Hi everybody!  We’re approaching the end of January but I have new stuff to tell you about.


You’ve probably seen these beautiful bags on Facebook.  If not, don’t worry – You can see them in the shop NOW.  These are well made, sturdy totes with two insert areas for your needlepoint – one on each side.  The totes measure 13″ wide x 4″ deep x 11″ high.  The strap measures a total of 25″.  The insert areas are about 6 x 7″.  The totes have two interior pockets on each side and a large zipper pouch in the center of the bag.  No more lost items!

The cross-body purse measures 9”W x 4”D x 11”H.  The strap is 50″ overall and of course, is adjustable.  You don’t have to use it cross-body, just sling it over your shoulder!  The purse has one center zippered pouch and an outside zippered pocket.  The other side has the insert area for your needlepoint.  Every bag has a darling tag that says Turtle Bags and includes a tiny turtle charm!  Do you all know how much I love turtles?  🙂

You can also purchase “turtle shells” that will liven up your tote or purse until you finish stitching your needlepoint insert (like the one in the Bahama Blue bag.)  Order several and switch them by the season!

The current prices are as follows:  Tote $120, Cross Body Purse $96.  You may also order “shells” for $13.  You can see the sizes and color choice details at this link:  https://turtlebagsinc.com/  Have no idea what insert you would want to stitch?  Mindy has some beautiful ones and Colors of Praise does floral initials that fit (see pictures below).  I’m sure you can check your stash for something that you can engineer to fit!

I need to order a MINIMUM of five purses per order.  Come on in and see these or browse the Turtle Bag website and let me know which ones you’d like by Friday, February 4.  That way I can order them all at one time as shipping them is pricey!  Each bag comes in a beautiful green “turtle” box that you can save or re-use.

Tango and Chocolate Trunk Show ENDS THIS WEEK

Remember, the Tango and Chocolate Trunk Show is being packed up on Saturday, January 29.  Get your dog, kitty or fun flowers before then!  At 25% off of regular prices, you don’t want to miss these.  For You Tube videos of the canvases that came in the trunk show, you can watch here:

Tuesdays with Theresa Cancelled Until Further Notice

I have a shortage of Tuesday students so many classes have been cancelled in the past month.  Until further notice, Tuesdays with Theresa is cancelled.  If you would like a very short private lesson, please contact me for available times and costs.  Keep in mind that Kathy Fenchel is teaching here monthly and you may be able to get a seat in her class if you contact me now, 810-694-3040.

Snowy or Icy Roads?

Keep in mind, if travel is hazardous, I may NOT attempt the drive.  I will leave a messaage on the answering machine advising my status and I will post that I’m closed on Homestead Needle Art’s Facebook page.  If you don’t have FB and it is well before store hours, just email me and I’ll respond to you whether I will be closed or not.

February 2022 Trunk Show – Lee Needle Arts

You love their leather goods and their wide range of canvases so…BE SURE TO SEE THIS TRUNK SHOW!  Your next newsletter will alert you to the arrival of the Lee Needle Arts Trunk Show.


New Canvases Being Added to Homestead Needle Arts’ Website

Don’t forget, I’m constantly adding the new canvases that arrive to the shop on my website.  Browse 24/7 and choose something that makes you happy!

See you soon!  Until then, stay warm and stay stitching.