New Twists on Needlework Embellishment


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Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson take you right through basics on canvas embellishment – they’re not talking about playing up your canvas with fancy stitches and fun fibers – they’re talking about adding design elements to create shapes and bring objects to the foreground of the design. The authors cover:

Padding – what to pad with and how to pad…Appliqué including visible and invisible stitching…Couching – what to couch with, how to couch threads…Altered threads – twisted cord, creating new colors, ruching, threading wire through threads, brushing up threads… Beading – what kind of stitches attach beads well, what ways you can attach them, and loom work…Found objects and where to find them are discussed – great ideas…Backgrounds are suggested including color washing or putting fabric behind open canvas – something I’ve never even considered!…Overall, a great book full of ideas for your library and use.

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