Stumpwork Medieval Flora by Jane Nicholas


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Hard cover, 286 pages. Here’s the latest from Jane! She has had a long fascination with illuminated manuscripts from the medieval era (some pictures included of those) and was inspired to work eight flowers in stumpwork embroidery. Five are worked as botanical specimens with their Latin names below them and three as illuminated panels – all eight are of course, beautiful. This book takes you through each piece and teaches you how to reproduce them for yourself. The flowers and bugs included are Corncockle and Dragonfly, Herb Robert and Caterpillar, Star of Bethlehem and Grasshopper, Tansy and Damselfly, Venus’ Looking Glass and Bumblebee, the panels include Bittersweet and Butterfly (you can do this one for me!), Snowdrop and Cranefly, and Wild Pea and Longhorn Moth. Of course this book is beautiful!

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