Silk Lame’ Plus



This ribbon from Rainbow Gallery was new in 2021.  The original 36 beautiful colors coordinate with the Silk Lame’ Braid are joined by 29 more in 2022!  This is a ribbon-style thread with outstanding coverage, especially for those vertical and horizontal stitches.  10 yards per card.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs

LM01 Black, LM02 White, LM03 Ecru, LM04 Antique Rose, LM05 Avocado, LM06 Gold, LM07 Pink, LM08 Red, LM09 Dark Red, LM10 Green, LM11 Yellow, LM12 Purple, LM13 Sky Blue, LM14 Blue, LM15 Dark Blue, LM16 Navy, LM17 Lite Surf Blue, LM18 Surf Blue, LM19 Antique Blue, LM20 Dark Antique Blue, LM21 Lite Lavender, LM22 Lavender, LM23 Dark Lavender, LM24 Baby Pink, LM25 Rose Pink, LM26 Raspberry, LM27 Garnet, LM28 Burgundy, LM29 Chiffon, LM30 Orange, LM31 Copper, LM32 Coffee, LM33 Eggshell, LM34 Lemon, LM35 Buttercup, LM36 Chartreuse, LM37 Dark Avocado, LM38 Caribbean, LM39 Lagoon, LM 40 Dove Gray, LM41 Pewter, LM42 Mint, LM43 Lite Mint, LM44 Lite Shell Pink, LM45 Deep Rose, LM47 Lavender Blue, LM48 Silver, LM49 China Blue, LM50 Fuchsia, LM51 Turquoise, LM52 Pumpkin, LM53 Crimson, LM54 Lite Avocado, LM55 Dark Chocolate, LM56 Forest Green, LM57 Christmas Green, LM58 Dark Christmas Green, LM59 Lilac, LM60 Camel, LM61 Sand Gold, LM62 Dark Sand Gold, LM63 Emerald, LM64 Deep Avocado, LM65 Black Sparkle


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