Hello everybody!

I came up with a crazy idea…why not have a 12 Days of Christmas Program for you.   No worries, this isn’t a Club or anything.  Instead I will be discounting certain items or having a fun event.  This is going to help me with inventory so PLEASE come and shop often!  If you wish to buy something but are out of the area, just CALL ME at 810-694-3040.  I can’t possibly make my website accept so many discount codes SOOO, if you call or email me (homesteadneedle@sbcglobal.net) with your phone number, I can help you that way.  If you want to purchase more than once, just let me know and I’ll hold your order to ship it all together.  (PLEASE NOTE, PRIOR ORDERS ARE NOT PART OF THIS SALE.)

Just like the song that keeps running through my head, the sale items will be continuous throughout the “12 Days” – i.e. on the 2nd day you can still get the items from the 1st day and on the 12th day you can get ALL the items that are discounted!  To make it sensible, the 12 days will be the 12 days in December that I am open!  So it will be the following dates with the information for each day.  Please don’t try to order anything on sale BEFORE the sale day as stated as this is confusing enough for my old brain.  🙂   Again, if you want to be sure you snag that favorite canvas or thread, call me on the proper day and I’ll set it aside for you.  PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME SING THIS TO YOU!

On the First Day of Christmas – Friday, Dec. 1 – 20% off all in stock cotton threads including Watercolors, Wildflowers, ThreadworX floss and all pearl cotton including Color Variations.

On the Second Day of Christmas – Saturday, Dec. 2 – 20% off all in stock Splendor Silk and Grandeur.

On the Third Day of Christmas – Tuesday, Dec. 5 – 20% off ALL in stock red and green threads – any kind including overdyed as long as it’s red or green.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas – Wednesday, Dec. 6 – Buy one get one free (lesser priced item is free) on all Charms, Buttons, Sequins etc.  (Sundance beads and beading threads not included.)

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Friday, Dec. 8 – ONE GOLDEN RETRIEVER!!!  Come in and enjoy visiting with Skye!  This is the closest thing I have to Five Golden Rings and this will be the only day in December that she will visit.  Come and get your doggy fix!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Saturday, Dec. 9  – A Christmas Stitch In on Saturday, December 9!  PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE AS SEATS ARE LIMITED!!!  Stitch all day and receive 10% off your entire purchase on this day if it wasn’t already on sale, PLUS take advantage of the sales from the prior days!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Tuesday, Dec. 12 – 20% off all in stock Christmas canvases (except Mindy’s already discounted items).

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Wednesday, Dec. 13 – 20% off all Totes, Purses, Storage Packs, Magnets, Laying Tools, Scissors, and Items in the Front Counter.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Friday, Dec. 15 – Come on in and enjoy some tasty cookies!  Either Costco or I will be baking them.  🙂

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Saturday, Dec. 16 –  ANOTHER CHRISTMAS STITCH-IN so you can get those gifts done.  PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE AS SEATS ARE LIMITED!!!  Stitch all day and receive 10% off your entire purchase on this day, PLUS take advantage of the sales from the prior days!  Yes, you can come to both stitch-ins!  It’s December, let’s celebrate!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Tuesday, December 19, 20% off all Silk Lame’ Braid regular and Petite.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Wednesday, Dec. 20 – 20% off Kreinik metallic threads.

So YOU score some great sales and I have less to count!  It’s a win win!

Remember, online folks, just email me your orders on the proper day OR call me and I’ll set your purchases aside to mail all at one time.  If emailing, be SURE to give me your phone number so I can call you for your mailing address and payment details.



Mindy has sent me her latest Christmas ornaments.  They are cute and they are in stock right now!  These are not included in the sale as they are already discounted.  There are dogs, gnomes, mushrooms and a couple of beach scenes.  Only one of each is in stock.

HOLIDAY CLOSURE – Advance Notice

I will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  That means I will be closed from Sunday, December 24 THROUGH Monday, January 1.  I will be open Saturday, December 23 SO GET THOSE LOVED ONES IN HERE for a gift certificate or that canvas you’ve been wanting.


Remember to call or email me if you’re coming in and we’ve had snow or ice.  If the roads are treacherous I will stay home.

If I were you, I’d print off this email so you can remember what day(s) you want to visit.  See you soon!

Festively yours,

Theresa, Homestead Needle Arts