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This book is written by Kate Sinton. I took a good look through it and it’s got some great background, pictures, explanations and really good instructions. It reminds me of the A-Z books which takes you step-by-step through the process of creating stitches and specific pieces. They teach you how to frame up your work, simple design ideas, applique’, flat stitches, raised surface stitches, needlelace, metal thread work, padding, slips, wrapping and how to attach found object. It’s a great starter book that should inspire you with enough ideas to get you started. There were ideas in there that I’d never seen before like instead of just doing a buttonhole round circle “in the air” you’ll do it around a dowel, knitting needle or some other round object. Well that would help! There is a section on applying stumpwork to canvas, and the non-canvas stumpwork can actually be used for canvas too. For example, the raised stem band they use to make the snail’s body is exactly the same as you would do on canvas and they’re doing it on fabric! This book is 112 pages in a spiral bound, hard back cover.

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