Winnetka Stitchery Trunk Show is Here!

The Trunk Show has arrived and I’m busy inventorying it and hanging it up now.  You’ll love these designs…they’re fun and reasonably priced.  PLUS YOU’LL RECEIVE 20% OFF OF OUR REGULAR PRICES.   Please note that this is the popular designer that does all the themed trees, doorways, little wreaths, mini mini socks and regular mini socks, full size stockings and a LOT of witty sayings.  For example: “Save the Earth!  It’s the Only Planet with Chocolate!”  You can see the selection on the website HERE.  If something is not in stock, it will be 6-8 months to be painted, however, they have sent me a large selection so this is the time to GRAB what you want and not wait for it to be painted!

NOTE:  These canvases are not on my website.  If you need one or more and can’t make it into the shop, please call me at 810-694-3040 or email your phone number to me at

Handy Bead Holder Box

Today I’m featuring the above beading box that I use when I’m beading a canvas.  It’s made out of metal so what I do is use one of my useful super strong magnets on the magnetic side of the box and attach it to my canvas with the other magnet on the back of the canvas.  The magnetized strip is also good for holding your beading needles even when not in use.

Then the side with the dimples in it is just sticky enough to hold your beads without leaving a residue on them.  Pour a little bit of your beads on there and off you go!  Because it’s sticky, you can’t knock your beads off.  If you get it dusty or find that it’s not very sticky anymore, you just wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s good to go again.

These handy boxes are $17.75.  I have several in stock.  Pick one up next time you’re in or order it online HERE.

Finishing Deadline and Tips

The finishing deadline to have your project back before Christmas is September 15.  It must be in the shop by that date so I can send it to the finisher.

My finisher does NOT want you to stitch an extra 2 rows around your piece.  That being said, if the angles of your stitched edges are to tight to get a sewing machine into, choose a neutral background color and go ahead and stitch into the angled areas so she can easily seam your piece.  For example, the canvas above does NOT need extra stitches around it.

Did you know that if you want perfectly matched trim and/or hangers, you can advise me as to which thread and color you used that you want for trim?:  As long as I stock it, I can send a skein or card with your piece.  If you don’t cut your skein, my finisher can make twisted cord out of it.  If, like me, you cut through the entire skein, it will not be long enough to make into cording.

Class Update

I’ve been vaccinated!!!  I am now be able to teach one on one needlepoint classes BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY starting next week.  Appointments will be short and one-on-one only so that you can get help with your projects.

You must have had your vaccine(s) and you must wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times in the shop.  The class will be 15 minutes only.  The cost will be $10.   Do not bring other people to class with you.

Appointments are very limited and I will not be booking standing appointments so that everybody can have a chance for some help.  Call me at 810-694-3040 to set one up.

Change in Kreinik Minimums

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been able to order Kreinik metallic threads for you in single spools.  Kreinik has recently changed their minimums in order to streamline their business and I can not order single rolls of their metallic threads any more.

If the color or size of their metallic thread is NOT something I stock, you will need to order at least 3 blister packs of the color you desire.  They package their blister packs in 3’s and there is a slightly higher charge (about .20 a spool) for this packaging.  I can also order a bulk pack of 5 rolls if you prefer that.

I do stock quite a few colors in size 8, size 12 and size 16 braid and the more common colors in the 1/16″ ribbon so it’s likely you won’t be affected by this.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the Kreinik colors may now be sold on white spools instead of black.  This is only because of a shortage of the black spools and does not affect the thread in any way, NEITHER is it indicative of a dye lot change.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these changes.

Watercolors or Waterlilies?  What do you prefer?

I’m considering paring down the Watercolors line to the most popular colors only and bringing in more of the Waterlilies (silk) instead.  As you know, the Watercolors is 3 ply and needs one ply for good coverage on 18 ct. canvas.  It has 10 yards per skein.  The Waterlilies silk is 12 ply and you would need to strip and lay it for the silk to shine.  It has 6 yards per skein.  Which thread do YOU prefer?  Just shoot me a return email if you regularly use either of these and would like to “vote”.

Happy Spring and Happy Mother’s Day!

Sorry, I don’t have any recent Skye pictures but here are some of the flowers in my gardens.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you – the moms, the stepmoms, the cat moms, the dog moms and the bird moms!  I hope I’ve covered everybody.  🙂

See you soon!  Theresa

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