Happy Snow Day and Groundhog Day!  

Well it’s a snow day for me – maybe not for you.  After all the hullabaloo about how bad it would be, I decided to stay home and work remotely today.  That means working on the website, doing this newsletter and taking breaks to play in the snow with Skye.  It is BEAUTIFUL out there and I’m glad I can enjoy it from the safety of my home.  Onward!

KATHY FENCHEL CLASS – Two Seats Available

Friday, February 11 is the next Kathy class.  Some of our regulars are gone to warmer climates so if you want to take a class, this is the time!  You’ll bring (or purchase) any painted canvas and Kathy will help you by suggesting threads and stitches.  Class is $85 and runs from 10-4 with a break for lunch on your own.  It’s a great way to take a day for yourself.  Call me to reserve your seat, 810-694-3040.  This is a great time to choose a Lee canvas and have Kathy help you!

Lee Needle Arts Trunk Show Has Arrived

I will have the Trunk Show through Friday, February 25 but don’t delay!  They sent what they had in canvases and I will be happy to order any you want and, as usual, there will be a delay if they don’t have it in stock.  But the self finishing items – they sent PLENTY of those.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you just may need a new canvas or purse for yourself.

This time to make it easy for you, I’ve posted pictures of the smaller canvases here in the newsletter and on my website in groups.  I’ve posted the leather and other goods individually on my website.  I’ve done a You Tube video for all the large pieces such as pillows that I’ve hung in the shop.  PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR PRICES ON CANVAS ITEMS.  I could not possibly add all the prices to each individual item on the website in time for the trunk show.  You will receive 20% off our regular prices.  Email or call me at 810-694-3040.  So without further ado, here are pictures and links:

Lee Leather Goods and Other Self Finishing Items  In Stock Now!

These are posted individually on my website – just click the title link above.  This will give you a good idea of what they sent.  Some of the items have more than one color available.  You can also see the whole line at Lee Needle Arts.


Canvases in the Shop:

If you don’t see anything you like view the whole collection at Lee Needle Arts.

Page 1 BJ Size and Crosses

The last grouping above are not all Lee Needle Arts but will fit into their rounds and are also 20% off during the trunk show.

PAGE 2 BJ Designs and Egg Shaped Designs – eggs don’t fit in any of the leather goods (but they’re cool looking!).

PAGE 3 – BB  and  BD  Designs


Page 4 BD and BR Designs


Page 5 BG Canvases

Covid Update

Michigan is finally seeing our numbers shift downward but I’m still asking everybody to mask up while in the shop.  Let’s keep each other well!  Remember, regular hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10-4.

I’m off for another round of catch in the snow with you-know-who.  May your week be just as fun!