Grape Leaf Chart by Diane McGregor

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Here’s another wonderful design by Diane.  She used 6 different colors of Gloriana silk, 5 skeins of Needlepoint Inc. silk, Petite Very Velvet, Soie Perlee silk, Trebizond silk, Gloriana Perle 8, Kreinik 8, Sampler Thread floss and ThreadworX floss to create these wonderfully colored grape leaves.  You’ll trace them on your canvas and the leaves measure about 7 x 8″ but you can increase this by adding a border or background with her instructions.  You’ll then stitch the following stitches:

Souffle, Jerusualem Cross, double upright cross, Wheat, eyelet, cross, horizontal gobelin, Dutch and many more to fill the leaves.  You can stitch the background with the word GRAPE as she did, leave it unstitched or pick and filling stitch you want.  This is a great little project to see how different stitches catch the light in silk.

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