Desert Island Stitches, Vol. 2, Ideas for Creative Borders by Carole Lake and Michael Boren


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This book is called Desert Island Stitches, Take-Along Idea Book for Painted Canvas Embellishment, Volume Two:  Ideas for Creative Borders.  Whew!  That’s some title to fit on this little 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ wirebound book.  Are you bewildered, befuddled or just blank when it comes to borders?  This book will set you straight, teach you the simple math to choose your best border and help you stitch it with a minimum of fuss.  It includes Continuous Borders, Borders with Mitered Corners, Borders with Center Miters, Log Cabin Borders, Borders with Corner Motifs, Borders with Center Motifs and Bands for Borders.

Large easy to see (non-numbered) graphs are included for the large variety of borders in this 80 page book.  Bright pink pages explaining each type of border are found within, followed by the graphs.  If you’ve ever been stumped by choosing a border for your piece, this book will guide you to the answer.

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