Jessica, A Heart Design Chart by Jean Hilton

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This is a beautiful older chart by Jean Hilton featuring the Jessica stitch.  She actually stitched this on Davos fabric but since Davos is 18 ct. fabric, you can do this on 18 ct. canvas with the same result.  She recommends purchasing some “crochet-type lace” which is 1-3/4″ wide, basically lace having straight edges with holes so that it can be sewn to the Davos/canvas.  She says that a lace with a picot edge will work too.  Then you select your mail color and purchase ribbons and beads to match.  You’re going to weave the ribbon through the lace.  Once your lace is affixed to your ground fabric, you’ll do Jessica stitches, cross stitches, 4-way continentals and leaf stitches.

This is a beautiful, easy to accomplish pillow.  It would make a wonderful ring-bearer’s pillow.  Ask us to send your canvas, threads and ribbon!

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