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This wire-bound 5-1/2 x 8-1/2”, 84 page book is back in stock after being re-printed by another distributor. The book is small enough to tuck into your stitching bag and is a great find for advanced stitchers and beginner stitchers alike. Sharon starts with a short explanation of texture and pattern before suggested stitches and includes Basketweave, Brick, Continental, Double Brick, Giant Brick, Half Cross, Satin, Straight Gobelin, Alicia’s Lace, Alternating Cashmere, Alt. Mosaic, Alt. Scotch, Balloon, Burden Stitch Variation, Criss Cross Hungarian, Diamond Ray, Dotted Lace, Double, 4-Way Continental, Houndstooth, Hungarian, Irish, Long Upright Cross, Parisian, Pavilion Diamonds, Skip Tent, assorted Small Cross Stitches, Smyrna Cross, T-stitch, Upright Cross, Woven, Arrowhead, Byzantine, Cashmere, Checker Mosaic, Damask, Diagonal Fern, Diag. Knitting, Diag. Leaf, Diag. Mosaic, Diag. Romanian, Diag. Triple Parisian, Encroaching Oblique, Greek Jacquard, Kennan, Milanese, Mosaic Stripe, Nobuko, Oblique Slav, Open Mosaic, Reverse Diag. Knitting, Reverse Nobuko, Roman Capitals, Roman Cross, Scotch, Slanted Gobelin, Souffle’ Variations, Square Mosaic, Staircase, Victorian Step, Woven Ribbons, and Woven Trellis. There’’s a good index on the last two pages. The size makes it great to take to class. The charts are easy to see although the stitches are not numbered. As a really positive note, Sharon gives tips on every single stitch including ideas for threads and what to use the stitch for!

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