Needlepoint 202 – A Guide to 12 Different Techniques with Illustrations for Embellishment of the Painted Canvas


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This book by Ruth Dilts with Joan Lohr, is a winner! Scared of painted canvas? This book follows Needlepoint 101 and is a really great guide for anybody wanting to embellish their canvas. At only $20 EVERYBODY can benefit from the techniques and stitches in this book. I bet your shop is charging more – but we keep the prices reasonable for you! And there’s color pictures – our favorite! Ruth covers beading, couching, knots, padding, ruching, thread blending and painting, tufted stitches, twisted and wrapped cords. She demonstrates with several Santa pictures how to use these same techniques. There are more than 12 stitched canvas pictures in the book and Ruth breaks each one down, telling you what stitch was used in each. If you study each carefully, you’ll go away with the knowledge to apply to a canvas of your own. She also diagrams over 40 needlepoint stitches for you in the back of the book.

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