Happy Memorial Day early!  I am open on Friday and Saturday May 23 and 24 as usual.  I’m closed Sunday and Monday as usual too.  Don’t have a thing to do?  Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning, the threads and the canvases!  Maybe you’ll go home with a new patriotic canvas or a floral.  There are always LOTS to choose from..

NEW!  DMC Eco Vita Wool

DMC Eco-Vita Wool thread is made from 100% organically dyed wool using tints like indigo, rhubarb, juniper and walnut.  It doesn’t split like crewel thread and is guaranteed to be durable and colorfast against light, washing and wear according to its Woolmark certification.  There are 60 colors and each skein is 16 meters.  It can be hand washed.  I ordered the wool in white and black to try it and see what I could tell you.  I stitched it on 18 mesh canvas and found that one strand covered easily in basketweave.  This new thread is perfect for canvaswork, embroidery and even repairing garments.   As stated, right now I only have the black and white.  If you think you’ll want to use this wool, let me know and I’ll consider putting in the entire line.  Remember, if you’re looking for wool, I stock Planet Earth Wool and also, Bella Lusso wool.  Both of those threads are Merino wool.

Painted Pony Trunk Show

It’s the last chance for you to get these retired designs at half off!  Still in the shop, I’m packing the Trunk Show up next week after Memorial Day so DO NOT MISS OUT.  If somehow you have missed the Show and can’t get in, check out the videos I made.  The pictures above are a few of the cute canvases still here.  Buy these please and SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!  🙂

First Video – Larger Pieces 

Second Video

Third Video – Smaller Pieces


Kreinik Update

Rainbow Gallery continues to work towards getting the machines properly installed and running to make the Kreinik threads we all know and love.  In the meantime, if I don’t have a Kreinik in stock that you need for a project already in progress, let me know and perhaps I can find it for you elsewhere.  If you haven’t started the metallic area yet, I may be able to substitute another thread.

Too hot to be outside?

Stay in the your air conditioned home and browse my website!  There are always fun items there and I add the new items as soon as they arrive.  Today I’m showcasing a few of the self finishing items – the Lee mirror and the Planet Earth round box.  I have more round canvases that fit these lovely pieces!

As Usual, Skye Is One Happy Dog

This was one of her birthday toys…WAS as she managed to rip it apart in a timely manner.  It’s time to pull out the wading pool and make her even happier.

See you soon!


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