Mini Mindy Trunk Show – New and Popular

I bet you didn’t think I’d have a second Trunk Show this month!  Mindy has sent me her newest and her most popular designs along with several beautiful boxes!  All of these items are 20% off.  Buy quickly because re-orders or special orders will not be discounted.   Of course I’ve done a YouTube video in case you can’t make it into the shop.  Just click here  Call me at 810-694-3040 if you see something you want!  And don’t wait, these return to Mindy at the end of this month so that’s only two weeks that I have them.

Lizzie Clark Trunk Show Continues

I’m happy that the larger pillow sized pieces from this artist  are so popular with you.  I’m fond of the one shown above but I’m waiting for YOU to buy it before I put my name on it!  Please!  Save me from myself!




NEW from JP Needlepoint

I’ve just received Juli’s latest designs in the mail today, all shown above.  Rocky Raccoon, Mr. T the Threadbuster (lion) and Have a Heart are all on 13 mesh canvas.  The Happy Hooter eyeglass case and Penguin with Christmas Lights are on 18 ct.  These will be added to my website as soon as I can but order now and save me the time!  🙂

It finally feels like Autumn here with the nights growing cooler and sometimes the day too!  I suspect we’ll have a lovely crop of apples at the local orchards.  As my friend Randi says, stitch faster (so I can see you again soon!)



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