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Flair is a tubular nylon netting that lends a special glimmer to your stitching. On painted canvas it’s fun to use the sheer colors of Flair with straight stitches and let the painted color come through. I saw this used for the perfect pair of nylons on a crazy lady canvas – Flair can be used for anything your imagination can come up with! If the end unravels as you stitch use Fray Check or cut it on a severe diagonal to alleviate this problem.  We also recommend burning the end and YES, we have the perfect tool!

You can also insert other fibers through Flair or use Frosty Rays where it’s done for you!  The latest craze has been to fill Flair with beads!

10 yards per card. Suitable for 13 through 18 ct. canvas.

If you need a color we don’t stock (see the Color Cards), we will order it for you provided you order at least 3 of each non-stocked color.  They come in packages of 6.

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Weight 0.125 lbs

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