go take a look if you want to do a fun quilted turkey.  It comes in both painted and line drawn with a stitch guide.  Thanks to Jane B. for asking!


BOOKS:  Coming in the door, we have re-stocked The Left-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion.  This came out about a year ago and was such a hit, that author Yvette Stanton decided to publish a book for right-handers – hence The Right-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion.  This is a soft cover book consisting of 160 pages with lots of diagrams in color.  It covers BOTH embroidery and canvas stitches with an emphasis on embroidery.  However, the savvy stitcher knows that stitches are basically the same with the ground fabric being different.  At a reasonable $28.00 you’ll want to add this to your stitching library!


While we’re on books, Ruth Schmuff’s Stitches Vol. I and II have been well received.  There are many stitches in here that I haven’t seen before.  Come on in and browse these two books.  They’d be a great Christmas gift for you from a loving family member!  We can start a wish list for you as we’ve done in the past.   Also, I placed a HUGE order with one of my booksellers and the box just came in.  After this newsletter, I'll go open it, so start watching the "What's New" area to see what treasures I've uncovered in books. 


NEW CHART:  For my chart lovers, From Nancy’s Needle has started a new series called American Life Series and began it with School Days.  This darling piece shows a red school house with our American flag standing watch.  A tiny metal bell is included for the bell tower.  An apple tree in autumnal colors is in the center and a blue house with a quilt banner on the fence stands on the right.  The border is a wonderful Milanese variation giving it a nice quilted look.  We carry many of her charts and will order any of them for you, so just ask.  Her next chart is based on Thanksgiving. 

                                      FNN chart

If you want a Jean Hilton designs, please note that I can and will order any of them for you.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re either unavailable or only available at one source.  ANY of your LOCAL NEEDLEWORK SHOPS can order them for you.  Jean sold her charts to one distributor who is also a shop and all of us are able to obtain them from her.  Please be sure to support your Local Needlework Shop and ask them.  If they don’t know where to order them, please have them contact me and I’ll be happy to give them the information. 


NEW PAINTED CANVAS:  For my painted canvas lovers, I have the full train in stock by A Collection of Designs.  You may remember this from one of the yearly clubs from another shop.  If you’d like all 12 pieces, or just a few, just email or call and ask!  This is an adorable train with Santa in the engine, a coal car, a teddy bear car, Santa’s sleigh, a candy cane tanker, a snowman, reindeer, large present, 2 elves, milk and cookie car, gift car and Mrs. Claus in the caboose.  This would be an exceptional collection under your tree, on your mantel or as a future remembrance of you for a special family member that may not be old enough to appreciate it yet!   

We’ve also received Sharon G’s latest triptych of two dragonflies and a beautiful pink/white calla lily, a new designer who specializes in tiles and fun Christmas ornaments, and a couple of Birmingham school themed ornaments.   Anytime you want to see what I just added on our website hit the “What’s New” button.


TRUNK SHOWS:  October 9-23 DC Designs – whimsical ornaments, perfectly sized pillow pieces and fun designs, you’ll love Derek’s fresh style.  He’s the son of Amanda Lawford and his pieces have lots of nice open areas for your stitches to show!  We’ve had some here before and they’ve flown off the walls so be prepared.  The pricing is great!


November 2010 -  Brenda Stofft – You asked and we answered YES!  Here comes Brenda’s artistic pieces.  You’ll want to be ready for this show – be sure to tell your family to buy your Christmas gift during November!  Start browsing now here by visiting   Brenda just posted her latest 3-D Santa piece on her Facebook page and he’s a keeper! 


Peeking ahead to 2011, we’ll be hosting a Lee Needle Arts show so keep that in mind as you plan your stitching for 2011!


PAINTED CANVAS CLUB:  I’m working on next year’s monthly club pieces.  I haven’t announced anything yet because I wanted to have them finished into something spectacular before I showed them and started planning sign-ups.  If you have ideas about what kind of monthly club you’d like to see Homestead Needle Arts host, I’D BE THRILLED TO HEAR IT!  Do you want a monthly nativity?  More ornaments by a certain designer?  Charted pieces?  Shaped ornaments (i.e. stars?)  Stand-ups?  One piece that you work on monthly? I try to come up with ideas for clubs that I think you’ll like but I don’t know ALL of you personally (can you believe it?)  If you’re NOT a monthly club person why is that?  Do you want something small?  Do you hate commitments?  Let me hear your feedback at  I love to hear from you and all comments are taken seriously. 


SALE:  Don’t forget our Gentle Arts Sampler Threads are still 25% off.  I WILL still be carrying favorite colors and yes, I WILL still order them for you.  I’m trying to bring in yet another line of threads for your stitching pleasure and I need the additional rack space.  So help me clear some space AND enhance your stash. 


NEW SILK COLORS:  Vineyard Silks and Baroque Silks both sent me new colors this week and I posted them to my website.  Vineyard Silks has the following new colors:  211 Coral Pink, 212 True Pink, 213 Azalea, 214 Naples Blue, 215 Hush, 216 Sea Fog, 217 Dusk, and 218 Shadow.  Beautiful colors, all of them.   Baroque Silk has the following:  1188 Gravity ( a really dark purple), 1292 Dreamland, 1294 Mermaid, 1296 Artesian, 1052 Sunset, 1058 Campfire, 1332 Malt, and 1354 Old Gold.  See these new colors on our website!


NEW MAGAZINE:  Next, De Selby has started a new large newspaper style magazine called Spool.  It retails for only $4.95 and is aimed towards the younger market interested in getting into needle arts.  The articles include counted thread, needlepoint, knitting and crochet.  Don’t turn away because I said younger market!  I was so pleased by many things I read in there thatI think you’ll like it too. 

                                         spool mag


For example, there’s an article in how to paint your own canvas with a shoe canvas and the full instructions telling you EXACTLY how to get started.  I’ve had many questions on this over the years and actually we’ve had a class here on this same thing.  Why am I telling you this?  For one, I think everybody should take a shot at painting a canvas.  I have and I certainly do NOT excel at it.  However, you know when you just don’t like that one little thing on your canvas and wish you could paint it out…or paint it a little differently…or change the color…this WILL help you determine how the painters do what they do!  My class gave me a greater appreciation for the artists that paint our canvases.

There are other GREAT articles in this new magazine so be sure to come in and pick up your copy OR ask us to send you one.   

DEADLINE:  Our Christmas deadline of October 1 is TOMORROW - BUT we will still send your Christmas stitching out for finishing.  So far both my two of my finishers have said they will continue to be able to finish in time for Christmas so GET THOSE PIECES IN!!!  This does NOT include those who want machine embroidery on the back (that's a different finisher). 

I think that’s all for now.  I hope to see your smiling face now that Autumn has truly arrived or catch up on my emails from you!  Stitch on!



Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Shop now at:

Email me at:



September 9, 2010

Here's the Earth and Sky Trunk Show with FINISHED ITEMS! 

Wall 1

Adorable hearts at the bottom, great southwest, teapots, sunflowers, florals, landscapes...I LOVE those dark birds flying through the birch trees.

wall 2   A side shot so you can see the small kimonos and some more of the florals.  You can see better detail at her website,

Two picturesHere's two of the pictures in mats.  Great!

Whizzits These are called Whizzits and are stitched faces surround by beads.  The kit contains the fabric and instructions for finishing.  They're all cute but I think the pumpkin and witch are really great.

Framed picture Here are four pictures framed as one and a checkerboard bird done as a small pillow.  The other three items are needlecases and the colors are beautiful. 

Stand upThis is called Crow Goddess.  She comes with our "favorite thing" - a stitch guide!  She's done here as a large standup. 

That's it for this month's trunk show.  If you want any of these canvases or see something online, just call or email me. 



September, 2010

Christmas trees

A quick pic of some of this year's Trees of the Month back from the finisher - that wonderful patriotic one was stitched by Suzanne B.  The little frog frame weight is mine and doesn't really belong but was on the same shelf!




August 20, 2010

Hello again from Vacation Land!

More pictures in case you want to see them!  More animals of course.  Just be happy I'm not posting EVERYTHING I took pictures of...

construction in Yellowstone Hey, even the construction looks better when you're on vacation!  :-)

elk Elk...with velvet on his antlers.

black bear Black bear having breakfast at Yellowstone National Park.  Gee, how do you think I knew it was breakfast?  You've got to get up PRETTY EARLY to see a bear!

waterfall Great waterfall!  But those braids?  Yikes!

bald eagle  I was watching this darling eagle across the river when he (she?) decided to fly closer to ME!  What a thrill.  Of course with the wonder of digital cameras and the computer I was able to make it as big as it was in my binoculars!

fishing  Who could this be?  :-)

That's it!  I think we have to think about driving back now.  We're still trying to decide what route to drive home.  I guess we might be seeing a LOT of cornfields unless we do something CRAZY and pick a new route.  See you soon!


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

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August 14, 2010

Dear Stitchers,


Following are a few of the many pictures I’ve taken so far on vacation.  Here’s an idea of what I’ve seen…very little of it has to do with stitching!


Check out the size of the Jackalopes in South Dakota!  Oh come ON!  You have to be a little bit foolish on vacation!

Custer State Park

Custer State Park – this is in South Dakota and the views were beautiful. 

prairie dog

My new BFF (best friend forever).  I want to breed Prairie Dogs at home (they are dogs, right?) but Mike seems to be worried about the lawn.  :-)


Close enough for me thanks!  I have already seen so many bison (buffalo) that I can’t believe it.  This crowd decided to cross the road RIGHT behind our car.  Incredible! 

Mount Rushmore

Okay, so, their hair looks better than mine, what can I say?


This tunnel is called “The Needle’s Eye” and only one at a time please!  We drove the Needle Highway and it’s called that for a reason!  The rocks are all pointy and look like needles.  There were several tunnels that you had to manuveur through.     


Burro and her baby – just adorable and MUCH further away than this picture looks.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!


Hope you enjoyed this little window into my vacation!  I have lots more but don't want to bore you. 

Don't forget, we'll be open next Saturday for your convenience!  Janet would love to see you, so be sure to stop by and stock up on your needlepoint needs.  I'll just keep goofing off until we meet again!



Homestead Needle Arts LLC

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Hello Stitchers!


Hold onto your hats, here comes the first wave from Market!  I hope you like pictures.  Let’s start with the books...

Book Reviews:

Colorful Stitches for Over-dye Threads by June McKnight – spiral bound, 141 pages, $38.  This is one of June’s little books that are so convenient to have nearby.  She explains the multiple terms used in describing threads and dyed threads, types of dyeing techniques, how certain threads take to dyes, and hints on manipulating color in overdyed threads.  She then gives you just under 100 pages showing on one side a stitched worked in an overdyed thread and the graphed version of that stitch on the facing page.  This can give the stitcher an idea of what their thread will look like in that stitch.  You might also fall in love with some of the colors shown and luckily, she names them for you.  You’ll enjoy this new tiny treasure from June.

                                    Colorful Stitches book

Potpourri of Pattern Encore, A Collection of Previously Unpublished Patterns for Canvas and Counted Thread Use by Ann Strite-Kurz – comb bound, 130 pages, $42.50.   This book is intended to supplement material provided in Ann’s earlier books and most patterns presented are composite arrangements with two or more steps.  Ann fans will understand that most of her stitch patterns are open but some are denser and using heavier threads will change your outcome even more.  She gives an introduction and reviews techniques used, then includes 22 color pages of patterns and the front and back covers.  In the rest of the chapters she explains the background patterns, border patterns, laid filings, composite patterns, diaper patterns and finally has an exercise in color comparisons.  This book is akin to taking a class with Ann!

Potpourri book


Stumpwork Medieval Flora by Jane Nicholas – hard cover, 286 pages, $32.95.  Here’s the latest from Jane!  She has had a long fascination with illuminated manuscripts from the medieval era (some pictures included of those) and was inspired to work eight flowers in stumpwork embroidery.  Five are worked as botanical specimens with their Latin names below them and three as illuminated panels – all eight are of course, beautiful.  This book takes you through each piece and teaches you how to reproduce them for yourself.  The flowers and bugs included are Corncockle and Dragonfly, Herb Robert and Caterpillar, Star of Bethlehem and Grasshopper, Tansy and Damselfly, Venus’ Looking Glass and Bumblebee, the panels include Bittersweet and Butterfly (you can do this one for me!), Snowdrop and Cranefly, and Wild Pea and Longhorn Moth.  Of course this book is beautiful! 

Stumpwork book


Rainbow Gallery  - New Thread Colors!


Silk Lame’ Braid for 13 ct now comes in the following fifteen colors (already available in Silk Lame’ for 18 ct.) Dark Antique Blue, Lite Lavender, Lagoon, Pumpkin, Dark Chocolate, Emerald, Black Sparkle, Pale Avocado, Lite Peach, Lite Chartreuse, Pale Lavender, Pale Pink, Wild Rose, Peacock Blue.


Silk Lame’ Braid for 18 ct. now available in TEN new colors!: SL78 Cherry, SL79 Dark Cherry, SL80 Pink Carnation, SL81 Platinum, SL82 Lite China Blue, SL83 Dark Turquoise, SL84 Dark Orchid, SL85 Tangerine, SL86 Deep Forest Green,SL87 Bark

                                      silk lame

Wisper has FOURTEEN new colors!  W107 Antique White,W108 Flamingo Pink, W109 Mink, W110 Elephant Gray, W111 Honey Blond,W112 Taupe Heather,W113 Palomino, W114 Camel, W115 Pumpkin, W116 Fox Red, W117 Root Beer, W118 Dark Chocolate, W119 Espresso, W120 Chinchilla.  You’ll probably need one of each of these for your stash because who doesn’t need to stitch animals?


Fuzzy Stuff has FOUR news colors – FZ38 Blond, FZ39 Cinnamon, FZ40 Dark Emerald, and FZ41 Dark Pearl Gray.  Yummy!

                            fuzzy stuff

Sparkle Rays has TWO new colors in PLENTY of time to get your Halloween done – SR77 Pumpkin and SR78 Dark Pumpkin.

                                   Sparkle Rays

Soft Sheen Fyre Works has TWO new colors FT63 Vintage Silver and FT 64 Dark Aqua. 


Coronet Braid has two new golds that we’ll be happy to order if you need them 39B True Gold, Size 4 and 79B True Gold Size 8.


Petite Very Velvet and Very Velvet has SEVEN new colors EACH!  Of course we know they look the same but their width is different.  We always carry Petite Very Velvet because so many of you stitch on 18 ct. but we’re happy to order Very Velvet for you – just ask!  The new colors are V676 – Charcoal, V677 Dark Fuchsia, V678 Turquoise, V679 Brite Orange, V680 Bubble Gum, V681 Sky Blue and V682 Scarlet.


Handy Blue Magnets are back in stock.  Smoother, stronger and still just as reasonable, you get two sets in a package for just $7.75.


Vineyard Silk – TWELVE New Thread Colors -  Pale Ale, Simply Simmered, Paradise Pale, Blue Lace, North Sea Green, Mallard Green, Nautical, Seaport, Sapphire, Wellesley Whistle, Gentlemen’s Grey and Polo Blue.

                                  vineyard silk

Brown Paper Packages -  FOUR new colors of Silk and Ivory all in beautiful pale colors – 221 Petal, 222 Glacier, 223 Posie, and 224 Pearl.  We don’t carry the FULL line but we will always order any color you want.  Did you know that you can order this in half hanks and full hanks?  We carry skeins which are 28.8 yards.  Full hanks are 600 yards – sometimes a hank or half hank is a better value when you’re doing a large piece.  Just ask for a price and save!

silk and ivory


Kreinik now has Tree Jewels – a Christmas ornament kit.  They come in 3 different styles and 3 colorways.  The three styles are Star, Florentine and Candy Stripe and the colorways are Urban, Vintage and Classic.  The kits include full instructions INCLUDING finishing (you can also see photos on their website), canvas, threads and needle – even the Styrofoam ball is included.  Call or email to order them now.  Kreinik suggests saving the circular box to store the ornament in.  Only $44.00 these were designed by Anna Marie-Winter.

ornament    orn 2   orn 3


While at market (and afterwards) I sometimes find that my own website could use an update (imagine that!)  I found several vendors that I needed to include on my Designer page.  The first is my Needlework Group!  I belong to TNNA (the National NeedleArts Association) and through that, I belong to the very active Needlework Group.  Our aim is to educate the public regarding needlepoint.  For that reason, we’ve put up a website under  I’ve put a link to it on my Designer page at the very top.  Here you can see all kinds of things that I see at market including actual designers (gasp), pictures of their finished items, new canvases, other people’s finished items and current articles on designers and shops.  Have a look!  Also, I have more designers to add to my page so you’ll want to look for the ones that say “New Link” in RED text that will designate that they’re new to the website.  Enjoy browsing!


I have to start processing the NEW painted canvases that are coming in now so start watching the website under “What’s New” in the next couple days…and stitch on!



Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, Michigan

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040




Items I have or saw at the June 2010 Market

Party Animals!

Miss Kitty's Birthday Party  Here's my favorite - see all the Party Animals at the shop or email me for the link.  Buy Miss Kitty and receive a free stitch guide by John Waddell. 

Here's a beautiful floral I can order for you...just call or email for prices on any of these pieces.  roses

I ordered these wonderful stockings - look for a class on them in the future...

crazy quilt stocking      crazy quilt stocking 2 

There are TWELVE of these cuties.  Each penguin has a different scarf and is holding a different item.  You can do one for every month of the year!

penguin 1    penguin 3  penguin 2

And here's a new NOEL piece you might want me to order. 





May 7, 2010

Here are a few pictures of the Raymond Crawford trunk show NOW IN THE SHOP!  I hope you find something engaging...I especially like the Mr. and Mrs. in the lower left corner.

wedding canvas

I hope you enJOY the Christimas pieces...

christmas canvas

and are not afraid of the boo-tiful Halloween canvases...

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

including these cupcakes and pointy witch's hats.

Halloween 3

If you need something smaller to stitch on your summer vacations, we have just the ticket - lots of 5" squares.


Time to go out and garden?  Or if it's raining, maybe you could work on these...


And then have a little drink before dinner...

drink canvases

Here's hoping these pictures have set your heart "a-flutter". 


Oh p.s., there's a lot more that I didn't include in the pictures - stocking toppers, ornaments, fall themes, mini socks, more butterflies, baby announcements...we're just CRAZY with canvas here!  


Homestead Needle Arts LLC


April 29, 2010


Dear Needlepointing Friends,

I bet you thought I was ignoring you!  Not so.  Over the past long weekend, I have flown to Dallas (in 3 planes) bought over 150 canvases and kits (and ordered some too) and flown back – also in 3 planes.  Yes, I had a good time seeing all the new canvases.   Yes, I bought too much as I spent half of my June budget.  YES, IT WAS CASH AND CARRY!!!  What does that mean to you?

It’s here.  Here IN THE SHOP.  Now.  First come, first served, as the saying goes.  Some of these canvases WON’T be seen by other shops until June.  That’s right!  Those attending Dallas market get a jump on NEW.  A little preview of those canvases includes two of the Floozies by Leigh Designs – don’t want the two I bought?  I can order any of them for you RIGHT NOW and get them because I attended Dallas.  How about the Party Animals?  Those were the rage in Dallas AND I took the Miss Kitty’s Birthday Party class so YOU can have a stitch guide too.  But only here at Homestead Needle Arts! 

I’ve got NEW DARLING dog and cat frame weights to be stitched, NEW box and heart polka dotted pieces, a mermaid AND her laundry, FIVE full size Christmas stockings, one of them hot off the painter’s brush, the LATEST Kelly Clark Christmas Basket – so new, the embellishments weren’t even ready, NEW penguins, a NEW designer from Louisiana with crosses, voodoo and geometrics, the MOST beautiful rabbit’s nest with strawberry border, a beautiful Halloween House, a NEW Halloween tree, and of course, ornaments and mini socks along with Stitch and Zips and Canoodle kits.   I also have Dinky Dyes silk perle #5, the full line -  for those of you that wanted another twisted thread option.   A picture is worth a thousand words though, right?  Here are the large canvases that  I put on the wall.  The smaller ones are in a bin and just waiting for you to look through them…

wall one

The floozies have the lavender background and check out those party girls above and the mermaid below.  You can almost see the bunnies to the right and the dog frame weight at the very bottom...

wall two

The sun over those hills and flowers is stunning.  Here's a couple of Sharon G's that have been so popular.  There are those polka dot lovelies I told you about.  How about those dogs?  Oops, looks like I cut off the cat frame weight!  In between these there are florals including a Mindy...

wall 3

Here's a great new Christmas stocking, some favorite Halloweens and two new ones. 

wall 4

More new stockings, some classics and some baby samplers.  I just can't get enough of these dogs either!  That bottom one is another box, this one with animals and a treetop.

party animals

And here are the new PARTY ANIMALS.  There's six but more are coming.  Get them now!

Coming on May 8th  is the RAYMOND CRAWFORD TRUNK SHOW!  Our May 19th class is full BUT you can be on the list for the next class.  Due to popularity, the cost should be less than the anticipated $140.  So call and get on the list as I’m thinking $125 will be more in line with the teaching fee as long as that class fills too.  rc class

Also, if you're interested in "Kelly's Club" which is the Patterned Pears that you've seen in "Needlepoint Now", contact me to be in the Club.  I only need three people to be a participating retailer!  You'll receive the 12 pear canvases and stitch guides, threads and accessories.  I saw these pears in real life at the Dallas market and they are truly beautiful.  They would make beautiful ornaments for your tree or have a themed tree with pears only!  Call me to sign up and I'll get you pricing information.   Here are 3 of the 12 pears. 

pear 1  pear 2  pear 3

Keep stitching!


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040


email:  shop@homesteadNeedle


April 21, 2010

Dear Stitchers,


You’ll never GUESS WHAT EXCITEMENT I have coming for you in May!

It’s Raymond Crawford’s Trunk Show…and it’s scheduled to arrive here May 8th!

Raymond has been featured recently in Needlepoint Now.  Perhaps you saw his Noel on the 2009 Christmas issue?  He has LOTS of really cute stuff out now and you can visit his website through our Designer Links page and take a look.  He loves Christmas, Halloween, cupcakes and more! 

During the Raymond Crawford Trunk Show, we’re going to feature his Sage Wreath right here in a special CLASS!  That’s right!  On Wednesday, May 19, our own talented Marion Gillies will teach Raymond’s sage wreath and boy is IT a beauty!  This will be an all day class from 10:00 to 4:00 with a break for lunch.   Here’s a picture of what you can expect…

sage wreath

You’ll learn lots of fun things including but not limited to spider stitches, Rhodes stitches, laying and couching threads, Byzantine stitch, long-armed cross stitch and MY FAVORITE “pile o’beads.  Okay, that’s not really the name, but that’s what it looks like.   

Your kit includes Baroque Silks, Petite Frosty Rays, Petite Sparkle Rays, Petite Treasure Braid, Kreinik braids including one of the new holographic colors, Neon Rays and Neon Rays Plus, floss and beads. 

All you need to provide are stretcher bars (two sets of 10”), your regular stitching tools and YOU!  You can bring light and magnification if you want.  I also find it helpful to bring my Stitches to Go book when I take a class in case I forget a particular stitch. 

At this time, we only have SIX canvases held aside for us so you MUST SIGN UP AND PAY TO HOLD YOUR PLACE as soon as possible.  You’re being offered this class at the very special price of $98.00.  Sign up immediately because the next time we offer this class, the fee will be $140. 

Just call or come in to place your deposit.  I hope you join us and have fun learning to embellish this beautiful wreath.   You’ll also have time to browse the Trunk Show although you may want to come in earlier than May 19th to make sure you don’t miss anything!

See you soon,


Homestead Needle Arts, LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040


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March 30, 2010 - pretend it's April!

Happy Spring!  April brings us the Princess and Me Trunk Show and it's already here!  Yay!  You better RUSH IN NOW and check them out because it got here early and the early birds are certainly getting the worm - or in this case the cute canvases.  There's LOTS of them in this trunk show.  Check out the stitched samples they sent with the trunk show.  They sent one of ALL their current items except for 3 so I think you can find a few you'll love.

ornament 1

Here are some sports, baby, Halloween and mini ornaments.

ornament 2

Got a thing for snowmen?  I know some of you do!  There's also some wise men here and check out those rabbits!  I'm not going to tell you my favorite here because you'll dash in and buy it!  But I WILL tell you that those snowmen on the toboggan are cuter in person!

ornament 3

You might think ornaments are for Christmas!  Here are some Santas!  check out Santa on the Harley, Santa as the princess with a pea under the mattress - and how about that Christmas pig?  He'd be fun to stitch.

ornament 4

More Santas, an angel, a moose, a giraffe, polar bear, penguin, angelic kitty, and for some reason, we all like that crocodile...


Nativity scene.  What?  You didn't know there was a ghost at the Nativity?  Well there is at this one! 

There's a LOT more on their website, just click here to be taken to it Princess and Me.  Call or email us for your SPECIAL TRUNK SHOW pricing and don't forget, we'll punch your Loyal Canvas Customer Keytag.  Just ask about purchasing one if you're not already a Keytag Club Member. 

GREAT NEWS!  Lee Needle Arts is now online.  Check it out under my designer listing at www.homesteadNeedle  Go to the Designer Links page and then scroll down to Lee Needle Arts.  Enjoy!

See you soon and Happy Easter!



March 11, 2010


Welcome to March 2010!


I have a new designer for you that’s going to look very familiar – they’re calling themselves Nilly, Willy and Silly.  Please welcome their Trunk Show to Homestead Needle Arts – it’s in the shop right now!  They have darling Halloween pumpkins, lots of stylized roses, hearts and flowers and some fun Santas.  Take a good look at the pictures I’ve posted here and see if you can’t find something that calls out to you.  They sent lots of finished items for us to display and they have a little something called Silly Snaps.  These are great large multilayered flowers made of fabrics and a button on a huge snap.  Just sew the snap on to anything and snap on the flower and voila!  A whole new look to your favorite piece!  There are more of these fun and funky canvases and I have new catalog pages if you’re interested. 


Finished pieces and two Santas.

sample 2

More finished samples and silly snaps.  One is used on the long heart in the top picture.

wall 1 canvas

Check out those pumpkins!

wall 1 canvas 2

I really like those paisleys with roses up top!

wall 2 canvas

That bee on the top is too funny but I love the roses in the bottom row.

wall 2 canvas 2

The leaf canvas on the top right is really neat made up and that vase with the big rose would be great fun to stitch.  Who am I kidding?  These would all be fun to stitch!

By the way, I have special pricing on this trunk show AND you still get your keytag punched to welcome this "new" designer to Homestead Needle Arts!

Here are the 14 of the 16 new Kreinik holographic colors.  I ordered one of each to see them all and although I can’t say I’m wild about the darker colors, they will come in handy on some canvases.  The orange, green, gold and silver are really great colors and make me want to stitch in the sun! 

kreinik holo colors


I also got some new magnet/eyeglass holders in last week.  These can be worn on your shirt to hang your glasses on so you don’t have to wear them on your head or around your neck.  It attaches to your shirt with the super strong earth magnets we’ve all grown to love.    If you don’t want to wear your glasses on your shirt, that’s okay!  Just use it as a needle holder like I do!  You can also tie a ribbon to your scissors and attach them to the loop and rest them on the magnet.  I just thought this was fantastic since it had more than one use.  Right now, there's a ladybug, a stitcher (hand, embroidery hoop, scissors), an angel, two nurse's caps, a kitten in a basket, a cameo, two more angels, two martinis, a heart and a teapot.  If you see any magnets you like let me know.  These are hard to photograph because they're small.  The ones on the left are beaded. 


MORE GREAT NEWS!  Lee Needle Arts seemingly overnight has a website!  It's www.newleesNeedle  I just found it last night.  I haven't browsed it too far but it did seem very user friendly.  Of course I'll add it to my designer page and only ask that you keep Homestead Needle Arts in mind when placing your orders for canvas and leather products. 

Thanks again for your support and remember, just email or call for prices on the Nilly Willy Silly Trunk Show only here for March! 



February 26, 2010 - Part 2  - What's New?

Stitchers!  Good news, new products!

I ordered two of the four new colors of Congress cloth.  I’ve put pictures of the new colors here but it’s best to tell you in a language we all understand what color they really are in case our screens lie to us!  These new colors are called Country Blue, Khaki, Powder Spice and Vintage.  Now get out your DMC floss.  I’d call them 3839, 371, 3778 and 902.  That’s as close as I could match them.  I sure wouldn’t call them the names THEY chose but hey!  I’m not in the naming business am I?  Anyway, I have the blue and khaki in stock but will be happy to order the others for you if you want at least one-half of a yard.  I wish I could stock them all but honestly I’ve run out of canvas space in the cupboard!  Mike would build me another if I had room for it.  No, hanging it from the ceiling is NOT an option for those of you who have suggested this.



powder spice


Next up, Bello Lusso the 100% Merino Wool has 12 beautiful new colors in.  The order I have them in here are pinks 269, 145, blues 234, 229, purples 288, 287, 105, 809 and greens 732, 253, 651 and 650.  I’ve ordered 12 of each color so if you want one or more of each new color, just go to our website and order ‘em up!

bella lusso new colors


ThreadworX has new colors that came in too…they are

10401, 10061, 10362, 10340, 11213, 10721, 10242, 11583, 11383, 10131, 10091, 10581

What’s neat about these numbers is that you can go to number 1040 and number 10401 is related colorwise to it.  10362 would be in line after 1036 and 10361.  Make sense?  It’s a nightmare when you have to change the racks of course!  But it looks great hanging together!

threadworx new colors


Next, Gloriana came out with four more beautiful silks!  Colors are 189, 197, 205 and 206 and are right here for your viewing pleasure! 

new gloriana colors

Remember on ANY of these threads always buy enough for your project so you have the same dye lot.  I can not stress this enough.  Many of us start a project and put it away for months (or years!) and then run out of a thread only to find that we need more and the new dye lot is nothing like what we have.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Sudberry has new mini boxes out in four colors – red, whitewash, mahogany and black.  These darling boxes would make a great gift for anybody and I’m SURE you have a chart or a canvas in your stash that would be perfect.  The design area is 1-3/4” square.  Think of an initial of your good friend!  What about a miniature masterpiece on Congress cloth or one of the silk gauze miniature count fabrics?  We have 40 ct. in stock but can order tinier ones if you like.  Just $21.50 for these adorable mini boxes. 

mini boxes

Hope that’s enough to keep you going for a while.  I have to get back to looking at these new village painted canvases I just got in.  Watch for those coming up on my website! 


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

Grand Blanc, MI

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040


blog:  www.homesteadNeedle


February 26, 2010


You know her!  You love her!  Now it’s time to…


This is your chance to tell the world what a great dog our shop greeter is.  Just push this button here, follow the directions and Star will get a vote towards winning the Bissell contest for the week.  VOTING ENDS MIDNIGHT MARCH 4!

vote button

You will have to create a Bissell account and login but you can opt out of receiving newsletters from Bissell.  If Star wins for the week, she’ll receive a $25 Visa card that we’ll use towards buying her toys and treats!  If she wins anything after that, I think we will both faint!  Star and I THANK YOU for your support. 


After you receive this newsletter, I’m going to run a program that removes email addresses that have not had their newsletters received by the recipients in the past 2 weeks.  That means it will KILL any email addresses it deems non-deliverable.  Later today, I will send you another newsletter telling you “WHAT’S NEW IN THE SHOP” this week.  If you don’t get that second newsletter, here is how to add yourself back into the newsletter lineup.


THIS WORKS ANY TIME YOU THINK YOU HAVE FALLEN OFF THE EMAIL LIST.  That means you can do this ANY time!  The system will tell you if you’re on the list or if it added you back in!

Go to our website at www.homesteadNeedle  Pick any page!  At the bottom of every page is a box where you can add your email address.  Add it and hit return.  You will receive a response that either you’re already on the mailing list or that your email address has been added.  Please!  Help me out by doing this yourself.  If your email address changes, simply add your new one.  The software runs a program to delete non-deliverable email addresses itself so you don’t have to worry about telling me your old one has disappeared. 

Thanks SO MUCH for helping me out with this. 


Homestead Needle Arts LLC

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blogging:  www.homesteadNeedle


The Latest - February 4, 2010

While we wait for the Petei Trunk Show which was a little late in shipping, here are some more NEW items in our doors.

First, I don’t think I showed you the pictures of all the new Rainbow Gallery threads…here they are!  Any questions, just email me. 

rg threads

Watercolors – the nineteen new colors are here.  Eighteen of them are here as they’re having a problem with the dyeing on one of them.  They are shown in the following order:

260 Sticks and Stones

261 Karakum

262 Sandalwood  (on back order – not pictured)

263 Salt and Pepper

264 Oyster

265 Quicksilver

266 Smoky Mountains

267 Wisteria

268 Sahara Sunrise

269 Bubblegum

270 Easter Egg

271 Wasabi

272 Mint

273 Blonde

274 Summer Blonde

275 Daffodil

276 Tequila Sunrise

277 Hot Peppers

278 Chianti


If you collect them all, we’d be happy to send them out to you.  Watercolors has had a slight increase in price from $3.65 to $3.85.  They are still 10 yard skeins, and are as beautiful as ever. 

Baroque Silk – I know I’ve told you that I love this silk for its “fat” texture.  It’s a 3 strand silk and you use 2 of them on 18 ct. canvas, and all three on 13/14 ct.  These new colors are BEAUTIFUL together or ask us for a palette for your newest canvas.  Three new colors came out in January and they are:

1048 Visla

1098 Corazon

1238 Just Navy



Need a new pair of snips?  These snips were recommended to us by a happy customer and are by Heritage Cutlery.  Featuring a lanyard so you can wear them, they luckily also have a rubber tip to encase the blades in while you aren’t using them.  Overall length is 5” and these are SHARP so are great for snipping out mistakes or just cutting your threads when stitching. 



Julia’s Needleworks – sent us a special canvas on consignment – here for just a month, the Grand Hotel Box…a great view of the Grand Hotel with the American flag flying on the top cupola, the red geraniums dotting the long front porch, lilac bushes in the foreground, two horse-drawn carriages on the front flower-lined drive all to be topped with a lid of lilacs.  Oh, if I only had more stitching time!  This is a perfect piece to do for a Michigan lover, you included.  The Grand Hotel is certainly one of our treasures.  How many of you remember when Kitty had stitching getaways at the Grand Hotel?  How many of you would like to return there for a getaway?  See if you like this box AND let me know your feelings on a Grand Hotel Autumn Getaway.  Remember the box is only here for a month so don’t delay!

grand hotel canvas

Maggie just advised that she has her new items up on her website and on Ewe and Eye’s website.  Check them out here:

Maggie Co four pages of NEW canvases

Ewe and Eye three pages of NEW canvases

Upcoming Classes

Canvas Embellishment with Kathy Fenchel

Date:  Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

Deadline for sign up and teaching fee deposit:  February 17, 2010. 

Teaching Fee:  $45 for half day, $75 for full day (half day is 10-1 or 2-5)

Materials Fee:  None.  Bring your painted canvas, any threads you wish to use, regular stitching supplies, etc.  You may wish to purchase suggested threads during the class.  You may bring a canvas from your stash or purchase a new one in advance or that day. 


Beginner Sampler Class – Have you been wanting to learn needlepoint and have no knowledge other than what a needle is?  Or have you learned the tent stitch but want to go beyond that?  This Beginner Sampler class is for anybody!  Come and learn the easiest way to thread your needle, start your stitching, learn new stitches and have fun.  Needlepoint IS fun – let me show you!  We run our classes in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure other than you should enjoy what you’re doing.    

Dates:  Thursdays, March 18, April 1, April 22, April 29 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  OR

Fridays 11:00 to noon, March 19, April 9, April 16, April 30

Deadline for Sign up and Deposit:  February 18, 2010

Teaching Fee:  $25.00

Materials Fee:  $50.00 SPECIAL PRICING (items retail at $72)! Includes hand painted canvas, threads, stretcher bars, and needles.  Student should bring embroidery scissors. 



SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  What?  I’ve been here for six years?   Whatever shall we do?  Usually we have a PARTY on the anniversary date which we’ll proclaim to be SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 this year.   As usual I’ll have:



Hourly door prizes for purchasing customers INCLUDING website customers who place orders on 2/13 from 12:01 a.m. to 3:59 p.m. (you may continue to place orders after 4:00 and obtain sale prices but door prizes will be finished by 4:00 p.m.),

All canvases with any hearts on them will be 20% off (not including Trunk Show)

All floral canvases will be 20% off (not including Trunk Show).

All canvases with ANY pink on it will be 15% off (not including Trunk Show).

All red, pink and white threads, beads and embellishments will be 15% off.

Remember Loyal Canvas Customer key tags are NOT punched for sale canvases.  They WILL be punched for all Trunk Show purchases (Petei Designs Trunk Show will be here.)

All pink and red (or with pink or red on it) purses, totes, leather goods etc., will be 15% off.


I hope that sounds like enough FUN for you.  If it doesn’t, please consider that chocolate will be readily available!

If there is an awful snowstorm or other unforeseen event,  I will announce a MAKE-UP DAY for these fun times and sit at home and eat all the refreshments myself until I have to go buy another pair of jeans. 

I hope to see you here celebrating another year with Homestead Needle Arts and thank you for your continued support!





January 23, 2010

Hello Stitchers,

With the New Year, you’ll want to join one of our Thread Clubs…

Thread Color Club…Expand your thread stash and always have the thread you need without an extra trip to the shop.  Each month you’ll receive approximately 8 to 10 new vibrant threads in different types in the same color family.  You’ll be able to sort and store them any way YOU choose.  For example, last year members received Oranges in October, Purples in November and Whites and Creams in December.  Who can’t use these colors?   The cost is always kept under $35 plus shipping AND this month they’re receiving Periwinkle including one of the NEW Silk Lame’ colors of Periwinkle from Rainbow Gallery’s LATEST.  You’ll be excited every time you approach your mailbox! 


You can join our Splendor Club and receive 10 beautiful different Splendor silks every month.  We’ll send you a sheet so you can keep track of them and their wonderful names.  At current prices on silk, that’s just $37.50 a month plus shipping AND in the 12th month, you’ll receive your shipment for FREE plus shipping.  Imagine being able to choose from 360 beautiful SILKS for your projects.  Start collecting today!  Splendor is a wonderful 12 ply silk made by Rainbow Gallery and have 8 yards on cards.  The best value in silk today, you WON’T regret joining this club.  Don’t think you can collect them all?  We just finished our first Splendor Club this past December.  Yes you can!


Watercolors Club – Do you love working with threads that change color?  The Caron Collection’s Watercolors series is for you.  Get six beautiful threads a month at a reasonable cost.  These threads are widely used in many charted designs including Debbee’s Designs, From Nancy’s Needle, Needle Delights Originals, Amybear Designs, etc.  You’ll have nearly 300 to choose from if you collect them all!  Watercolors are only $3.85 each so your monthly cost is only $23.10 plus shipping. 


Want to collect Au Ver a Soie silk?   Join our Au Ver a Soie Club and collect (10) 5 meter skeins every month for $40 plus shipping.   Imagine the shading you can stitch with these skeins.  Au Ver a Soie now has over 400 colors!  In your twelfth month of membership, you’ll receive a $24 credit towards your cost for that month.  Think of all the beautiful ornaments, geometrics, stockings, and family heirlooms YOU can create in silk. 

au ver a soie

And lastly, our newest favorite for non-plying silk…Vineyard Silks!  This exquisite 100% merino silk has become a huge favorite here at Homestead Needle Arts.  You’ll love stitching with it and you’ll love the impact it has on your piece.  Collect all the colors including the Classic, Shimmer (has a touch of metallic) and Tone on Tone.  Our current members are in love with this Club.  Just $42.45 plus shipping per month brings you 5 Classic (solid) colors, two Shimmers and one Tone on Tone.  This line continues to increase but currently there are over 200 Classic colors.  These are the threads being featured in this year’s ANG Mystery Stitch of the Month!  Just let me know if you want to join in the fun!


On all Clubs, price increases will be announced to you if we receive notice of increase of thread prices during the year.  At that time, you decide if you want to continue. 


Okay, that’s enough “clubbing” for now.  I have some picture scans to get on so that you can see what was at Market and place all those orders for the latest, greatest.  Happy stitching!





Hello Stitchers,

The Kathy Schenkel Mini Stocking Trunk Show has arrived.  I took some pictures but really all you can see are the stocking stuffer toys.  You might want to visit her website at to see the actual stockings and then order them on our website using the Special Order and putting your choice in the Comments Section.  Yes, we can order ANYTHING you like from her website, not just the mini stockings.  Just email or call for a price. 

There are Christmas stockings with dogs, cats, amphibians/reptiles, zoo animals, farm animals, toy soldiers, penguins, babies, captains, mermaids, sea animals, dinosaurs, birds and probably more that I've missed.  There are stockings for new babies, most states, Christmas (duh!), woodsy scenes, sea scenes, flamingoes, whales, seals, pandas, ballerinas, city scenes...just check them out.  They are $50.50 each and you can use your stash threads on them. 

Here are some of the wall pictures...

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4


And for those who have asked, YES, we have the new DMC Memory thread in.  Check out our website or come on in and pick up all 12 colors.  Enjoy this great stitching weather as the holiday season comes ever closer. 


Fall Stitchers!


This is the last week of the Trunk Show SEW MUCH FUN!  Haven’t been in to see it?  Don’t miss it.  You’ll receive 20% off any canvas you choose or order from this trunk show.  She’s got a variety of fun 3D animals, pastel colored canvases including flowers, shoes, purses, dresses, room settings, ornaments, and hearts.  Hurry!  I have to pack it up THIS Saturday.  There's more pictures on our website under the Newsletter link.

pic 5

What else is new?  Zecca just sent me new pages for their catalog so they have some new stuff out.  It's NOT posted on their web paget yet but come and see the catalog pages here at the shop.   I love her new Table Settings which have canvases for Coasters, napkin rings and place card holders.  There are Leaves, Holly or an adorable Snowman set. 

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS EITHER!  I have two seats left in the Zack the Cat class.  You won’t see this one again until next year, if at all.  This is a fun cat that you can put out at Halloween or year round.  Class is on Saturday, November 7 from 10 to 4.  Teaching fee is $50, materials fee is $120 and includes the handpainted canvas, all threads and stretcher bars.  You bring yourself and scissors!  Join us for a day of fun and stitching before the craziness of the holidays sets in.

pic 6

Speaking of FUN, don’t forget the deadline for signup of our getaway is November 1.  We’re returning to the Sauder Inn at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio for a weekend of PURE STITCHING!  No laundry, no phones (except for any you wish to bring!), no kids, no hubbys, no dinners to cook … it’s all about you and stitching.  Visit with your friends, shop our mini shop and RELAX!  Held Friday, November 20 through 22nd, your deposit of $100 is due November 1, balance due November 15.  A double per person is $165, single is $255.


And speaking of NOVEMBER, keep an eye out here for the next posting of our November Trunk Show AND our November hours as I’m actually going to be taking time to go visit family this year.


Next up – STITCH A FOREST AND PLANT A TREE PROGRAM will be starting in January…sign up is NOW!  Visit our website under What’s New to see these trees and sign up.  The designers need to know how many to order from the painters so I appreciate early sign ups.  This is our “tree of the month” ornament program for 2010.  Look for our ad in your November issue of Needlepoint Now! 

pic 7

Okay, I think you have information overload now.  Enjoy the week! 




Wow!  I haven't posted here in months!  I think I need some more hours in a day.  Here's the pictures of the Sew Much Fun trunk show.  There's a lot more canvases here than I took pictures of.  There are small ones and of course, a lot more animals.  Most of the animals have stitch guides available and a few of the regular canvases have them also.   Have a question on sizes, prices or availability?  Just email me or call and I'll get an answer for you.

Enjoy!  This trunk show ends before Halloween so be sure to call soon!

pic 8

  Here are some of the finished items from left to right in the rear, there's a giraffe, an oven mitt, a heart shaped pillow and Funky Purse.  Again starting on the left is a pincushion/frame weight, then the Hooter Owl, then the puppy in the front, the mouse, the rooster, the Lee mirror that you can't see the top of and the kissing frog.  Aren't her lips great?

Here's some closeups:

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12

pic 13

pic 14

pic 15












I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July and took some time to catch up on your stitching.  I did, in between the cleaning and the ball throwing (for Star).  I know I have a lot of work waiting for me so I thought I might work today (Monday, July 6).  But I decided instead to set up my office at home as I brought some work home with me.  Here's an idea of what that looks like.   Pretty classy huh?

more new canvas

That's so much better than the look I was getting the other day when it was nice out and somebody had to sleep under the table.

new canvas

Okay, that should be enough Star pictures for her fan base that requested more pics.  Star wants to know...have you seen the latest canvases?

We've got a floral frog and a cherry mini frog, Kathy Schenkel's latest skating Santa and tiger mini sock, a fire engine mini mini sock, a baby boy and baby girl bunny/dog sampler, new Stitch N Zips (not online yet), darling little 2 x 2 ornaments I call bittys including a cardinal, tree, sock, teddy, hat, dog and gingerbread man, a full size BEAUTIFUL Shelly Tribbey stocking with fun glass looking ornaments that your Grandma used to have on her tree, a full size GORGEOUS Liz (Tapestry Tent) stocking that is one of her classics, Gail Vail mini socks with Janet Perry stitch guides, Oriental fans and a woman with flowing head scarves - wow!  That would be a fun one to stitch!  All those colors and fun jewels too!


Did you see the beautiful new colors and threads from Rainbow Gallery that I put online?  Check them out AND visit our website and check out the prices.  Rainbow Gallery threads are always a great value and you should keep that in mind when you're shopping for fun threads to embellish your latest project...Here's just a sampling of the newest silk lame' and Soft Sheen Fyre Werk's - 2 of my very favorite threads.

new canvas


I've got to go put some Frank Bielecs on now.  These are just wonderful 6" pieces and although I didn't buy the whole line, you KNOW I'll order them all for you!  These are the perfect size for vacation stitching or for an inbetween project if you're working on something large and you need a little break.  Next newsletter, maybe I'll show you what I'm working on!

Keep stitching,




Dear Stitchers,

At the June Market here in Columbus, we get a sneak peek of some of the items we will be able to order when the Show Floor opens on Saturday.  It's a VERY small sampling to be sure but at least we get to bring it back to our shops so you can see it!  To that end, I am posting pictures here of the needlepoint I purchased for YOU tonight.  These items will be available for sale upon my return!

Let's start with all the canvases - at this point, my "staff" has no idea of price, but please email me and when I get back to my room I'll look up the receipt! 

Also, please YES, tell me if I should order you 10, 20 or 50 of any of these!  I'd love to get them for you while I'm here at Market!  This is an ORDER ONLY Market which means I order and then I come home and it comes in via UPS or USPS or Fed Ex or some other lovely carrier. 

Okay, here's the promised pics...

First some Halloween!  These four are small and come with the much loved STITCH GUIDES!!!


Now please imagine the below pile of pumpkins and the "batty" Happy Halloween mounted on little sticks in tiny pails.  YES!  The pails and sticks are included - I tried to photograph them below the canvases so you would get an idea of how they look. 

branch on house

Ewe and Eye 1

There are more of these in the series but I will need to order them for you.

Continuing on in an Autumn theme, how about pumpkins?

Halloween  White pumpkin with stitch guide shown above it.

Other Stuff Orange pumpkin with stitch guide shown above it.

What a Prince!  This guy fairly SCREAMS stitch me! 

Lots More Hearts, Roses, Angels, etc.

I fell in love with this little fellow and you will too.  This is a wonderful little guy from Squiggee!  You've seen Squiggee on the web and NOW you can purchase her delightful designs from your LNS and of course from us if you don't have a LNS (local needlework shop).  WELCOME SQUIGGEE!  I've been working on her peacock roll-up ornament but I don't exactly stitch 24/7's nearly completed. 

Next up...CHRISTMAS!!!  Just a few mini socks to whet your appetite and of course more on the way when I get to ordering! I made one a little bigger in the hopes you could see that it's very detailed in the painting.  No thinking, just stitch.  Oh!  They all come with stitch guides by Janet Perry!

Front Wall Christmas StockingsCarriage House SamplersHouse Samplers More Samplers

Pictoral Samplers  New Debbee's Designs Charts!  Two at this market.  This one (I apologize for the BAD color) is Marilyn's Garden and the next is Tahiti Triangles.  Can't WAIT to have THAT one done and in the shop.  PLEASE PRE-ORDER NOW to avoid long lines at the cash register.  (snicker)


There are NEW colors from Gentle Art Sampler Threads 6 regulars and a set of 6 Blossom colors.  Will let you know colors when it's not so late. 

Then the EXCITING thing for our designers and for YOU is that I bought four small cuts of HAND DYED CANVAS by a company who promised to show me many more in their booth this weekend.  YAY!  EVEN MORE COLORS FOR YOU!  Of course this kind of thing will be special order only but check these out (white piece of paper is for color perception only).  The turquoise one is striated but the other 3 are solids.  I'm so excited!  Check out the wild green!  I LOVE it. 

Dogs and Cats

Okay, I MUST send this and get to bed, I have a class at 8:00 a.m. to learn exciting things to do with metallics so I can show YOU more fun stitching techniques.  Cheers!  Theresa













It's here!  Ewe and Eye Trunk Show.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think I'll just show you the pictures of what I've hung up.  Yes, there are lots more and yes, you can order them from me or just come on in and take them right off the wall. 

Christmas and Snowmen


Halloween and Fall


Hearts and Roses

halloween house

Lots More Hearts, Roses, Angels, Etc.



tahiti triangles

white pumpkin

Samplers One


House Samplers


More Samplers


Fine Art Looking Samplers





Four Seasons Cats and Cats with Descriptive Names...

pumpkin in pail

There are lots of little ones and finished pieces too.  Browse their website at Ewe and Eye and Friends.

I'll be happy to help you with pricing, just call or email me, 888-694-3040, 810-694-3040 or shop@homesteadNeedle 




What a great time for a class!  It’s not yet time to garden and yet you really want to get out of the house!  Just for you we’ve got two great classes to sign up and attend…


Canvas Embellishment with Kathy Fenchel on Wednesday, April 22, 2009.  Pull out one of your painted canvases or treat yourself to a new one and let Kathy’s magic inspire.  She’ll suggest threads and stitches to jazz up your canvas, breathe new life into it, make it sing with stumpwork or just allow your own personality to shine through.  Take half a day or all day and learn from everybody’s canvas as you watch her ideas come to life.  Bring your canvas and regular stitching supplies.  Choose all day from 10 to 5 or half day sessions 10 to 1:00 or 2 to 5:00.  $75 all day and $45 half day, payable in advance.


LAST CALL FOR TRIBUTE TO VINCENT!  I must get the supplies ordered so you sign up if you’re interested NOW.  This beautiful piece designed by Gail Sirna is a vase of sunflowers on Congress Cloth.  The background is actually also a sunflower stitch. Gail will come and teach us for 3 days. Using silks from six different manufacturers, several types of flosses, beads and crystals, you’ll recreate this stunning work of art yourself.  Don’t be frightened by the Congress Cloth!  According to Gail, much of this is surface stitching.  Deadline for sign up is Friday, April 24.  Nonrefundable deposit of $175 required.

witch in pail

Friday and Saturday, May 29 and 30, Friday, June 5

10:00 to 4:00 each day

Teaching Fee: $175.00

Kit Fee: approximately $110 (dependent on silk costs at the time of class)

Minimum 6 students – in the event of cancellation, deposits will be returned.

Student to provide or purchase: Stretcher bars, regular stitching tools






April Musings...Ah Spring.  When little crocuses (croci?) poke their tiny heads out of the ground and Star brings in ...mud!  Still there's so much to like.  Meanwhile, back at the REAL homestead...

Sunday’s April snowstorm brought us a little fun at home by waking me up at 5:00 a.m. sure that something had fallen on the house.  Yup.  Something did fall on the house.   Get the stick Star!  Back to work...

prince frog

Gail Hendrix of “by Gail” is now accessible to us! Some of you may know her Squiggee line. I’ll be seeing her line at market in June and can start taking orders then.

Silk Gauze is a truly transportable project and Homestead Needle Arts stocks 40 ct. silk gauze. Here’s some links to free designs from Kreinik in case you’ve wondered what it would be like to work on it…I find it actually easier than 40 ct. linen although you will need magnification - at least I do. You can actually see these holes! You can use any kind of stranded silk or even floss if you like.

Floral Bouquet
Love Makes a House a Home
Miniature Board Games
Miniature Christmas Sampler
Silk Gauze Fairy
Victorian Angel
Winter Peace

Kreinik has also come out with new vibrant colors of Japan thread.  Yes, of course I'll be stocking these.  Email me if you're interested now.


The Virtual Online Needlework Show will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, APRIL 15, 2009. That means NOT YET! The closing time is midnight on Monday, April 20th, however, I need your orders in to me by 9:00 that night. On APRIL 15 after 2:00 p.m. you can access the show by visiting NOT BEFORE THEN!!! You will use the General Viewing Link to “go shopping”. If you see something you can’t live without please write down the name of the vendor, the name of the item and how many you want. Then use my website and order it as a Special Order OR call me. If you email me be SURE to give me your telephone number as I’ll need to call for your payment information. I will attempt to order anything you want, but many of the vendors have increased their minimums dramatically making it impossible for me to order everything. Have fun while you shop in your jammies!




February Update - Unique New Zealand Designs and What's In from Market...Also One Day SALE!!!

Following are some wall pictures to let you see the current trunk show AND What's Already Come In from January Market.  If you're participating in our 5th Anniversary sale, you can also sneak a peek at our SPECIAL SALE ROOM where everything is 75% off for ONE DAY ONLY, February 14.  To purchase any of these items, call or email or use our shopping website, Special Order, comments section.  I know it's impossible to see the normal price but you WILL receive the discounted price of 75% off.  In addition, if you order ANYTHING else on February 14th, I'll pull a discount for you and you could receive 15, 20 or even 25% off your entire order!

Unique New Zealand Designs:

silk lame

Star under the table at work

outside home office


New from Market:

wall 1

wall 1

wall 2


wall 3

Finished items

wall 4

wall 6

That's it!  Happy shopping!



February 2009

Hello stitchers! It’s time for your first newsletter of 2009! Happy New Year and may this year be the year that you…

Finish more projects – try one of our talented finishers.
Start more projects – dig through your stash - or ours for inspiration.
Learn more stitches – take a class – we’ve got four new classes to offer you.
Have more fun – by visiting more often especially on February 14th!

In 2008, more of you finished projects than ever before and our finishers were thrilled too. I’m really proud of you and always encourage you to finish your projects because it makes you feel good. Many of you know that I keep the finishing prices as reasonable as possible to encourage you to do just that. I DO appreciate you purchasing your projects from me and I’m happy to send them to my finishers and pass the low finishing prices on to you for supporting Homestead Needle Arts throughout the years.


Will YOU help me celebrate? I’ve owned Homestead Needle Arts for five years now. I’m tickled pink and I want everybody to stop in and have fun and get presents. On February 14, 2009 you’re invited to Homestead Needle Art’s Never Before Seen Celebration.

You’ll be treated to cake, chocolate and for the first sixty people, a SPECIAL Homestead Needle Arts thank you gift! This DOES include internet orders placed on February 14th starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at midnight!

Will there be a sale? Honestly, what’s a five year celebration without some savings? But somehow 5% doesn’t seem very satisfying. So we’ll be having BIG STOREWIDE SAVINGS and you have to come to choose yours! (Just a will be MUCH MORE than 5%). You’ll pull a rubber ducky out of the heart-shaped pond to find your discount. (Yes, internet friends, I’ll pull a ducky for you!)

There will also be special giveaways every hour (six special gifts)! Here’s a sneak peek – Items normally 50% off will be 60 to 75% off for this one day only.

So if you were here five years ago, you’re going to want to be here again today. Please be sure to come and have a piece of cake, some Valentine’s chocolate and help me celebrate. After all, you’ve made this possible so come and have some fun.

Hope to see you or your order!


Galleria Showcase from 2009 - At January Market, the night before we “storm” the market floor, we have a Needlepoint Galleria. Want to see what I saw? You can see some finished projects and what’s new in canvas. Just visit the ALL NEW and check out the Galleria! You’ll see amazing examples of what you can do in needlepoint today! This is exactly what I see the night before, so that I can’t sleep before I get out on that market floor. Of course, let me know if there’s something you can’t live without. Now you can see what I see and why I buy what I do! Enjoy! Visit often as they will be showcasing designers over the coming year.

Rainbow Gallery – Fourteen new colors of Silk Lame’ Braid, a NEW SIZE of Silk Lame’ braid in 15 colors made for 13/14 count canvas and I bought ALL OF THEM! Eight new colors of Neon Rays Plus, Midnight Blue and Vintage Gold Soft Sheen Fyre Werks, four new colors of Petite Treasure Braid, five gorgeous new variegated Mandarin Floss – Mardi Gras which is dark pinks, Green Fields, Golden Hills - tans and sands, Winter Sky – all kinds of grey blues, Cobblestones – browns and greys. Then there’s 8 colors of Panache and a new Splendor Designer Collection Card of Regal Purples! Jeanne M. says “it’s really very nice.”

We also have Suzy Murphy’s latest book Suzy’s Mini Stitches for $39.95 which includes 27 straight stitches, 38 cross stitches, 32 diagonal stitches, 11 round and square stitches and 7 pattern stitches (one of which includes a Jean Hilton stitch called a Theresica – nice name! There are the stitched pictures in the back so you can easily choose your stitch and then look it up to find the chart. This book rates up there with Suzy’s Small stitches and doesn’t repeat the same stitches. I recommend this addition to your stitching library!

Categories for Needlepoint Stitches by Julia Snyder – This is the first book I’ve purchased from Julia but maybe you’ve seen her prior books before. It’s a long skinny book sized 4-1/4 x 11”. It divides up the stitches by suggested categories such as Animals, Baskets, Beards, Bows, Candles/Flames, Clouds/Smoke, Fabrics, Faces/Skin, Flower, Fur, Gifts, Glasses, Ground, Hair, Hats & Brims, Houses, Misc. Stitches, Snow, Stars, Trees/Shrubs, Water and Wood. She gives some good ideas such as using actual bows on your canvas and how to attach them. There are tent stitch combinations I’ve never seen before such as Sacred Mountain, Phoenix Flower and Santa Fe. This is a 130 page, spiral bound book with approximately 190 stitches. All stitches are graphed and numbered and there’s an easy to use index too. $44.00

New colors of Bella Lusso –of course I purchased them all! There are twenty-one and an ecru that we didn’t have before! These are due here in March.

ThreadworX is now dyeing Bella Lusso for their overdyed wool so if you want overdyed wool, just ask. They are also making overdyed Kreiniks available and of course I ordered a few of those too.

Sudberry House – has long jewelry boxes available again. Did you know that they have footstools also? We have a current catalog of their pieces or you can see them online.

Kreinik – has a new thread called Micro Ice Chenille – a perfectly fuzzy little thread this would make beautiful glittery things – like dragonfly wings, tree branches, snow outlines and more! It comes in 9 colors and I bought them all. And if your husband happens to fly fish, watch out, because this thread is perfect to tie flies with.

DVD’s - Amy’s latest and sixth DVD is called Barely There and as the name suggests is about stitches and techniques for letting the painted canvas show through your stitching. She includes shadow stitching, exposed canvas stitching, blackwork, lite stitching, and darning patterns. As usual, Amy uses lots of stitched models including Melissa Shirley’s red apple on yellow purse model which we have in stock, and she teaches you stitches to use these techniques. Learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. We have her first five DVD’s too. Just ask! $38.95 each.

New Silk – Baroque – I’ve invested in Baroque Silk from the same people that bring us Soy Luster. This silk is three strands of Chinese silk, hand-dyed in the U.S.A. This silk stitches wonderfully as is on 13 and 14 mesh canvas. If you want to stitch on 18 ct. just use one ply. The colors are bright as you can see from the ones we have in the shop right now. There are 98 vivid colors in all and how many do you think I bought?

Painter’s Flower Threads – named after famous artists, these 100% cotton hand dyed threads will inspire you to create your own masterpieces. They come in 50 meters (about 60 yards) that’s between an 8 and a 12 perle cotton. There are fifteen stunning colors that you’ll just be inspired by. This costs $8 per skein, but be SURE to buy enough of the same dye lot because these do differ dramatically. We can also order the silk version for you but there is only 5 meters per skein and the prices is comparable. The names include Rousseau, Klee, Georgia, Hopper, Chagall, Monet, Lawrence, Klimt, Van Gogh, Macke, Gauguin, Kandinsky and Frida. Still to come - Picasso and Grandma Moses.

Canvases – here’s where I freak out about how much I bought…there’s so much new and it’s so hard to choose for you. But don’t worry, you can always order anything you like. I have pages and pages of new catalog items for you to pick from.

Just a few things…Melissa Shirley always tops the list of new items and this year she has an outstanding Christmas tree with attachable stitched ornaments - what an heirloom treasure! Laurel Burch canvases are available! Yes, REAL ones instead of look-alikes! Also…Amanda Lawford had a GIGANTIC Santa – maybe 4 feet tall and of course lots of cute kitties…Julia’s has new nutcrackers…Just Libby has a new teapot…Kelly Clark has new Santas …Kathy Schenkel has new mini socks and stuffers…Needle Deeva has new snowmen…Painted Pony has new mini Angels with sorority names…Princess and Me has Santas with drinks …Raymond Crawford has new butterflies and FUN ornament…Rebecca Wood has highly detailed stockings and ornaments…Ruth Schmuff has DARLING Halloween shelf sitters…Sharon G has 6” geometrics…Shelley Tribbey has adorable mid-size Christmas socks – I know I’m leaving tons out but there’s just not enough room to list everything I bought and you MUST visit or watch online as it comes in and gets posted.

SHOP POLICIES – see full version at shop

Bad Check Policy - If you find that you’ve written a bad check, please contact me by phone immediately. You must come in within 7 calendar days from contact date, replace your check with cash and pay the bad check fee of $35. NO exceptions. NOTE: In addition to the above fee, all fees charged to Homestead by banks, credit card companies, attorneys, mailings, etc. for any type of non-payment or frivolous dispute on your part will be charged back to you.
Returns – No returns of any type allowed. No returns on special orders unless item is defective due to manufacturing.
Classes – Classes will be paid in full in advance. Non-attendance in cases other than the teacher’s fault will forfeit your class fee and make-up classes will not be scheduled. No children or guests allowed in classes.
Special Orders, Holds, Finishing – A minimum deposit of 50% of the cost is required. Items must be picked up within 30 days of notification.

CLUBS YOU CAN JOIN - to sign up for any club, just call, stop in, or check our website at www.homesteadNeedle under Monthly Clubs.

Our “Ornament” Monthly Thanksgiving Club – has started but you can join in anytime and catch up. We’re doing the Rebecca Woods Thanksgiving series which includes little stand-ups of pilgrims, Indians, a canoe, a loaded Thanksgiving table, a cabin, a teepee and a very live smiling turkey. There are 13 pieces in all and they’ll come with threads and stitch guides. If you’re interested in joining call or stop in for more information and to see them. See them at www.homesteadNeedle on our Newsletter page. Join for the year and your turkey is free! Costs per month: includes canvas, thread kits, stitch guides – 8 @45.25, Log cabin @ 89.00 Table & Canoe @61.50 Teepee@66.00.

Splendor Silk Club…If you’re not already a member you can join in anytime and must stay in for at least one year. You’ll receive ten cards each month and only pay for eight! There are a total of 360 cards of Splendor Silk so it will take you 3 years to complete your stash. The monthly cost is currently $30 plus shipping or pick them up and save shipping costs. Do consider it. It’s a great way to have a wide variety of wonderful silk on hand for all your needlepoint canvases.

Au Ver a Soie Thread Club – NEW – starts March, 2009
Soie D’Alger is a silk made in France. We’ll be featuring the 7 ply 5 meter skeins that retail at $4. (You can always purchase these in 8 meter and 45 meter hanks in case you have a large project to undertake.) There are currently 618 colors of Au Ver a Soie and you’ll receive 10 a month. During the 12th month of your membership you’ll receive a $20 credit towards your 12th purchase – that’s 5% off your silk purchase!

Vineyard Silk Thread Club – NEW – starts March, 2009
Vineyard Silks are just luscious to stitch with. You use them as is, no plying required. There are 198 Classic colors, 46 Shimmer colors which have a metallic thread in them and 18 Tone on Tone colors which are overdyed. These skeins are 100% silk and there are 30 yards per skein. Due to a price increase dated November 2008, Classic Colors are now $4.95 per skein, Shimmer colors are $6.05 and Tone on Tone are $5.60. In this club, you’ll receive 5 Classic Colors, 2 Shimmers and 1 Tone on Tone each month. During the 12th month of your membership, you’ll receive a $25 credit towards your 12th purchase – that’s 5% off your silk purchase in this club!

Color of the Month Thread Club
Each month you’ll receive a different COLOR of thread. Price per month is $35 or less plus shipping – you can pick up your monthly club and save on shipping too! This is another great way to try threads and enhance your stash. You’ll always have something to turn to when you need a specific thread for your needlework. You can join in on this one anytime. You can call or sign up on our shopping website at www.homesteadNeedle


Sign up early! Many classes fill quickly. Call or come in to sign up, 810-694-3040. Teaching fees are due at sign-up, materials fee are due on class day. Bring regular stitching supplies to all classes – needles, scissors, light or magnification if you usually use them to stitch or read.

Drop- In Tuesdays with Theresa
Dates/times: Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Fee: $10 a week, paid at class time.
Project: Work on your current project and get help with anything you need. Meet other needlepointers and relax with friends for 2 hours. If this is your first time, please call otherwise, just drop in! Yes, this class continues during summer! Please note, NO CLASS ON APRIL 28th.

Canvas Embellishment with Kathy Fenchel
10 – 1 or 2 – 5 $75 whole day (same day) or $45 half day
Wednesday, February 25
Wednesday, March 24
Project: Bring or purchase any painted canvas and have national teacher Kathy assist you with embellishment. Kathy has a fresh style that she brings to stitching you’ll love. You will have stitching time during class so bring your supplies.

Beginning Needlepoint with Theresa - NEW
Thursday, February 19, and March 5, 2009
Time: 11:00 – 12:30
Teaching Fee: $30
Materials Fee: $25

Learn to needlepoint! This basic class will teach you the basics of needlepoint including continental, mosaic, reverse scotch and cashmere stitch while you make a four square sampler, suitable for a framed piece, a pillow or even an eyeglass case! (Finishing costs not included.) This pretty piece will get you started in the beautiful art of needlepoint. Student will work on piece in between classes and will need embroidery scissors to do so.

Tribute to Vincent – Gail Sirna - NEW
Friday and Saturday, May 29 and 30, Friday, June 5
10:00 to 4:00 each day
Teaching Fee: $175.00
Kit Fee: approximately $110 (dependent on silk costs at the time of class)
Minimum 6 students
Student to provide or purchase: Stretcher bars, stitching tools

You’ve seen this beautiful piece being offered at regional and national seminars throughout the country – now you can take it at Homestead Needle Arts! This tribute to Vincent Van Gogh is a vase full of sunflowers and the background is actually also a sunflower stitch. Gail will come and teach us for 3 days. Using silks from six different manufacturers, several types of flosses, beads and crystals, you’ll recreate this stunning work of art yourself. A picture of this class is available in the shop and online.

Flowers in a Basket – Barb Richardson - NEW
Date: To Be Announced – please call in your interest for this Spring Time class
Teaching fee: $75
Minimum: 5 students
10:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Kit Fee: $45.00
Student to provide or purchase: Stretcher bars, stitching supplies

Barb Richardson is returning to Homestead Needle Arts to teach one of her pretty ornament sized needlepoint pieces. This one features flowers in a woven basket and is sure to be a hit. Barb hasn’t worked here in years but she’s definitely in the needlepoint business. She has a needlepoint design business, has been featured several times in Needlepoint Now magazine AND she’s also the National President of ANG!
Please - NO VISITORS while class is in session. It is not fair to Barb who would love to visit with you OR the people who have paid for Barb’s expertise. I will try to see if we can have a small reception for her if she has time. Simply call and let me know if you’re interested in visiting with her at another time! Thank you so much for your understanding.

Stumpwork Bunny Friend – Kathy Fenchel – NEW
Date: To be Announced – April or May, please call if interested
Teaching Fee: $50.00
Minimum: 6 students
10:00 to 4:00
Kit fee: $18.00 includes all threads and fabrics needed
Student to provide or purchase: Stretcher bars, Thread Heaven or beeswax, stitching supplies

(Box to fit finished piece available for purchase at approximately $22)
This adorable rabbit sits in a pose facing three bullion carrots with beaded greenery. His ears are 3-D and his beaded eye practically smiles at you. The border of green Kreinik and a simple open background make this small piece something that you will finish in no time. This fits one of our stitching accessory boxes and you can carry it to classes and meetings and show it to your stitching friends. Learn stumpwork techniques in this great beginner class including padding, bullions, beading, working with wire and exciting stumpwork ideas for other canvases.


Here now through February – AGA from Julia’s Designs – TALL giraffes, moose, chickens, herons, penguins, Christmas, animals and more, FUN animals with exaggerated heads perfect for kids’ rooms, moose and bear shadows, books, musical instruments and lots of smaller pieces that match. We also have a mini trunk show featuring stars and Crismons and DOG collars with great designs for you and your four footed friend.

February – Unique New Zealand Designs – Have a favorite New Zealand design? These are beautiful florals, whimsical Jennifer Pudney designs, vintage art reminiscent of Dick and Jane primers, primitives just perfect for needlepoint, sayings, box inserts and geometrics – whew! Something for everybody in this Show!

March – Rishfeld Designs Trunk Show
April – Mindy Virtual Trunk Show
May – Ewe and Eye Trunk Show

Spring Stitcher’s Getaway Weekend – March 27, 28, 29, 2009 Thomas Edison Inn, Port Huron, Michigan.

It’s time to sign up! If you’ve gone on any of our stitching getaways before I don’t need to tell you about the fun we have. If not, just imagine leaving your house with only your clothing and stitching. No cooking, no cleaning, no responsibilities! All you have to do is relax, stitch and enjoy yourself! The Thomas Edison Inn sits right on the St. Clair River and what a view! We stitch in one of their well lighted conference rooms with plenty of tables (bring your needlework stand and light if you like) and there’s a restaurant and gift shop on the premises. There are lots of nice restaurants in the area and of course, I bring along part of the shop! The fee below includes two nights lodging and taxes, a meet and greet “dessert” night on Friday evening, conference room rental, Saturday lunch, goodie bags and door prizes, and Saturday afternoon snack. Please advise me of any serious food allergies or vegetarian needs for Saturday’s lunch when you make your reservations.

Please note: The conference room is for conference attendees only. If you’re not attending the weekend, you can not attend to stitch. Thank you for your understanding.

TO SIGN UP: Simply mail or drop off the form below. PLEASE SIGN UP NOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. You may call in a credit card if you’d prefer to pay that way. (810-694-3040). I need a non-refundable deposit of $100 per person by March 7 and the balance is due in advance by March 20. The costs are $330 for a single room and $190 per person for a double. AMAZING – same low rates! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the store, (810) 694-3040.

Name _____________________________________________

Address_________________________________Zip ______________

email _____________________________________________

Food Allergies if any: ______________________________

Phone _________________________________________

Single________Double_______rooming with (name)


Deposit enclosed $______________________

December 2008

I love the Christmas season. I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies in a row this weekend while Mike was up north hunting. One was about some lady marrying Nick Claus. I can’t help it! I like Christmas stories. I even like reading Christmas MYSTERY stories. This is the only time of year that I can stand the crowds at my local Meijer’s and look at it as hustle and bustle instead of “those darn crowds.” Yesterday people SMILED at me as I did my grocery shopping and yes, I smiled right back. I love this time of year. People are actually nice to each other. Here in Michigan, we have the luck to have snow falling and usually it will outline every tree branch against the grey-blue winter sky. The subdivisions all look like little English villages when they’re coated in winter white. All the evergreens have a coating of sparkly white on them (think of YOUR favorite white sparkly thread) and snowmen start appearing on lawns. I honestly think Christmas should be moved into late January so we can enjoy this season for TWO MONTHS. I know you’re all groaning but when the January winds blow in Michigan and we realize we have 3 more months of winter to go, a little Christmas cheer would really help.

Wall 7

Looking south on my road on December 2, 2008 - Winter Wonderland!!!


Anyway! To keep your Christmas cheer and spirits up, remember our ELECTION? The results are in! I’ve decided because some of the races were so close I would put MORE than five things on sale. Also that way I may have less to count! THIS IS FOR IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY!!! During the month of December the following items are on sale in the shop and on the website. Our website friends, please note that for the canvases, charts, Lee, and totes, we have LOTS more in stock than the web shows so if you want a particular canvas, just call or email. Orders will be filled with in stock items only.

We will be closed after Christmas for inventory so keep that in mind when deciding when to order! The winners in no particular order are:

Perle cotton #3, #5, and #8 - 20% off
Gloriana silk – 15% off
Charts – I was pleasantly surprised that so many of you wanted charts on sale! - 20% off
Painted canvas Christmas ornaments! - 20% off!
All totes and if they have canvases, the canvases that fit them.- 20% off
All Lee leather goods. - 20% off
Watercolors. - 15% off
Stitching tools, gadgets, gizmos, etc.- 15% off
Books! – 15% off

See? Your vote really DOES count.

Now onto some interesting news. Anchor has decided to discontinue a few of their perle cotton colors (NOT FLOSS) in numbers #3, #5, #8, and #12. If you have a project using those threads, I suggest you check to be sure you have enough to finish your current project. Email me if you need more information.

Onward! Christmas card writing, baking and more awaits us! Spread the cheer, have another cup of cocoa and shop for your needlework friends during December at Homestead Needle Arts. (P.S. You can shop for yourself too!)

Because I don't have time to add all those wonderful Christmas ornament canvases right now, I'll try to show you some right here. Let me know if any of these tickle your fancy and if you need more information - and yes, there are more!

wall 8

Christmas tree of painted ornaments with reindeer and mini socks above.

wall 9

Set of fun toy ornaments - can be purchased together or separately! (The individual red stars available).


These are four of the Bright Paper Packages you saw in all the magazines last year!


Here's a variety of beautiful well detailed Santa Claus ornaments and we have about 5 or 6 more by the same artist!

wall 1

Here's some darling Santa Claus ornaments/stand-ups by various artists. I'll pretend they're ornaments if you will! (20% off during December!)

wall 2

Even MORE Santa Claus pieces. I have so many! I love Santa!

wall 3

Anybody here look familiar? :-) There' a banker Santa, a Spring santa, a Fall Santa and a Tennis playing Santa.

wall 4

Are you "in the pink"? These are some cute pink ornaments!

Japan thread colors

How about a wild mini sock! These are new this year.


We have some hard to find vintage Melissa Shirley stand up Santas at GREAT prices!



Our selection of Princess and Me ornaments is unbelievable! I LOVE their ornaments as you can see!


zach the cat

I have lots more but am running out of space. There's a ton of mini socks and more large pieces and of course, full size stockings. I'll try to make more room and post more pics for you. Theresa

November 2008 Trunk Show - Birds of a Feather

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many did I write here? Just call or email me for prices and yes, you get 10% off during the trunk show on any Birds of a Feather purchase in November.


Wow, these above are just great detailed pieces.

I thought the top two below were ships falling off the edge of the earth.



Guess I kind of cut the roosters head off up there. He comes in red, black and navy blue. Check out Little Red Riding Hood in the center. What a cutie! Of course you can see all these at in their entirety!


Yup, those are my Dr. Scholl's over there to the right. That one is called Counting Magpies and I have mine in linen out for framing right now!

Here comes Christmas below. Just darling ornaments and wait until you see the stockings!



Somebody was a little shaky when she took these but there a lot more stockings! Hope you enjoyed this peek at the walls. Theresa




October Trunk Show - The Artist's Collection Including Heartstrings, Mile High Princess, Shear Creations and As You Like It!

Wow! Is that enough designers for you? There was 48 pounds of canvas in the box and the stitched samples came in a separate box! Let's take a look...



What? You want closeups?




Listen, there's only 64 stitched samples here and there are literally hundreds (thousands?) of canvases. So if you CAN come in, I urge you to visit. I have them all over the shop. Remember lots of them have stitch guides too and who doesn't love those? Unfortunately one of my favorites was already purchased. Fortunately I WILL be ordering so don't be shy. You'll get 10% off the regular prices so buy or order today!

You CAN shop online for these. Just review the canvases at and write down the numbers. Email me for a price first if you want. Then visit our website at www.homesteadNeedle, use the Go Shopping button and put a Special Orders in your basket. Under comments list the numbers of the canvases you want. I'll ship them out to you or order them right away. That's all there is to it! I'll even kit it up for you with the recommended fibers if you desire. You can tell me to skip any floss or perle cotton or anything else that you know you have. We make shopping easy and fun!

Stitches Bracelet Club

Starting in September, 2008, we're going to have a Sterling Silver Stitches Bracelet Club. I guess that would be the SSSBC! Here's the best part - no stitching required. You keep up every month just by attaching your charm!

You choose the bracelet you want first and then each month, you'll receive a stitch! There are other stitches available so we can do this for a second year AND there are beads and other fun things you can attach too!   You’ll get one charm every month and have the opportunity to purchase other charms.   I’ve chosen TWELVE popular needlepoint stitches and you’ll receive one every month to attach to your bracelet.  Algerian Eye, Bullion, Cashmere, French Knot, Hungarian, Kalem (knitting), Milanese, Mosaic, Rhodes, Rice, Scotch, and Smyrna will be your first 12.  Here's some pictures of this year's stitches. These pictures are larger than the actual charms.

567891 2345 67


All you need to do is order your choice of the “heart-y” bracelet or the bead bracelet.  The hearty bracelet is a large link chain bracelet with a heart near the clasp.  8

The bead bracelet looks like a Pandora or Troll Bead type bracelet.  Both bracelets are sterling silver and are 8” although you may order a longer one for a slightly higher cost.  ALL charms are sterling silver.  Spacer beads are sterling silver – you will need spacer beads for each charm if you choose the bead bracelet.   Charms are attached to the bracelets with provided jump rings.  (If you don’t like bracelets, necklaces and pins are also available.)

Prices are: (Please note - silver prices are fluctuating and I'll do my best to hold to these but must go with market prices.)

Chain link with Heart $37.50 for 8” size

Bead Bracelet $44.00 for 8” size

Spacer beads – needed only for bead bracelet - $8.00 each (you’ll need 12 and can purchase one per month.)

Charms – 7 months at $9.25        

-           2 months at $10.00

-           1 month at 10.50 

-           1 month at $12.75

-           1 month at $11.75

There’s other pretty things you can purchase too – for example, I already have a beautiful spool bead that you can use as a spacer between your stitches or a glass bead with roses and leaves on it that your romantic side will love. 

Please note - I DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PANDORA AND TROLL BEADS WILL FIT THIS BRACELET OR VICE VERSA. I tried the Troll Beads and their silver will fit this bead bracelet but their glass beads will NOT! Please check before purchasing if this is what you're trying to do.

Okay, that's everything! Just call or email me with your information to sign up!



2009 "Ornament" of the Month Club - Thanksgiving Club

This time we're going to embark on a Thanksgiving scene by Rebecca Wood. Although you can have them made into ornaments I'll be showing them as stand ups in about a month. For now, I'm just going to show you the pictures of the painted canvases to see if you're interested.

The people and turkey measure no more than 2-1/2" wide and 3-1/2" tall but remember, you will be adding background if you make them into stand-ups. The canoeist and table are approx. 5-1/2" wide and 3" tall. The teepee is 5-1/2" wide at the bottom and 6-1/2" tall and the cabin is 6" wide and 7" tall.

There will be stitch guides and fiber kits for each canvas available for each canvas. Interested? Just call us at 810-694-3040 or out of state, call us toll free at 888-694-3040.

9 1 2 34 5 6 7891










What can a good finisher do for you?

Like anything in life, the final touches can mean a lot. A well stitched piece will look less than perfect if the finishing is done poorly. A simple piece will look outstanding if the finishing is high quality. How do I know? Well...I've finished a simple canvas that many of you have laughed at - and MANY of you have agreed with! It's a silly piece and the saying says "I haven't been the same since that house fell on my sister". I had an idea that this piece should have legs sticking out from it and maybe some red shoes...


WOW! Check out my dreams becoming a reality! Here's a close-up of those WONDERFUL SHOES!


Where do you find such a wonderful finisher? Do I keep her stashed in the back room? No. Am I her? HA HA HA! No way. If you're not already a customer of Homestead Needle Arts, then ask your local needlework shop to contact me and I'll be happy to give them the information they need.



March 22, 2008


This Just In…

I can’t believe it myself - , Amy Bunger already has another DVD out and two more on the way!  This one is Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts – Needlepoint Salon Secrets.  That’s right!  It’s all about HAIR!  Come on in for a look-see, I’m playing this one on our TV. or just order it sight unseen – if it’s Amy, it’s got to be good!


Included on DVD # 3 is instruction on Long Straight Stitches, Satin Stitches, Padded Satin, Random Split Stitch, Wrapped Backstitch Curls, Layers of Buttonhole Stitch

Stitches that “suggest” (don’t be getting ideas here girls – she’s talking about types of stitches!), Knots in Swirls, Tent in Swirls, All Over Knots, Gathered Stitch, Twisted Lazy Daisy, Couched Coils, Freeform Amadeus, Outline Stitch for Eye, Packed Rows for Eyebrow, Rya for Eyelashes (good idea, I never DID learn the Rya stitch!), and Gathered Ribbon for Eyelashes. 

Whew!  That’s a lot of information in one DVD.  Only $38.95, the video lasts 1 hour.  Hey!  That’s less than the cost of a class!  Remember, we also have DVD #1 Tips, Hints and Knots, and #2, A Closet Full of Stitches.  If you’re a big Amy fan and want to be on our automatic shipment list for these DVD’s, just let me know.  You’ll get the DVD’s as soon as I get them because I’m on Amy’s automatic shipment plan!


We’ve also just been notified of a price increase in Burmilana effective April 1.  So what do you do?  YOU RUN OVER HERE AND STOCK UP ON BURMILANA!!!  That’s right; I’ll hold the price until my next shipment.  Price is currently $2.10 for the regulars (red tags) and $2.60 for the tweeds (blue tags).  However after April 1 stocking the price will rise to $2.75 for either kind! YIKES!  That’s a huge increase.  So stock up now and avoid paying later! 


March 19, 2008 Update

Oops!  I gave you the wrong dates on the Santa Star class.  It actually starts on Thursday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m. and continues for four fun weeks.  Only three spots open so hurry!

I bet you'd like to see it too - a picture is worth about a million of my words.  Here he is!  If this doesn't capture your heart, I don't know what will!  From his fluffy beard to his pointy shiny boots, this Santa will be a wonderful ornament OR stand-up done in plenty of time for Christmas.

$40 teaching fee, Materials fee of approx. $65 includes painted canvas, stitch guides, all threads.  Teaching fee due upon sign up. 



Are you signed up yet for the April Stitcher's Getaway?  You better hurry!  The rooms are filling fast.  This weekend is scheduled for April 25 through 27 in Sauder Village at the Sauder Heritage Inn in Archbold, Ohio.  This genteel inn boasts oversize rooms and a massive lobby with lots of spaces throughout to sit, stitch and relax.  Coffee and hot water all day is available in the lobby too!  You'll be impressed with the roominess in your room, our conference rooms and all over!  Everybody loved it in November so we scheduled it again. 

To sign up, I'll need your name and address, phone number, email if you have one, single or double room requirements and deposit of $100 per person.  Price will be $255 for a single and $165 each for a double.  The wine and cheese reception is ON in my room as the inn now sells bottled wine at the front desk!  I'm not kidding about signing up soon!  I'll try to book overflow rooms at the lodge next door.    Let me know if there's any merchandise or catalogs that you prefer to shop from while you're in attendance!

March 3, 2008 Update

Here's the latest in from Long Beach Market. It's my new shop mascot. She's looking down on us from the wall and smiling. Don't worry, she won't replace Star. This shop mascot doesn't move and given half a chance, I think Star would probably drag her away for a little fun in the mud - or snow depending on our Michigan weather. In 10 ct. this rug will work up quickly. If you don't want to walk on that sweet smiling face, just hang her on the wall.



Need a new frame weight? Why not stitch one for yourself? Here's my favorite that I finally bought at market. You can buy it too. There's a whole line of turtles with different designs. There's even some frogs out there if that's more your thing.



I still have to add these new colors of Caron Collection Snow to our website. Aren't they pretty? That dark blue is another perfect one for a night sky. I bought the oranges for pumpkins - you know how hard it is to find the perfect orange! It's like finding the perfect pumpkin! The green is a lot better looking in real life too. I'm a green lover lately and no, it's not all that advertising about going green.


I'm a recycler since I was a Girl Scout and that's too many years ago to tell you about! In fact, I think I have a birthday this month but it's still not a major one, so we just won't pretend it's happening. And yes, we all know it's better than the alternative! :-)



The Weather

Star and I are getting sick of this weather. She's tired of the drive home taking so long and I'm tired of the ice on the roads. How's this for a picture - and before you look, don't yell at me for taking a picture while driving. It's a digital camera and I didn't need to look to take the picture. By the way, for those of you who don't have a heads-up display in their car, you can see my speed if you look really closely in the windshield at the bottom of the picture. You never have to look down at your dashboard. I love it. It shows you your radio station when you change it, when your turn signals are on and a little gas pump shows up when you need gas. Pretty dandy, huh? :-)


Speaking of Star, don't we need a picture of her? She had her first REAL grooming this week (February 20) and I hear she was rather behaved. She sure is cute! And she smells good too.


When she's not at work or crying because the drive is taking too long what do you think she's doing? Stitching? No. Sleeping? No. Trying to knock me over? :-)


Do you have a need for Needle Necessities thead but it's now out of existence?  There's a new GREAT company that can help.  ThreadworX is now in existence and they have beautiful wonderful overdyed threads that can fill the gap that Needle Necessities left behind.  They've provided us with a listing of the "competition's" colors and their colors...print it off and keep it with your stitching files.  Anytime you need something no longer available, browse our ebsite and order the all new, all wonderful ThreadworX threads!  Comparison_Chart



OH NO! Did you forget you wanted to join the 2008 Princess and Me Ornament Club? Hurry! There’s still time! Just sign up online on our website at www.homesteadNeedle These ornaments are cute and I’m already working on the second one so you can see them when they’re finished. Even if you don’t want me to send you anything until late January, let me know now so that I can get these painted for you and our threads on order. Remember, sign up and receive all 12 ornaments and you’ll get a surprise SPECIAL free 13th EXCLUSIVE ornament next December!

WILL THAT BE SILK OR COTTON?  Would you rather collect threads?  Improving your thread stash is a great New Year’s resolution!  This year we’re having another Thread Club.  It’s the Thread Type Club for 2008.  Instead of choosing certain colors, this year I’m going to send you threads based on type including silk, bamboo, metallics, cotton, rayon, etc.  Price er month is $35 or less (usually less) plus shipping unless you’d rather pick up your collection each month. Lots of people enjoyed our Thread Club last year and I think you’ll enjoy having a little piece of Homestead Needle Arts. 

MAKE MINE SPLENDORIFEROUS!  Another option is joining the Splendor Silk Club.  Every month you receive 10 cards of Rainbow Gallery Splendor Silk and only pay for 8.  With 360 beautiful silk colors, you can collect them all for only $27.60 per month plus shipping.   Do something nice for yourself this year and join the Splendor Silk Club.      

WHO IS ONE-YEAR-OLD?  (Hint - It’s not me!) Yes, our little Star is now one!  Here she is in her special birthday bow.



Ornament of the Month 2008

THE PRINCESS AND ME ORNAMENT OF THE MONTH CLUB BEGINS!!! It’s time to sign up for the 2008 Ornament of the Month Club. Now don’t get all freaked out. NOWHERE does it say that you have to keep up with your ornaments. WHERE CAN YOU SEE THEM?: Right below this article! 

PRICES: If you choose to purchase all 12 ornaments, you will receive your ornament canvas and stitch guide each month for $40.00 plus extra for the threads. These canvases are more than $50 each when purchased separately! If you don’t want the thread kits, the canvas only price will be $47. If you don’t want all 12, regular prices will apply for each one you choose.


January – Frosty in a Star

February - Christmas Candy

March – Catch a Falling Star

April – New Improved Princess

May – Little Friend

June –Speedy Delivery

July – Deerheart

August – Peekin’ In

September – MMM Good

October – Night at the Opera Santa

November – Down the Hill Fast

December – Keebler Klaus

THREAD KITS: How much will each one be? A lot of these have the same threads can share threads between kits. And guess who gets to keep track of it for you? That’s right, ME! Please note, these prices do not include any Michigan sales tax, stretcher bars or shipping costs. They’re also based on you sharing threads between kits so if you get some thread kits and not all of them, your cost will be higher. These are currently my BEST ESTIMATES based on looking at the canvases and trying to figure out how much thread you need for each one. They use floss, LOTS of YLI metallic and non-metallic ribbon floss, Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery threads, and a few hard to find things that we'll be happy to find or substitute for you. These are currently my BEST ESTIMATES based on looking at the canvases and trying to figure out how much thread you need for each one. I'm going to stay as close to this as possible unless I find out that you need TWO of something instead of one, etc.

January threads - $11.25

February – 13.75

March – 19.75

April – 37.50

May – 18.00

June – 22.00

July - 21.75

August – 8.75

September – 9.75

October – will let you know – estimate $15 (I don’t have the thread list here yet)

November – 27.00

December – 16.15

SIGN UP: Please sign up by December 7 so I can get our count to Princess and Me. If you miss the deadline we’ll still add you but you might not get your January ornament in January!

HOW TO SIGN UP: Sign up is available on our website. Your credit card will be charged each month when your order is shipped. Use the “Go Shopping” button at the left and you’ll find it under Ornament of the Month Program. Put one in your cart, fill out the form and you're ready to go! I'll let you know that I've received your order!

SURPRISE!: If you sign up and complete your 12 month commitment you’ll receive an extra special surprise ornament at the end of the program! Believe me, you do NOT want to miss this one! I hope you’re as excited as I am. I could use 12 more happy ornaments on my tree!

   Frosty in a Star

   Night at the Opera Santa



   M-M-M Good!



   New Improved Princess candy cane  Christmas Candy

Santa in sleigh Speedy Delivery - I have to make sure they're still painting this one!

snowman on sled  Down the Hill Fast! reindeer  Deerheart Santa  Keebler Klaus - I know you can't see his moustache or face but it IS there, I promise you!

Santa on turquoise background  Catch a Falling Star


Window Santa  Peekin' In


Snowman face




Dear Stitchers,

New Twists on Needlework Embellishment by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson –

I know several of you have asked about this book.  It was due out in June but just arrived on our bookshelves last week due to late publication.  It’s here now though and I’ve read it over so I can review it for you and you can decide if you want to add it to your needlework library.

Perhaps you’ve been stitching for some time and don’t have access to a “canvas embellishment” teacher like I do (Kathy Fenchel).  I took a class with Suzanne and Beth at the last June market and learned new tips and tricks to further embellish a painted – or even a blank canvas that you’re designing yourself.   

Suzanne and Beth take you right through some basics about canvas embellishment – they’re not talking about playing up your canvas with fancy stitches and fun fibers – they’re talking about adding design elements to create shapes and bring objects to the foreground of the design.  The authors cover:

Padding – what to pad with and how to pad – I never thought of using string for padding – have you?  It makes great tree branches!

Appliqué including visible and invisible stitching – what materials to use and how to use them,

Couching – what to couch with, how to couch threads,

Altered threads – basically they tell you how to make and use twisted cord, which threads are great for creating a new color by threading another fiber through it, which threads are easiest to ruche because they have a built in interior thread or can be easily basted, and something I never thought of – threading wire through metallic threads and shaping it into words; they also cover brushing your threads such as wool for a furry look. 

Beading is covered including what kind of thread works best, what kind of stitches attach beads well, what ways you can attach them, what “cheater ways” there are (ever hear of beadlets?), loom work and they lightly discuss specialty beading stitches which left me wanting more.

Found objects are discussed and I had an eye-opening experience on how many places I’ve missed in finding FUN things to add to my needlepoint!

Backgrounds are suggested including color washing or putting fabric behind open canvas – something I’ve never even considered!  Darning patterns and lite stitching are covered oo. 

Throughout the book there are small pictures showing detail work of canvases as examples of their ideas.  In the back of the book the full picture is presented – all of these pictures disappointed me slightly.  I like BIG color pictures and these are about 2 x 2”.  Yes, they are fine but I really wanted to see them although I’m sure the reason they’re small is that 28 full color pictures would have made the book cost prohibitive.  Altogether, this is a good book crammed with great embellishment ideas.  At only $30 you’ll want to add this to your library.  Grab them now or wait for our next shipment!


Homestead Needle Arts, LLC

Grand Blanc, MI



Email: shop@homesteadNeedle





 The Princess and Me Trunk Show Arrives!

It's here!  The Princess and Me Trunk Show is here!  These DARLING ornaments are just the thing for everybody.  Not just Christmas, they also have birthday ornaments, sailing ornaments, golf ornaments, Halloween, cows, cheerleaders...just lots of great stuff!  They all come with a list of suggested threads and a stitch guide too!  No thinking required!  Or just use it as a suggestion list and go from there.  Here's a sampling of their Christmas ornaments they sent.


They use lots of happy colored threads, lots of glittery things - this is a great way to use up your stash threads.  If this doesn't bring you in, I don't know what will!  Can't make it in?  Just check this website for more goodies  How about a picture of the non-Christmas types? 

more ornaments

And lastly, the Nativity they sent...


Happy browsing!  Just use our secure server if you want to order anything.   




Homestead Needle Arts LLC


email:  shop@homesteadNeedle

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040






The Latest and Greatest on October 11, 2007

For those of you who didn't know it, DMC has come out with overdyed perle cotton #5 that they call Color Variations - these are colorfast cottons and are a great inexpensive way to try out a nice background with color changes that YOU don't have to make up.  How about a sunset with those fantastic oranges?  A sky?  A forest?  Check out these colors and then check out the canvases you already own and see what you can do.  At just $3 a skein I'm sure you can get into some minor trouble. 

                DMC perle


What about this canvas?  I have three sisters and although I don't think ANY of them are "wicked" I do think they're all wicked good!  I thought this was so funny I actually bought multiples of this one.  At only $24.25 you can order one up today!



Yes it's true!  Needle Necessities IS out of business.  Rumors have been rampant but when I called, their answering machine told me everything - they are closed for good.  If you didn't already get your Needle Necessities floss DO NOT PANIC.  Another company had been in the works and was slated to appear at the January Market in California.  Called ThreadworX they stepped up production because of the sudden demand for their product.  We will be ordering their products over the next few months as they become available.  They will be carrying floss and a color crossover chart between the two companies.  As for the other fibers from Needle Necessities, I don't know.  I will let you know when I do know.  For now, this is what I've purchased.  Still only $3.50 each!     


That's it for today until I recharge my camera battery.  Oh unless you want to see one of those crazy pictures of my dog...




Homestead Needle Arts LLC


email:  shop@homesteadNeedle

810-694-3040, 888-694-3040





   Star nine months

Star at Nine Months Old!



July, 2007 Newsletter

What’s new since the last time I wrote you? WOW! Let’s see, I’ve been to TWO markets, San Diego and Columbus. This was my first time to San Diego and there was a LOT more needlepoint at that market. I thought Columbus had a lot! Of course I overspent my budget at both markets. My Chief Financial Officer groused at me all the way home. The Chief Executive Officer told her to lay off. The Sales Director told them both that the customers will LOVE everything I bought. And the Inventory Clerk whined as she tried to find a place to put everything. (Good thing I don’t really have multiple personalities.)

Rainbow Gallery: John has brought out a new line of fiber this June called Panache. It’s 100% rayon. Now, don’t run away screaming! I already happen to have used this and it’s great! It’s about half the thickness of Patina with all the great sheen, shine and fresh look that rayon brings. You can use Panache one ply or two and there are 47 colors. John also introduced me to: …Ten new colors of Mandarin Floss …One new Wisper color …Four new colors of Petite Sparkle Rays …One new Neon Rays color …Nine new colors of Neon Rays Plus …Three new colors of Petite Frosty Rays …Three new colors of Flair that coordinates with the Petite Frosty Rays! …A Treasure Braid sampler card with six colors of Treasure Braid #12 on it in 2 yard pieces – handy! …Splendor Designer Collections – sampler cards with either six Christmas colors or six colors for Santa’s Rosy Cheeks. Easier than buying six full cards of Splendor. …Also be sure to see Rainbow’s other Designer collections in silk, Petite Treasure Braid and Blending Filament.

Our Splendor Club is going strong. If you didn’t join yet, consider joining! You get 10 beautiful silk Splendor colors every month for 3 years and only pay for 8! Sure it will take a while to get them all but the fun IS in the collecting! The price is being held at $3.45 each through the rest of 2007. That’s just $27.60 a month plus postage.

Vineyard Silks – if you haven’t been in the shop lately, you haven’t lived! We have the full line of 154 Classic (solid) colors and 18 Tone-on-Tone (overdyed) colors of Vineyard Silks. We will order any of the Shimmer (metallic blend) for you. This silk is heavenly to stitch with. You use it as is – no plying, no playing around. It’s 100% Chinese silk and is PERFECT for 18 ct. The manufacturer says use it one ply on 13/14 but I prefer to double ply it – that’s just me, do what you like. Wonderful hand (feel), beautiful colors, easy to use– I’m using it on my grandson’s stocking and I can’t say enough nice things. Oh yes, and the distributor is a little doll to work with too! :-) Only $4.50 a skein for the solid colors, $5.15 for the tone-on-tone, I would recommend this to anybody looking for something easy to work with. Yum yum! We do love our silks!

Speaking of which, did I tell you I brought in the WHOLE LINE of Gloriana? This is a “to die for” overdyed 12 strand silk thread in luscious shades that you can do anything with. Come and see the purse flap I stitched using one of their red overdyes in the shaded area and silk Splendor in the solid area. It’s gorgeous according to the finisher! There are over 100 beautiful different overdyed colors and you could make an entire piece around them.

Books – A new Bargello book from Iona Dettelbach is making a huge hit here. Bargello is making a comeback as well it should. This easy-to-do, timeless classic has more places in your home than on the footstool. Check out this book with 24 projects, teaching you to also design your own bargello. Called Creating Contemporary Bargello, you can check out this book right here at Homestead. Only $34.95.

Not here yet, but coming soon: New Twists on Needlepoint Embellishment by the Thread Technique Team due out August 30th and Diaper Patterns by Ann Strite-Kurz.

DVD’s – Amy Bunger came out with TWO of them – the first called Tips, Hints and Knots takes you from threading your needle and anchoring your thread including all kinds of starting techniques like waste knots, pinhead, bargello tuck and more. Then she shows you knots including bullions, colonial knots, French knots. You’ll also learn fun specialty stitches like sliding ShimmerBlend ribbon floss or Sparkle Rays, detached bullions, twisted cord fringe and the gathered stitch. I guess the best part is that you can stop it and play it again and again! The camera work is wonderful – you can really see what she’s doing. A Closet Full of Stitches shows you a lot of wonderful stitches that she suggests for a canvas of clothing but you can use these on anything you’ve got in your project bags. Here’s just a few – using wool roving, woven stitch, diamond eyelet, pulled ribbon, nobuko, corduroy stitch, and of course lots more hints and ideas. Charts, charts and more charts! I think I hit the jackpot at Columbus. I have charts from Caron Collection, charts from Rainbow Gallery and charts from Finger Step Designs. If you prefer charted work, come on in and browse our new charts.

Hand painted canvas – what are you kidding? I can’t list them all here. I think I bought something from everybody! I have FAR TO MANY PAINTED CANVASES IN THE SHOP! That’s why I’m going to Phoenix in August to buy some more. Your job? To keep coming in, seeing what you like and taking it home with you! Let me know what you like so I keep it coming in! ********************************************************* It’s back!!! THE WORLD’S BEST NEEDLEPOINT GARAGE SALE COMING TO GRAND BLANC AGAIN on JULY 26, 27, 28.

Where can you find a painted canvas for $5? A scroll frame for less than half of what it should be? Out of print books? Bag o’ threads? Right here at the World’s Best Needlepoint Garage Sale.

Brought to you year after year by popular demand, we have a few rules to make this easier for everybody. Come in and pick up a sign up sheet right away if you want to participate by SELLING.


1. Your items must be needlepoint related. That includes canvas of any type or size, fibers of any type or size, needlework related books, stitching tools of any type or size. NO MAGAZINES, NO CROSS STITCH, NO KNITTING ETC.

2. Your items must be marked with your price wanted and your initials – clearly on a tag please that we can all find it! Leave me some room to number the tag so I can check your items in and out for you!

3. It’s best to put small items in a clear plastic zip lock bag. Canvases MUST also be in plastic bags to keep them clean! Very very large canvases (i.e. rugs) can not be done this way but everything else can and should be. Books need not be. Stands need not be. Fibers should be to keep them together. Yes, started projects are acceptable for the garage sale!

4. Drop off of items is July 20, 21, 24 and 25. PLEASE DON’T ASK FOR EARLY DROP OFF – WE DON’T HAVE THE SPACE! Have a friend drop off for you.

5. Come back and shop for yourself from July 26 through July 28. There are GREAT DEALS here. The garage sale is only successful because there are BUYERS as well as SELLERS. Be sure to support your friends who are supporting you!

6. Come back and pick up your unsold items and find out your shop credit from July 31 through August 4. NO early pickups please. Why? After the garage sale ends Saturday I sort it all out, make sure that your items unsold and sold match on your sheet and figure your shop credit. I can’t do that with you standing there waiting or if you already pickedit up. Don’t want your items back? No problem! Let me know and they will be donated or disposed of in some other manner. Any items not picked up by the deadline will also be disposed of! Remember, I can’t store them.

7. SPEND your shop credit by 12/15/07. Turn those old unwanted treasures into a new Lowery stand, a beautiful new painted canvas, a treasure of new threads – whatever you want! Shop credit is good on all merchandise but not on teaching fees, getaways, etc.


MICHIGAN STITCHES- A SHOP HOP ADVENTURE September 7 through 17th, 2007

It’s the first ever (that I know of) Michigan needlework shop hop put on by your local needlework shops - and I’m included! Some of us shops got together and decided you guys needed a good time! So here it is, in the form of a shop hop. What’s more fun than shopping with your buddies, winning free prizes, getting discounts and exploring Michigan?Here’s what you do! Come visit me and buy your “passport” for only $5.00. You’ll receive a free gift just for doing so. You’ll then be registered for the GRAND PRIZE which includes a battery operated Ott-Lite, one each of all the Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, new Gingher embroidery scissors, project bags and lots more all in a Longaberger basket!

You’ll also be registered for SEVEN second place prizes. This is going to be a great time to get together with your friends, gas up the vehicle (I suggest a van) and pick a couple of days to shop the seven participating Michigan stitchingstores. Every shop on the list will give you a free gift just for visiting! You’ll get a 20% storewide discount (some items excluded of course) because we want you to have FUN on your SHOP HOP ADVENTURE! Free gifts, shopping with friends, Michigan in the fall – what could be better? I’ll have passports available after August 1.



It’s time to get creative! I want you to try Gloriana silk and love it. In order to encourage you to try it, I’ve come up with a contest. All you have to do is stitch a heart! The heart is approximately 4-1/2” across and will be drawn for you on a piece of white 18 ct. canvas – you’ll need to purchase that and at least two skeins of Gloriana silk. Then go to town! Add other threads if you want or use only Gloriana silk. Try new stitches or try your old favorites. Plan it out or don’t plan it at all! Do a background or don’t. All stitching MUST be finished BUT the heart piece does not need to be finished into a framed piece or pillow or ornament unless you want itto be. Do what your heart desires.

I will not be giving ANY advice or help on your heart. You will be the master of your creation. Hearts will be due in the shop on Thursday, January 31. That gives you more than SIX MONTHS to do this. Internet customers are encouraged to join in on the fun!!! The finished hearts will be displayed in the shop for at least two weeks AND during that time they will be judged (no I’m NOT doing the judging). There will be three prizes if we have at least 75 entries.

The Grand Prize will be (hold your breath, this is REALLYsomething) ONE SKEIN OF EVERY GLORIANA SILK FLOSS COLOR!!! Currently that’s 129 colors at a value of $6.75 a skein. That’s over $870 in silk! WOW! Second and People’s Choice prize is 10 skeins of Gloriana silk and a “Grand Collection” (one of each type of all their lines). If we do not receive at least 75 entries, the prizes will be decreased as necessary. You can register and pick up your canvas and threads beginning July 17. Each person is limited to 6 entries please!

********************************************************** Put this date on your calendar: Fall Stitcher’s Getaway Weekend – November 16 through 18, Ohio If you’re interested in going and you don’t receive another newsletter by September 30th, CALL ME at 810-694-3040 to get the information sent to you. Please help me out with this! If you don’t have email, it’s hard for me to know that you’re interested! Don’t call now; I don’t have any information on pricing or rooms yet.


Classes listed on our Classes page. Thank you again for supporting Homestead Needle Arts.


May 18, 2007


A quick picture of Gail Sirna's Sunflower Santa to be taught at the National ANG Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland.  Yes!  We have Gail's book, In Praise of the Needlewoman: Embroiderer's, Lacemakers, Knitters and Weavers in Art - just check our website!

Sunflower Santa


March 1, 2007 


Hello Needlepointers!

I’m back from visiting my new grandson and he’s a keeper!   Such a cute little guy and so smart to love his grandma.  I wanted to smuggle him home but I wasn’t sure where I’d keep him in the shop – plus he eats every two hours!  I missed my little Star too - and she grew while I was gone!   Theresa with Harrison  Star with shoe

Anyway, I have a LOT to tell you so, get ready!

First of all, we have more classes coming up.  These were all in the newsletter but a little reminder never hurts, right? 

CLASSES:  Marion returns to teach David McCaskill’s Ornametns of the Millennium starting Saturday, March 10 from 10:30 to 12:30.  This beautiful stitched bowl of ornaments can be finished into a weighted stand up pillow that you’ll have done in time for Christmas.  Each month you titch 2 to 3 ornaments on the line drawn canvas using all kinds of fun fibers.  Consider this one but CALL NOW so that I can order your canvas for you.

Canvas Embellishment with Becky returns on Saturday, March 24.  We’ve been waiting for Becky to return from her other obligations - you know, her “real” job.  Anyway, hurry and sign up because her class fills fast.  As usual, class is 10 to 4:30 with a lunch break for only $50.  Purchase or bring any canvas and get lots of ideas for stitches and fibers to get you going again.

MARCH TRUNK SHOW:  Sandy Grossman-Morris Designs!!!  You’ve seen these if you came to the Three Year Anniversary.  Sandy is a new designer and her stuff is cute!  She has a paper doll canvas that I think we should do some kind of challenge on.  There are great child pieces that you can do for nightlights, lighthouses and more.  I expect the show here next week but I already have the catalog and of course you can visit her website at  These are computer (printer) painted designs so the prices are very reasonable.EVERTITE STRETCHER BARS:  You asked for them so they’re here.  I’m carrying up to 14” right now and YES I will order the larger sizes for you and I’ll start carrying them as you start ordering them!  Please note that the small sizes are also PERFECT FOR PUNCHNEEDLE.  They hold your piece perfectly tight and you can tighten it more as needed.  Just ask! 

I’ll have the Spring Stitcher’s Getaway Weekend information available next week so please keep an eye on your email.  As soon as I have the information you’ll have it!  Thanks and keep stitching!


               February 8, 2007


First I want you to help me welcome a new addition to my sales staff.  As you know there’s me and now there’s a new member.  Her name is Star and she’s 8 weeks old.  I know that seems a little young but she’s very experienced in retail.  She’s cute, outgoing, easygoing, adorable and knows that the customer is always right.  No matter how you feel hen you come in, you’ll feel better after talking to Star.  She’s a hands-on kind of salesperson as you’ll find out.  She does take a lot of naps and bathroom breaks but…that’ll change as she gets older. 

            Star 7 weeks old


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