NEW from Rainbow Gallery – Silk Lame’ Plus

Rainbow Gallery has taken Silk Lame’ to a new level…introducing Silk Lame’ Plus!  This is a ribbon style thread that is easy to use, covers very well and currently comes in 36  colors.  The colors match Silk Lame’ Braid so you can coordinate if you want to.  I am thrilled by the coverage of this thread when doing upright stitches on 18 ct. canvas.  Come on in and try it or ask me to send a sample to you with any order.  Silk, glitter and good coverage…what could be better?  All of these threads are on the website here.

New Canvases on the Website

I’ve been ordering painted canvases from the designers and my first question has to be … is it in stock?  As you know, the supply chain has been taking MONTHS longer than usual.  Orders placed today MIGHT be here in 6 months.   I found some new items in stock from both Eye Candy and Kirk and Bradley.  See them on the Homestead website.  Read on for more new canvases coming soon!


Virtual Needlepoint Market

Our Spring market was held this past weekend…virtually again.  We’re all hopeful that our Fall Market will be in person.  There is a LOT of new canvases out there and yes, I ordered plenty!  I also ordered many to be delivered in October or so.  Keep an eye on the website over the next couple of weeks as I will post them as they come in.  The following picture, Lazy Morning at the Bay, is just a tease of what I found that will be delivered later this year.  REMEMBER, I’m always happy to order any painted canvas for you.



I have plenty of Winnetka canvases for you to browse and purchase.  They sent a lot of wonderful Christmas items including full size stockings, baby sleeping and birth samplers, all kinds of ornaments and of course, their witty sayings.  Take a look at the Winnetka Stitchery website and then contact me to see if the item you want is here.  You’ll also receive 20% off our regular prices!  Trunk Show ends Saturday, May 22!  That’s this week so hurry in.


K’s Creations Stand Memorial Day SALE through May 31

This stand is made in America and features easy turning of your canvas to end off threads or inspect the back side of your work.  It includes includes a handy tray for setting your scissors on, pegs for hanging your threads on, and there’s even holes in the tray in case you have items you’d like to set in the tray.  The stand can be easily disassembled into four pieces for traveling or storage.

The horizontal arm is adjustable in length.  Infinite height adjustments to the floor stand are possible by turning one knob.  The metal plate will slide easily under your favorite stitching chair.  This stand weighs less than 9 lbs!

Right now you can get this K’S floor stand for the sale price of $299 DROP SHIPPED directly to you with FREE SHIPPING.  This free shipping and sale price ENDS ON MONDAY, MAY 31 so don’t delay.  Your savings are OVER $70 with the sale price and free shipping.

You can place your order here or call me, 810-694-3040.

Mask Update

If you’re fully vaccinated, you may now shop in the store without your mask.  If you’re less than comfortable with that or have not been vaccinated, please continue to wear your mask.  We will continue to adhere to the State of Michigan and CDC guidelines so if rules change, I will change the rules here also.  Always check the sign on the front door to see the current rules.  THANK YOU!

That’s everything!  New threads, new canvases and a sale on K’s stands.  What a great kick-off to our summer!  See you soon.