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This little book is HANDY!  You may have already purchased our Quick Stitch books in the past – this is the third in the series.  Although it looks like Homestead Needle Arts wrote the book, we did not!  It’s written by Susan Jones of Finger Step Designs.  This book measures approximately 5-1/2″ x 4″.  It is spiral bound and contains 48 suggested variations to stitches AND graph paper that you can use for your own ideas.

The Table of Contents includes  Hints for Stitching, Small Changes, New Look, Backgrounds, Frames, Zig-Zags, Slides, Baskets, Blocks, Oops, Diamonds and The Kitchen Sink.  The book encourages you to “shake up your stitching” by taking regular stitches you’re familiar with and adding a different slant or color to it.  For example, Stitch #16 in the Frames section shows a grouping of mosaic, scotch and elongated cashmeres framed by tent stitches.  It suggest that you can

1.  Change the slant of some of the inside stitches

2. Stitch in one color for a background

3.  Stitched in two colors it has a plaid effect.

4.  Stitched in more than two colors it becomes an elaborate tile.

48VariationsHere’s a finished sampler of all the stitches in this book.

And here’s the link to find all the information you’ll need when stitching this sampler!

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