Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book by Carole H Lake and Michael E. Boren


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Here’s the newest idea book to hit the needlepoint market for 2014! It starts out with a “little” reading material on choosing a painted canvas, what to think about before you start stitching, terms that you and I throw about loosely (like laying threads, etc.), and ideas for threads which includes current threads on the market today. This all goes through page 40! Then it goes into ideas for stitches and here I’m going to just go over the index because THAT will tell you what’s in rest of the book. Faces, Eyes, Eyebrows, Noses and Mouths; Hair and Fur; Clothing; Rugs, Floors and Buildings; Leaves and Foliage; Snow and Ice; Wings; Stars and Starbursts; Motifs; Small Areas; Medium Areas, Large Areas, Very Large Areas and Backgrounds; Bands and Borders; Vertical Lines; Diagonal Lines; Outlining and Accenting Areas; Shading Stitches; Combination Stitches. Yes, there IS an index. Be aware that each page has multiple stitches on it or multiple instructions so you’re getting more than one stitch per page! Also, the stitches are NOT numbered which will not bother a veteran stitcher. Wirebound to lay flat, 105 pages.

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