Hi again!

I have lots of news so relax for a minute and catch up with me.

Kirk and Bradley Mini Trunk Show

Don’t forget, the K&B Trunk Show is only here for another week.  You’ll score 20% off of our regular prices on anything you order.  They’ve been doing a great job keeping my orders coming in a timely manner so don’t be afraid to order.  You can see all their designs HERE and then be sure to call me by Friday, March 25, 810-694-3040 to order.


This new lamp is the talk of the stitching world.  It’s a portable battery powered wireless LED lamp that has a charging pad so YOU CAN USE IT AS A CORDLESS LAMP any where you go.  I tested it myself and on the highest light, the charge lasted 5 hours.  At medium light it will last up to 11 hours.  Plenty of time for a class!  As their others, the Stella lamp has 3 colors of light – warm, natural and cool white.  You can turn them up or down with 10 choices per light.  The charging pad utilizes Qi charging and a USB charging port with a 3 prong charger, USB and USB Type C cable.  If you’re like me, you’ll just use the regular 3 prong charger.   The lamp with charging pad is $349.  The picture above shows the lamp sitting on the charging pad which is just a little larger than the white round base.   Come into the shop to see this wonderful new lamp.

NEW LAMP – Daylight Halo Go

Do you need a less expensive cordless lamp?  Welcome to the Daylight Halo Go lamp.  This is a rechargeable lamp with magnifier so it can be used cordless and it features two brightness levels.  There’s a magnifier on the top with a hinged cover.  The magnifier is 3-1/2″ in diameter and is 2.25X magnification.  The arm is about 11-1/2″ long and is hinged so you can bring it down to your work.  I haven’t tested this lamp to see how long it lasts but it takes 6 hours to fully charge.  Just $140.



Turtle Bag Tote and Purse in Stock

I still have bags from Turtle Bag in stock including the blue tote and the black purse shown above.  These are beautifully made!  The tote is $120 and the purse is $96.  The tote has an opening on each side for your needlepoint or for the “turtle shells” I can order in case you only want to stitch one side – shell shown in the blue tote.  The purse has one opening with a zippered pocket on the back side.  Colors of Praise has painted initials to fit the tote insert like the “P” above.  Let me know if you want either of my stock items and I can order your initial as shown above for the tote only.  Pat S. in Georgia charted her own initials for one side of her tote…check it out! 

Puffin & Company Magnets

I’ve received some new and some classic favorite magnets and beading needle threaders and you can see them all on my website now.  Tiny gnome magnets are on their way to me as we speak!

Azaleas by Moonlight Chart is Here

The finished design is 10 x 10″.  Let me know if you want this chart and if you want me to kit it for you.

Update on Delivery Times for Threads and Canvases

As you know, many of our threads are now taking months when they used to take a couple of weeks to arrive.  I’m always happy to substitute for something I have in stock…just ask me.  I have a large selection of threads in stock so we can usually find a compatible substitute.  I have many vendors that keep up with their thread orders and some that don’t!  It seems that canvas orders are starting to come in faster so that’s good news!  I’ll be “attending” the Virtual Market next month and will order lots of new canvases for you to browse.  I appreciate your continued patience as I have no control over delivery times.

Raymond Crawford Designs

Raymond has put his cheerful snowman in a YouTube video here.   The 12″ square is shown above and it also comes in an ornament and a stocking.  Want me to order one for you?  Just call me, 810-694-3040.  Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and let me know what you’d like for your next project.

Coming Soon from Eye Candy Needleart Designs

Some CUTE spooky designs and flower carts will be coming in June/July.  Let me know NOW if I can order any of these for you so that you have them first.   Email me for prices.

Lowery Workstand Prices are Increasing

I’ve just received word that the Lowery workstands and accessories will increase in price due to material costs and more.  The prices will go up on April 1st – and that’s no fooling!  I have a purple, fuschia and pink workstand IN STOCK NOW for the price of $250 (black stand is not in stock).  Future price will be around $300.  Please let me know if you’d like one of the colored stands I have in stock or if I can order one for you while the price is still the same.


Free Ukrainian Eggs Pattern from Laura J. Perin

With Ukraine on so many of our minds, Laura has re-designed one of her Ukrainian Eggs charts and stitched it using blue and gold threads.  The eggs are 2 x 2-3/4″ tall.  You can download the free chart here.

Here’s a picture of my little monster begging me to go out and play in the MUD.   What would you say to that face?  🙂