StellaSKY Two Floor Lamp


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Stella has LED lights which keeps your energy costs low. It has 3 light choices – cool white, warm light (the typical yellowish cast we’re all used to) and bright white or pure spectrum lighting. The LED lights have 50,000 hours of life. That means NO LIGHT BULB CHANGES. No running about trying to find the oddly shaped light bulb! You also receive a wireless remote (no fumbling for the light switch) which can magnetically attach to the lamp. You choose your lighting mode and brightness with five different light intensities right on your remote.

Our distributor quotes the features as follows: FEATURES: Adjustable Height Central to the SKY’s design is its ability to effortlessly adjust height from 4 to 6 feet. Remote Lighting The SKY’s light color and intensity can be controlled from across the room, the work station or from the comfort of your favorite chair. Flexibility Not only can SKY telescope up and down, but Stella’s unique Flex-Arm technology allows you to put the SKY’s light in practically any direction. Less Heat! Like all Stella products, the SKY’s ultra-efficient LED technology, producing very little heat, making it comfortable to work under. No bulb, no worries! Stella Lighting’s long lasting LED technology eliminates the time, hassle and cost of bulb replacement. NOTE: Remember, this item is not returnable unless there is a manufacturing defect. This item CAN be drop shipped to you.

Be sure to specify in your comments if you want black or white.

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