Shakespeare’s Flowers in Stumpwork Book by Jane Nicholas


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This beautiful NEW book by Jane Nicholas starts with a little background of Shakespeare’s time and the flowers that were present in his writings and in the gardening craze of the times.  Projects include a Border of Shakespeare’s Flowers, Samplers, Elizabethan Flower Panel, Garland of Spring Flowers.  Part 5 of the book covers techniques, equipment and the all important stitch glossary.  From these four projects, there are 24 different flowers that are taught – you could do any of these individually for any project where you need the perfect 3D flower.

The flowers include Apothecary Rose, Borage, Periwinkle, Bellflower, Barberry, Gillyflower, Strawberry, Knapweed, Plum, Cornflower, Heartsease, Redcurrant, Grapevine, Sweet Briar, Pea Pods, Crab Apple, Primrose, Honeysuckle, Lancaster Rose, Bluebell, English Daisy, Forget-Me-Nots, Wild Pansies and Snowdrops.

Colored illustrations, information about the flower, sonnets and wonderful close up photographs fill this book.  There are 272 pages in this hard-bound book and it’s likely to be a book that you turn to time and time again for inspiration, if not for a project.

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