A very fine fuzzy single yarn, this is 80% kid mohair and 20% nylon blended for strength. It is usually necessary to ply up to a thickness that will cover your canvas. It may also be brushed to give a fuller effect and we strongly recommend this when you want to use it for a beard or animal fur (try Judy’s Boo-Boo stick). Combine it with another, stronger yarn such as Designer’s Dream, Burmilana or Petite Alpaca to give it even more strength. Consider combining two colors of Wisper for more realistic animal fur.

Usually we recommend 2 ply for 18 ct. canvas and at least 3 to 4 ply for 13-14 ct. canvas. Of course 1 ply is great for cross stitch. Consider using this fiber when you’re nearly finished with your project so that the “fuzzies” won’t get caught in your other stitching. 20 yards per card.  Colors listed are those we have in stock.  Yes, we’ll order any color for you but if it’s something we don’t sell a lot of (i.e. Shocking Pink) we may ask you to purchase 3 of those colors as we must order them in packets of 6.  See colors

Note:  The following colors are discontinued and replaced with the colors next to it:

W60 use W133

W63 use W90

W75 use W68

W76 use W118

W69 discontinued



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