Transformative Stitching: Needlework on the Diagonal by Dawn Donnelly Book


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New in 2021!  Dawn Donnelly has stitched most of her life.  She has designed her own pieces, taught at various seminars and has now published her first book!

This book will become a favorite “go to” for those of us that appreciate easy to use, small size books.  The stitches are numbered and there are “uses” so that when you’re browsing the book, you can figure out what stitch you’ll want to use on clothing, snow, flowers, wallpaper, grass, sky, etc.

Although the title makes you think all the stitches in the book will be diagonal, there are plenty of upright stitches too and the handy part is that they are also shown on the diagonal!  The last part of the book has suggested diagonal patterns good for open areas, backgrounds and borders.  There are some colored pictures of stitched examples in the book.  It’s wire-bound, measures 8-1/2 x 5-1/2, has over 100 pages and is just $36.  You can find it here on my website.  Stock is limited, but back orders are happily accepted.

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