Distinctive Presentations in Needle Art – a Complete Guide to Professional Finishing for Your Needlework by Marcia S. Brown


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Marcia Brown, the owner of the Binding Stitch is a finishing artist. Many of us enjoy the art of the needle but Marcia loves to finish and it shows in the beauty of her work. This book has drawings, pictures, excellent instructions and good tips. If you’re interested in having your pieces look professionally finished, then following the directions here will give you a beautifully finished piece. Blocking & sizing, construction of pieces, pillows & cushions, neckrolls, options such as shirring-insets-flange-etc., doorstop, frame, 3D standing figures including weighting them, stockings, twisted cord, roped cord, bell pulls, rugs, fringe, small items, lined cases, round/oval Styrofoam forms and final touches are all covered. This book is softcover and is 195 pages. May need to be re-ordered so please expect a wait.

The best praise I can give Marcia is that years ago, I took a class that included watching her finish the class piece into a neckroll pillow. When I finished stitching my piece OVER A YEAR LATER, I was able to follow her written instructions and actually finish my pillow AND it looks good. I expect you’ll have the same results with this book.

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