I’m back!  Did you miss me?

I traveled down to Kreinik in West Virginia as I’ve always wanted to see how they wind threads.  Yes, I purchased lots more Kreinik for you including their cute red scissors.   Read on for more Kreinik news.  Then I stopped at Bradley Needlepoint in North Carolina, a large facility that owns several lines of canvas – this month’s Associated Talents trunk show is from them!   What a drive!  Beautiful scenery, lots of different weather patterns (!) and I got to see the ocean, mountains, rivers and more just by driving.

Associated Talents Trunk Show

Hurry!  Due to my shortened month, you only have two more weeks to see the Trunk Show.  Here are the videos again for your “viewing pleasure” and the link to their website is https://bradleyneedlepoint.com/collections/new-designs-associated-talents.   Use the left hand menu ONLYto navigate and stay within the Associated Talents canvases.  This designer has lots of happy, bright canvases including some beach themed for those of you that love the beach life.  Of course, 20% off all Associated Talents canvases, in stock and special order through April 27.  My favorites are the little houses like the one above.  But I like the turtle too.  And of course the starfish shapes…

Video #1 Larger Pieces

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Kreinik Mfg. sells to Rainbow Gallery

Earlier this month, Doug Kreinik of Kreinik Mfg. of Parkersburg, WV announced his retirement.  He has sold the business to Rainbow Gallery in Burbank, CA.  Kreinik immediately finished filling the shops’ current orders and is now shipping all machinery, threads and other items to California.  THERE WILL BE A LAG IN THE TIME THAT RAINBOW GALLERY WILL BE ABLE TO FULFILL OUR KREINIK ORDERS OF AT LEAST 6 WEEKS.  We hope that in early June, we will start receiving the Kreinik threads again.  At this time, I have plenty of stock in most colors so don’t panic!  The best news of all is that we haven’t lost the Kreinik line of threads and production will begin as soon as possible.  Please be patient during this transition time and join me in wish Doug the best retirement possible.  The pictures above are the hallways of Kreinik Mfg. filled with stitched items and some of their thread lines.

Gloriana Threads Will No Longer Be Twisted

The skeins of Gloriana silk threads that I carry will now be shipped to me untwisted.   The picture above shows the twisted on the left and the new loose untwisted skein on the right.   Twisted skeins will be here until their stock is gone.  There are several reasons for this including the special twisting machines are getting older and are not replaceable.  The skeining machines are also hard on the backs of those using them. The variegation of colors in the silk can be seen more easily when the skein is not twisted.  The skeins are no longer knotted but are pre-cut.  Gloriana has discontinued 4 yard skeins of their silks (which I never stocked anyway.)  They appreciate our understanding about these changes.

Stitch In on Saturday, April 20

Come and join me on Saturday, April 20 from 10-4 for an all day stitch in.  PLEASE EMAIL ME or if it’s late in the week, call to see if there is space available as there is limited seating.  If you ever want to get together with your friends, just let me know and we can arrange for your own stitch-in at Homestead!  Come on in, stitch, browse the trunk show and the new canvases like the one above!


Classes – Work on your Project!

Classes continue on Wednesdays from 2-3:30 for $15.  You must sign up and pay at least a week in advance so that I don’t need to cancel the class.  I will no longer take reservations the day before or the day of the class so please plan ahead!  Classes keep you working on your project if you get stuck and you get the added benefit of meeting other needlepoint lovers.

That’s it for now!  Above is a nice sunset picture at the ocean.  Relax and stitch!


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