Jean Hilton’s Lisa Needlepoint Chart

Jean Hilton's Lisa Needlepoint Chart

Maybe you’ve seen this sample worked up in our shop. Now that Jean’s charts are readily available, you can do this stunning piece for your own Lisa – Lisa is Jean’s daughter. This chart comes with a full color photo, 9 pages of instructions including a material list with the colors that Jean used and suggestions on how to change to your favorite colors. Of course you’ll need canvas, #5 perle cotton, floss, Marlitt, #8 Kreinik, #8 perle cotton and beads – quite an economical project for such stunning results! You’ll do the following stitches: mosaics, elongated tied cross stitches, Jessicas, Rhodes, Amadeus, backstitch, Double Fans, Plaited Ray, eyelets and more. Don’t worry! All stitches are charted and there’s a Master Chart included. Jean also suggests that you can modify this to be a wedding or birth sampler by putting the bride and groom’s names and wedding dates in the center ovals OR the center oval could have a baby picture in it with the other oval for the name, weight and date. Do it in the wedding or nursery colors for a hit of a gift!