Geranium Doorway (no longer available)

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I scored this canvas at the Dallas Market and discovered the wholesaler will no longer be carrying Mary Kay Crowley designs.  Yes, that’s a call to GRAB this if you love it!

This design features a white stone or marble doorway with potted red plants on either side.  I think they’re geraniums but you can make them into your favorite red flowers.  A topiary tree on the far left of the canvas sits behind a pleasant garden bench with a needlepoint pillow on it!  The THINGS you can do with that pillow!  A little round window, a drainpipe, a wandering vine and more details make this a visual feast.

Painted on 16 ct. this measures 11 x 14-1/2″.  There are 24 colors in it as it has one of those handy color lines on the side, making it easier to pull threads.  Let me know if you want me to send threads for this gorgeous piece.

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