Eight New 2016 Gloriana Silk Colors


Product Description

From our favorite silk dyers, Gloriana, here’s EIGHT new silk colors.  From left to right as shown in the picture, we have:

219 Lemon Ice

241 Tangerine Dark

262 Cranberry Surprise

268 Chocolate

272 Cotswold Peony

273 Cotswold Pink

270 In the Navy

271 Sand Castles


If you purchase from this page, you’ll receive one of each of the 8 new colors.  If you want to purchase these separately, please visit our regular Gloriana page by clicking here.

As usual, these are 6 yards each of 12 strand silk, made in France.  Please purchase enough of the silk for you project as dye lots change.

Additional information

Weight .625 lbs

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